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Interesting Facts about Hong Kong: The City

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This is the place to be for some cool, interesting facts about Hong Kong! In this hub, I will be outlining some of the most amazing facts about Hong Kong so lets dive right in! These facts can be used for a school project or for anything you want really.

The night time city scape of Hong Kong.

The night time city scape of Hong Kong.

Interesting Facts About Hong Kong

  1. Hong Kong means Fragrant Harbour due to its deep water sea ports where major exporting and importing takes place.
  2. It has the most skyscrapers in the world, with 144 skyscrapers which is almost double that of New York.
  3. When designing and constructing a building in Hong Kong, engineers an architects take Feng Shui into consideration. This may involve the placement of floors, doors and stairs in various ways to ensure that the energies flow quite well throughout the building.
  4. On one's birthday, they eat noodles which is a sign of a long and blessed life.
  5. Because the population density is so high, schools work on two shifts a day. One shift begins at morning and ends at noon whilst the other begins at noon and ends in the evening. Also, because there are so many people and such little space, graves in cemeteries have to be stacked on top of each other.
  6. Three quarters of Hong Kong consists of parks, scenic areas, gardens and woodlands.
  7. By facts from 2011, 28 million tourists have gone to see Hong Kong, making Hong Kong one of the best tourist attractions in the world.
  8. It has the highest IQ average of 107 in the world.
Hong Kong consists of a lot of parks, gardens, lakes and woodland as shown above.

Hong Kong consists of a lot of parks, gardens, lakes and woodland as shown above.

Clocks, one of Hong Kong's main exports.

Clocks, one of Hong Kong's main exports.

9. The Hong Kong dollar is the eight most traded currency in the world.

10. Hong Kong has a very high population density and is considered as one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

11. Hong Kong's official languages are Chinese and English.

12. Hong Kong has more Rolls Royces per person than any other city in the world.

13. It is actually made of 200 islands and some polders which are land reclaimed from the sea.

14. It has been voted Best Business City for four to five years one after the other by readers who took part in a poll in the Business Traveller Asia Pacific magazine.

15. In the Summer London Olympic Games 2012, it has entered 42 competitors. Considering its small population, it is quite an amazing feat.

16. The Tsing Ma bridge is the longest suspension bridge for both road and rail traffic in the world and covers a distance of 1,337 metres.

The city scape of Hong Kong during the day, with an area of 1,140 square metres.

The city scape of Hong Kong during the day, with an area of 1,140 square metres.

17. It has the largest fleet of double decker tram cars in the world.

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18. There are 6540 people per square kilometre. That is very high!

19. English is one of the languages used in government in the legal and professional sectors, although only 3.5% of the population speak English.

20. Its population is 6.94 million and the area is 1,104 square metres, about six times the size of Washington DC.

21. The highest temperature recorded was 31.1 degrees.

22. Every year, on the island of Cheung Chau, a bun festival is organised during the months of April to May. A bun tower is madeand you go up and snatch a bun. It is said that the higher you can reach a bun, the better fortune you will have. This festival is organised to appease the ghosts flying around the island.

23. People that live in Hong Kong are called 'Hong Kongers'.

24. The average life expectancy in Hong Kong is 81 years, which makes it the sixth highest in the world.

25. The main items that Hong Kong exports are watches, clocks, textiles and footwear.

Hong Kong: A Vibrant City

So there you go. What you have just read are most definitely some of the best and most interesting facts about Hong Kong. Hong Kong really is an interesting place and has some amazing cultures. I hope you liked this hub and please leave your comments and feedback below. I will be delighted to answer you! But for now, I leave you with one of Jackie Chan's cool documentaries about Hong Kong, where you can really take in the atmosphere of this bright city. Also, below that check out the Google Map where you can see the island and city of Hong Kong itself.

The City of Hong Kong


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That's fantastic so I will follow you. Thanks.

Susan W (author) from The British Isles, Europe on June 04, 2013:

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Joanne M Olivieri on June 04, 2013:

Thanks so much for this hub. I have been to Hong Kong twice and just love it there. I stayed on both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon and I traveled to Lantau Island as well. I would love to go back and visit one of the other islands and maybe even Macau. I didn't know it had the most skyscrapers in the world, though. Love this hub. Voted Up!

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