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3 Recommendations for Trail Hiking in Regina, Saskatchewan

I am an avid hiker with a focus on easy to moderate trails in natural settings. I occasionally do harder trails.

Regina's McKell Wascana Conservation Park

Regina's McKell Wascana Conservation Park

What to Do in Regina, Saskatchewan

I spent 23 days in Regina, Saskatchewan in the summer of 2021. The length of my stay was largely unplanned. I was living in British Columbia but a combination of factors, including the wildfire smoke and high prices, made me think that I would be better off grounded in Canada's east. Using ridesharing apps, I made my way across Canada and ended up stuck in Regina for a few weeks en route while I looked for a ride.

While I was annoyed by this development, at least it gave me the opportunity to explore a city that I had previously only passed through. Furthermore, I found that the accommodations were inexpensive and generally roomy.

When it came to trail hiking and parks, overall I found that I was disappointed with what Regina had to offer. Nonetheless, I found three trails that weren't bad even though nothing was really over-the-top impressive for me. Furthermore, a lack of elevation made the trails very unchallenging for a walker or hiker. I actually think I am in worse shape after three weeks in Regina due to the fact that I never found any significant hills to climb.

1. McKell Wascana Conservation Park Trails

On Regina's southeast side, there was the McKell Wascana Conservation Park. This was an untamed area on the edge of the city that a wealthy neighborhood bordered. This small trail network could be accessed via city-pavement trails through pleasant parks.

The McKell Wascana Conservation Park had a meandering and slow-flowing river winding through it, one that was popular with canoeists. This narrow river was the kind without any beach that I could see. Rather, grasslands bordered each side. The water certainly did not look inviting for even what was the hottest time of year.

This area is worth exploring as a native prairie landscape. En route, I came close to farmer's fields with hay bales prepared. I did not see any wildlife but there were a lot of informational placards in the park.

When judged in terms of peacefulness and ease of access, this is a good park. You can get there pretty easily, even if walking from the hotel district on the east side of Victoria Avenue. You will escape the noise of traffic, unlike the paved walking trails amidst the city.

A Prairie Trail on the Edge of Regina, Saskatchewan

Photo taken in Regina's McKell Wascana Conservation Area.

Photo taken in Regina's McKell Wascana Conservation Area.

2. Dieppe Park and Pioneer Village Trails in Regina, Saskatchewan

On the west side of Regina, there is a neighborhood called Pioneer Village. With trail access at 11th Avenue and Empress Street, you can enter a modest network that connects to some parks, including Dieppe Park. There is a stream and ponds central to the trails around here.

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I found that a lot of the trail walking was paved and I rarely felt that I was in a natural setting. However, there is an island in the stream around Dieppe Park and A.E. Wilson Park. While exploring this island, I did feel like I was somewhere special for a short time. It's a nice area for a short escape while you are in Regina.

Near an island near Dieppe Park in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Near an island near Dieppe Park in Regina, Saskatchewan.

3. Wascana Lake and the Wascana Centre Trail Hiking Area

The Wascana Lake and Wascana Centre area is near the parliament buildings in Regina. There is a very nice museum in these parts known as the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. I prepaid $5 online and not a penny more for what was a nice hour of tourism learning about the grassland biome and human history in the area. There is a lot of green space and walking in this area, one that connects to the University of Regina.

Wascana Hill represents a rare area in Regina where there was some elevation to take. This was an area that was tipped to me by the Regina resident that I shared a ride with to the city. However, I can't say it was that impressive. There were areas that were overrun by geese and their accompanying waste. Yet, there were also some nice photo spots with Wascana Lake and the parliament buildings in behind.

A photo taken from Wascana Hill in Regina, Saskatchewan.

A photo taken from Wascana Hill in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Regina Is Not for Trail Hikers

If you are a trail-hiking enthusiast, then I don't think Regina will impress you much. But if you are looking to do better than just a walk through city streets, then I think the recommendations I offered will help you.

Regina is only a few hours from Grasslands National Park, one of the lesser-known parks in western Canada. That's where you can find some decent trails, albeit you will have to listen for rattlesnakes and watch out for Buffalo.

Regina itself rarely had moments that were memorable for me. I think that if you walk the three areas that I recommended, that you will have covered the city's bullet points.

But be very careful not to injure yourself in a gopher hole. Gophers, apparently, burrow into the ground and leave a hole near walking paths for who knows how long after they are done with it. I knew to watch out for these holes but while venturing off a trail for a short time, I still missed seeing one because it can grass growing out of it and blended in well. This misstep cost me the full use of right foot for a full 10 days of the 23 I spent in Regina.

A buffalo in Grasslands National Park.

A buffalo in Grasslands National Park.

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Liz Westwood from UK on August 23, 2021:

Sorry to hear about your foot. This is a useful guide to hiking in the area.

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