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20 Fun and Interesting Facts on Uruguay


1. When Uruguay established first government after the civil war with Spain. It chose to become a constitutional republic modeled after the United States.

2. The majority of people in Uruguay share a common Spanish ancestry yet about one-third of the population has Italian origins.

3. Prior to colonization the residents of Uruguay were the Charrua Indians. When the Spanish conquistadores finally entered Uruguay in search of gold and silver deposits there were many uprising against these new invaders.

4. The capitol of Uruguay is Montevideo originally founded in the eighteenth century as a military stronghold by the Spanish colonizers.

5. Jose Gervasio Artigas was a Uruguayan hero because of his strong stance in the independence war in early 1825 against brazil after Portugal annexed it to them

6. Even though the country of Uruguay adopted the constitutional republic there was still much opposition against it. So they adopted a resolution which changed some of the framework of the constitution in Uruguay in 1966

7. Uruguay readjusted the Electoral College in the country in 1999. This helped the country establish new governing rules for elected presidents coming to power.

8. There are two traditional national parties and branches in Uruguay the National ("Blanco") and Colorado parties, which were founded in the early 19th century

9. Uruguay is a country full of exotic exports of foods, metals, and consumer goods. Currently the largest of its exports is agricultural products as which constitutes 70% current exports

10. Uruguay supports the UN with most of its armed forces in peace keeping missions around the globe

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11. The Uruguayan flag has nine strips and a sun in the upper left hand corner with a human face

12. The word for Uruguayan cowboys in Spanish is Gauchos

13. Uruguay has one of the highest literary rates in the world hovering close to 98% of the population

14. Uruguay is most notable for its meat its meat imported between Argentina and the US is high delicacy

15. The leading sport in Uruguay is soccer. Soccer has quickly become the leading sport in Uruguay after its inception in 1909

16. Uruguay is the smallest country in the world in terms of population to win a FIFA cup in the 1930s. It still has one of the smallest populations in the world based on land mass of the country.

17. The major religion in Uruguay is Roman Catholic followed by a variety of different religions. The country of Uruguay allows the freedom of religion thanks to the ratification of the constitution in 1966

18. About 4 million people live in Uruguay the majority 3.5 million live in the largest city Montevideo, Which is one of the largest capitols in South America outside of Brazil

19. There is a high standard of living in Uruguay. Many think of Uruguay as a third world country when in fact it has many of the same modern infrastructure of first world countries

20. The major trading partners with Uruguay is Brazil and Argentina they provide direct trade of agricultural products because of Uruguay’s fertile land

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Andyacosta on March 21, 2016:

Just one correction, Uruguay is inhabited by 3.3 millions of people, 1.8 millions live in Montevideo, the capital city.

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