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10 Tickets to Turkey

How about exploring a country that includes within its arms the accumulations of civilization and history, in addition to the charming nature? Trust me dear, Turkey will never let you down, so pack your bags because only the photos will force you to book a ticket ASAP!

10. A Town with enchantment: AMASRA

Amasra, one of the charming towns of the Black Sea, is an ideal place for those who want a quiet holiday. In addition to its natural beauties, you can also take a historical tour with its castle, museum and Genoa castle.

Amasra, which has a promontory protruding towards the sea, two coves that serve as sheltered harbors next to the cape, and independent islands of unique beauty, is a settlement with forested areas surrounding it.
If we make a small introduction to the history of the region, the Ottoman Empire armies led by Fatih Sultan Mehmet organized an expedition to Amasra in October 1460. At that time, the Ottoman armies came to Amasra, which was in the hands of the Genoese. According to the rumor, it is known that when Fatih Sultan Mehmet came to the hill, where all the beauties of the city can be seen and arousing admiration, he did not want to take such a beautiful place by damaging it, and wanted the key of the castle to be brought to him without using force.

When you go to Amasra, never go back without seeing the places I mentioned below. Amasra impresses its visitors with its many historical and natural beauties. Especially the new ones can go for a trip without any worries. You will never understand how time flies. You will not be able to finish by visiting Amasra in one day. If you have time or do not have a weekend program, it is a place where you can spare two days. Amasra Castle, Small Harbor Beach, Ottoman Bath, Underground Galleries, Governor's House, Rabbit Island, Edhem Ağa House, Small Church – Chapel, Genoa Castle, Fatih Mosque, Bird Rock Road Monument, Kemerdere Bridge, Büyük Liman Beach , Galla Bazaar – Women's Market, Tow Trucks Bazaar, Direkli Kaya and Kemere Bridge are worthy of a visit.


9. Bursa - Uludag

Uludag, Turkey's largest winter and nature sports center; It is the highest mountain of the Marmara Region. The sight of Istanbul, the Marmara Sea and nearby places in the open air gives this place a special feature.

You can snowboard or take a tour with snow vehicles such as ATVs, snowmobiles and pallets, and discover the unique natural beauties of Uludağ, Do not forget to climbing the mountain with chairlift and cable car, have a bird's eye view of Uludağ, and immortalize the beauties you see by photographing them.

One of the things we definitely recommend to do in Uludağ is to fill your stomach with sausage, bread and wine after skiing. This is one of Uludag's most enjoyable rituals, In the evening, you can have fun with your friends around the fire lit in the hotels area.


8. See History and Mysrtery together in LYCIA

You can spend a natural and mysterious holiday in Lycia, which has historical buildings from Roman and Byzantine civilizations. You can see the fire that has been burning for 3 thousand years in Çıralı and swim in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Turkey's most beautiful walking route: The Lycian Way, Considered "one of the 10 best long-distance walking routes in the world", is 540-kilometer stretching from Fethiye district of Muğla to Antalya, The historical road, which starts with the view of Ölüdeniz, evokes the feeling of passing through a time tunnel among natural wonders.

Visitors, who take a 2-hour walk to the ancient city of Xanthos, located within the borders of Antalya's Kaş district, have the opportunity to examine the settlement known as the "city of suffering" due to the occupation and wars it suffered , and have the opportunity to see both pre-Christian and post-Christian architectural works closely. The city, which is the symbol of Lycian democracy and hosts the Lycian Parliament Building built in the Hellenistic period, reflects all the magnificence of the ancient period to its visitors with its theater and streets that have survived to this day.

Visitors will be amazed to see the ruins of the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine period up close at Olympus, one of the important port cities of Lycia, which was known as a "pirate's bed" until the period when the Roman commander Servilius Isauricus seized the region, visited Çakaltepe, a few kilometers southwest of the city. It also finds the opportunity to see Yanartaş, which is constantly on fire on its slope.

Yanartas - by: @visitkemer

Yanartas - by: @visitkemer

7. Beylerbeyi Sarayı

It is a palace built between 1863-65, overlooking the vast blue of the Bosphorus. Beylerbeyi Palace, a 19th-century work that impresses with its set gardens and mansions, is a unique place where history and historical characters were guests in it.

According to the famous traveler İnciciyan, who lived in the 18th century, the region, which was known as the Cross Gardens during the Byzantine period, was used as one of the Privy Gardens of the sultans during the Ottoman period.

In 1829, Sultan II. The region gained mobility with the wooden coastal palace built by Mahmud. Afterwards, the wooden coastal palace was demolished by Sultan Abdulaziz and today's Beylerbeyi Palace was built by the well-known architect of the time, Serkis Balyan.

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6. ŞIRINCE: A Greek Village in the Aegean

Şirince is a charming Greek village 89 km from İzmir and 8 km from Selçuk. I think it would not be wrong to say that it was engraved in the memories with the apocalyptic scenarios born from the Mayan Calendar in 2012. Although the past of the village is not clear, it is estimated to date back to 500 BC. The village, which was referred to as "Ephesus on the Mountain" in ancient sources, was later named Kırkince and Çirkince. This charming village was given its final name by Kazım Dirik, the Governor of Izmir in the early years of the Republic. With the Exchange Agreement of 1923, Greek citizens had to change places with Turks living in Greece, and indescribable pains were experienced. If you like to read books, before you go to Şirince, you should read the book by Dido Sotiriou, "Say Hello from Me to Anatolia" and "Ugly" by Sabahattin Ali. After Reading Make sure your trip will take on another meaning! Although the places to visit in Şirince are limited, there are countless things to enjoy, if your way to the Aegean, be sure to stop there!


5. Tortum waterfall

Tortum Waterfall, which was formed as a result of a landslide in the 18th century on the mountain near Balıklı village, on the 110th kilometer of the Erzurum-Artvin highway, is located in the Uzundere district of Erzurum, which was chosen as Turkey's 11th quiet city in 2016. In addition to being the highest waterfall in the country, Tortum waterfall, which is one of the few waterfalls in the world in this area, flows from an area of ​​21 meters wide and 48 meters high. The formation of a rainbow-like image during the flow of the waterfall offers a different beauty.

It is possible to go down the stone stairs with iron railings at the bottom of the waterfall, which fascinates its visitors in all seasons of the year. The viewing terrace, located in front of the waterfall, attracts the attention of visitors with its view, even at the expense of getting wet. Visitors do not neglect to walk barefoot in the small ponds at the bottom of the waterfall. Visited by approximately 5 thousand domestic and foreign tourists a year, the waterfall is also among the indispensable places of nature photographers.



long, Saklıkent emerges as a valley that offers extraordinary beauties. The place where you will climb the rocks to progress will offer you a different experience.

Saklıkent Canyon is 50 km from Fethiye. away from a unique natural wonder. 300 meters deep and 18 km. The long canyon took its present form as a result of the erosion of the rocks by the rivers coming from the mountains for thousands of years. In winter, due to the rise in the water level inside, it is possible for visitors to enter the canyon only in summer. If photography is among your hobbies, you can capture magnificent images from the unspoiled nature of Saklıkent and its surroundings.

The canyon is entered with a secure service bridge. The lush green environment of the hidden paradise fascinates travelers, who, at the very beginning, encounter the cascading spring waters with their white foam. In Saklıkent, Hiking is an ideal sporting activity for everyone.


3. Paragliding pleasure in Fethiye Oludeniz

Tourists flying from Babadağ in Fethiye district of Muğla, which is shown among the best paragliding centers in the world, have the opportunity to watch the unique view of Ölüdeniz.

At the center, where thousands of local and foreign tourists fly every year, adventure lovers can experience adrenaline-filled moments in the sky, while watching the blue of Oludeniz in different tones.

Muhammet Selçukoğlu, who has been a paragliding pilot for about 10 years, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he had previously performed paragliding flights in Adana, Mersin, Hatay, Antalya and Nepal.

Pointing out that Ölüdeniz has a different atmosphere and beauty, Selçukoğlu said, "After taking off from Babadağ, the beauty of the lagoon and the sea merges with nature. Flights at high altitudes give more pleasure. Because of these, people prefer this place for paragliding. "We take off from 5 meters and stay in the sky for half an hour. People both enjoy the flight and enjoy the view," he said.

Selçukoğlu stated that adrenaline enthusiasts are also happy with their aerobatic movements in the sky.


2. Anatolia's Alcatraz: Historical Sinop Prison

The historical Sinop Prison, which was once known as the "Alcatraz of Anatolia", is shown as the Black Sea stop of "dark tourism" (sad tourism), a concept that has come to the fore in tourism in recent years.

It is surrounded by the sea on three sides. That's why those who come here have given the message that they can't go anymore, where it is said that even a match does not burn due to dampness, prisoners are faced with rotting or dying before they can complete their sentence. The prison also has a Pala guard named Akif. You can listen to the story of the prison from him. He usually wanders around the prison or around the castle.


1.Pamukkale: the white pearl of the Aegean

Finally, we have come to the end, to the most charming area for me, Pamukkale, meaning “cotton castle”, is a natural site in Denizli in southwestern Turkey. The area is famous for the carbonate mineral left behind by the flow of hot spring water. Pamukkale is located in the Inner Aegean region of Turkey, in the valley of the Menderes River, which enjoys a mild climate most of the year.

The ancient Greco-Roman city of Hierapolis was built on top of a limestone (travertine) formation that has a total length of approximately 2,700 meters, width 600 meters and height of 160 meters. It can be seen from the hills on the other side of the valley in the city of Denizli, 20 km away. This area is known as Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) or Ancient Hierapolis (Holy City) and has been attracting visitors to its thermal springs since antiquity. The Turkish name refers to the surface of the sparkling, snow-white limestone, formed over thousands of years by calcite-rich springs. The mineral-rich water slowly trickles down the mountainside and flows down the mineral terraces to the swimming pools below. Legend has it that the formations are stagnant cotton (the main crop in the area) that giants left to dry.


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