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Top 10 Romantic Things To Do with Your Partner in Venice, Italy

Venice is the perfect romantic destination. The possibilities for romantic moments are endless. Here is a list of the most romantic things you can do with your partner and make your holiday special. You will plan your holiday in Venice as soon as possible.


1. Take a Romantic Gondola Ride

A gondola ride is one of the most romantic things you can do with your partner. Get your heads in the clouds. Share a gondola trip with your loved one and enjoy the sights of the picturesque beauty around. The light changes from moment to moment, making any time of day perfect.


  • The cost per person is around €80 for a 40-minute ride.
  • You won't be able to travel all around Venice that’s why you should choose where you want to go. You can book gondolas in any tourist area.
  • Pick an appropriate time of day. A night-time trip will be perfect in summer, or in spring.
  • Tell your gondolier where you want to go whether along the Grand Canal or the quiet little canals.

2. Enjoy the Romantic Views from Bell Tower

Venice is a romantic city, but it is also full of stories, histories, and legends. Bell Tower is a place not to be missed. From the top of this place, you can enjoy the panoramic views that will amaze you. The tower is a part of an island church. It can be interesting for history lovers. Visit the art in the church. Admire the view from the campanile. Look at the yachts in the little marina.


  • It costs around €5 to take the lift and reach the top of the

“A realist, in Venice, would become a romantic by mere faithfulness to what he saw before him.”

— Arthur Symons

3. Spend a Great Time at the Alberoni Beach

The Venice Lido is a favorite destination during the summer. Its beaches are places of great charm and elegance. The Alberoni beach is located in the south end of Lido's island. It is a romantic place for couples. If you want to run away from the city life, you should visit this beach. If you like jet skiing, bike riding, and sitting by the beach to soak up the sun, this beach is a right choice.


  • If you are looking for the place to stay near the beach, the Hotel Villa Beatrice is the best choice.

4. Visit Zattere for a Pleasant Stroll

Venice gets quiet at night, so if you want to purpose your loved one and you don't like a public engagement, wait until 9 p.m. Venice looks gorgeous during the night.

If you want to explore the city of romance, you should visit Zattere. It sets along the southern shore of Venice’s main island. Take a stroll at the long promenade and enjoy the views towards the island, the stunning historic palaces, Baroque churches, cafes, and restaurants. The night transforms Venice into a magical kingdom.


5. Watch a Romantic Ballet or the Opera Show

Make your partner fall for you all over again. Watch a romantic ballet, or the opera show in the famous opera house. Dress in your finery and enjoy the intrigue and drama, both on and off stage.

A few steps from San Marco, the opera house is visible every day. You will enjoy a lot of beautiful photographs inside the opera house.


  • Timings for visit: 9:30 AM to 6 PM
  • A theater tour costs €9 and opera tickets start at €66.
  • Near the opera house, you can find many great restaurants.

6. Watch the Sunrise in Saint Mark's Square

Nothing says "I love you" like an awesome surprise. What is more romantic than the sunrise? Surprise your partner, watch the sunrise in Saint Mark's Square. Saint Mark's Square is the main tourist destination in Venice. The sunrise here is like a heaven on the earth. If you come early, before the tourists arrive, you can enjoy this place only with your partner. The golden hues of the sunrise can transform Venice into a perfect backdrop for a proposal. The sunrise is atmospheric in a post-apocalyptic way. When you walk around, you can hear the music for free. You can see important monuments, elegant historic buildings, and expensive cafes.

You should also visit the Doge’s Palace, which is in Saint Mark's Square. It is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. The palace was the residence of the Doge of Venice.


  • If you want to visit a lot of places in Saint Mark's Square, you can take tours.

7. Follow Casanova’s Footsteps

Casanova was one of the world’s most famous lovers. If you want to follow his footsteps, you should sip wine at Do Spade bar, on Calle de Spade where he met his lovers. According to Casanova’s memoirs, it was the place where he wined and dined a married conquest during the Carnival of 1745.


8. Leave locks on the Bridge

The picturesque Rialto Bridge is the main bridge on the Grand canal. Locks on the Rialto Bridge are the symbols of commitment. Prove your love and leave locks here. These romantic gestures will bring a spark back to your love life.


9. Have Dinner at Restaurant Riviera

If you choose this restaurant, you will enjoy the stunning views towards the canals. Be creative and take a dinner here. Riviera is a restaurant for anyone who likes excellent Italian cuisine and seafood.


  • Prices: lunch and dinner around €70

10. Stay at the Hotel Gritti Palace

This hotel looks across the magnificent Salute church. In the rooms, you can see precious antiques, paintings, frescoes, and beautiful fabrics. The fantastic way to surprise your partner is to book this hotel.



We had trouble picking just ten romantic things you can do in Venice because this town offers myriad opportunities for romance. Wherever you decide to share romantic moments with your partner in Venice, you won't make a mistake.

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