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18 Fun & Interesting Facts About Nicaragua


Nicaragua is located in the central portion of Central America and is known for its unique culture, traditions, and historical heritage. Nicaragua dates back to the times of Antiquity and unique places to explore and see. Here, are some of the most fun and interesting facts on Nicaragua

1. Soccer was not always the most famous sport in Nicaragua. Baseball in the mid-20th century was once the most popular sport in Nicaragua.

2. Nicaragua is a very large country. It is considered one of central Americas “Tropical Paradise.” If, you get the chance to visit you will surely agree that Nicaragua offers diverse wildlife, culture and history.

3. Nicaragua has two Ocean coasts. Each, on opposite sides of the country. So, you can take a morning swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Then in the Evening take a relaxing dip in the Pacific Ocean.

4. Nicaragua is larger than Ireland and Portugal put together.

5. The most famous Latin America singer, Luis Enrique is from Nicaragua with many hits including “mi mindo”

6. Nicaragua’s baseball team took 2nd in the 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta.

7. The last time john Paul II visited Nicaragua as pope was in 1983

8. The oldest city in Central America is located in Nicaragua called Ruins of Leon Viejo. It is the oldest city in all of central America that is still in use today much as it was 1500 years ago.

9. Nicaragua is the birthplace of Ruban Dario one of the 20th century’s most notable poets.

10. Nicaragua hosted the 20th baseball world champion ship in early 1972

11. The largest natural lake in all of Central America is located in Nicaragua. Called lake Nicaragua it is a major tourist attraction and water supply for many people.

12. Nicaragua had the first elected woman president of any central America country. She served from 1991 – 1997. Also she is the first democratic woman president of any democratic country in the world.

13. Miss Nicaragua was slated to become the winner of the miss universe pagent but came in runner up instead. She is famous for her positive statement about her outlook on life. I quote “I am a young woman with a lot of charisma, and one of my greatest virtues is my positive outlook on life”

14. The regional currency of Nicaragua is the Cordoba

15. Central America most famous dance originates from Nicaragua called the “Palo De Mayo.”

16. The Main religion in Nicaragua is Catholicism. There are many other religions in Nicaragua and freedom of religion is practiced.

17. The Official Language of Nicaragua is Spanish. There are also natives that still speak some of the original Mayan Language that has been in the area for thousands of years. These Native Indian tribes are disappearing quickly due to the influence of western culture.

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18. Nicaragua is home to the worlds only “Dual Volcano” The Volcano is in a small mountain range and is fed underground by two separate magma flows. It is the only volcano in the world that can erupt with two diverse magma channels underneath it.

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ZandaDee from Sydney on September 13, 2012:

19. Nicaragua is home to the best rum (or ron) in the world, "Flor de cana"! Wish you could find it in Australia!!

sharinaly on August 26, 2011:

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Khaylie on June 14, 2010:

Omg this helped so much i am doing a project on Nicaragua for school and i learned so much from this THXS!!!

geogirl on January 24, 2010:

Nicargau's baseball team actually took 4th place in the 1996 summer olympics. Wrong info posted online here!!!

avacha on October 03, 2009:

Thanks, it was good to know some additional facts about Nicaragua a specially at the time of possibilities having a contract there for solar energy system installation project.

Elena from London, UK on September 12, 2009:

Interesting Read. Thanks. First time I've heard of the place. Having said that, my Geography has always been poor. Cheers. :)

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