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4 Exceptional Takeaways from the France Tour

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Niks writes about the outstanding lifestyle of french people after visiting France last year.

A word about My France Tour

Paris is mesmerizing. That's all I can say about Paris. All the adjectives in the arsenal of my words get used up to describe the beauty of Paris and I still feel that I have used an inadequate amount of words. Either the treasure of observations and experiences make you a writer or a writer in you boosts you to go out and find something to write. For me, it works both ways.

Last year I took one of the greatest life decisions that are visiting Europe. Right from Disneyland that woke up the child in me to the shimmering Lido show that stunned me, everything was simply amazing about Paris. Apart from visiting the spectacular tourist destinations in Paris, I keenly observed french people and their lifestyle.

Here are my key takeaways about the French way of living that inspired me. As it is said, "stop existing and start living." Therefore, these 4 elements of french living are worth learning and adapting to enhance the quality of your life.

1. Keep Upgrading

A long way back when I began watching fashion tv, I was astonished by french models. The way they used to make upgradations in their fashion fascinated me. If you stay in Paris I'm damn sure your way of dressing and your overall fashion sense will improve drastically. What's so interesting about french people is their eagerness to accept and adapt to trending fashion.

On one hand, France is filled with historical architectures that include museums, churches, buildings, and monuments. While on the other hand, France likes to stay up-to-date in fashion. This balance of preserving the old and inventing the new is quite noticeable.

The prime lesson that we can grasp from french people is to try something new, accept it, adapt to it quickly, and repeat.

Photo credit - Bryam Medeiros on Unsplash

Photo credit - Bryam Medeiros on Unsplash

2. Celebrate

Back in May 2019, I was riding on a cruise at the river Seine. This location oozed out lively vibes. I was amused by the ball dance, guitar strumming, and the crowd cheering alongside the river Seine. Couples were kissing, drinking, and even waving their hands at us.

Everybody's eyes were sparkling with joy. Similar energy was observed at the Eiffel tower.
Local French people were celebrating the blinking of the tower by grabbing pictures and popping up champagnes.

There's a famous quote by Logan Pearsall Smith, "There are two things to aim at in life; first, to get what you want; and, after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second."

French people (not every French citizen) seem to live by this quote. To constantly set goals and go after them, achieve them, and set a new goal again without taking time for enjoying the process as well as celebrating the achievement is a foolish act. Don't forget to ease off and celebrate!

French Audience Cheering

French Audience Cheering

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3. Savor the Food

You can find a lot of information about eating the french way and losing that extra layer of fats gathered at your love handles. I personally experienced this on my french tour. There was a great variety in french bread of varied sizes and tastes.
What amazed me was the way the French locals savored the food. Glancing at some French girl chewing every bite slowly was a seducing moment for me.

No hurry to finish the food. No rush to gulp it fast. French people chew every morsel slowly. They let the food linger on their tongue. This habit is a good way to digest food. According to the french mannerisms, even in the urban parts of Paris, people love to cook and share their food. They have their meal together with friends and family without a hurry.

Many people especially those from the metropolitan cities tend to swallow their breakfast quickly. They do this to reach their workplace on time. They are under constant pressure to perform well and meet the deadlines in time. But you can change this habit. Learn from the french. Allot a bit more space to eat your food. Intake every bite and enjoy it to the fullest!

French Breakfast Items

French Breakfast Items

4. Fitness

Apart from the above eating habit, French inhabitants are fitness-conscious. Wherever I traveled in Paris, I observed people playing soccer, jogging, riding cycles, hitting gyms, and involved in many types of sports. The fitness-friendly vibes inspired me.

Amidst the modern digital distractions like smartphones, European people really care to get out and sweat. They do it sincerely. They don't get carried away by the fancy entertainment that the smartphone apps and games provide. It's no doubt the rate of obesity in Europe is less compared to the USA (or India).

People of France love to stay fit, show a sporty demeanor, and carry a polite n friendly smile on their face.

Tour de France

Tour de France


Upgrading as per the new trends helps us to gain a mindset of letting go of the unwanted things and embrace new changes.

Celebrating the precious moments or tiny victories makes us realize there is life in every moment. Sharing food and savoring it makes us learn the art of sharing and teaches us to be in the moment.

Fitness releases stress boosts our mood and improves our standard of living.
French people practically implement these 4 wonderful essences of quality living in their lives.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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