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10 of the Scariest Haunted Hotels in America

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You don't have to wait until Halloween to enjoy a spooky adventure, as long as you're willing to do a little traveling. All around America, there are haunted hotels with restless spirits just waiting for you to visit them.

Here are ten of the most interesting, and most haunted hotels across America to sate your need for ghosts and scary stories.

Be sure to ask around when you arrive to get the best pointers to make your stay as spooky as possible, maybe even get an upgrade to a haunted room!



Crescent Hotel – Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Sometimes referred to as the most haunted hotel in America, Crescent Springs sits on an Ozark Mountaintop. It was built in 1886 as a luxury hotel and spa and catered to the rich. Nowadays, however, it caters to everyone wishing for a frightening experience.

The hotel has been featured on Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Witness. If you’re looking for a scary good time; this is the perfect spot for you.

Staying in the Crescent Hotel generally costs anywhere from $139.00 for a standard room to $487.00 for a premium room.

Some extra haunting bonuses include a ghost tour in which guests tour the hotel and listen to the many ghost stories the guide has to tell.



Hotel Provincial - New Orleans, Louisiana

This hotel, located in the historic French Quarter, offers the perfect secluded getaway. There are two private pools and gorgeous scenery. Some areas of the hotel were used as a military hospital back in the day. It is believed that many of the patients never fully left, even after their time on earth was done.

Louisiana itself is well known for hauntings and supernatural mischief, so it only makes sense that a hotel smack dab in one of the most iconic and well known areas of the state would host some otherworldly guests.

Staying in the Hotel Provincial generally costs anywhere from $150.00 for a standard room to $229.00 for a premium room.

While the hotel itself doesn't offer a haunted tour, there are plenty of them in New Orleans, among many other haunted places you can visit during your stay.



The Marshall House - Savannah, Georgia

Another historic hotel is the Marshall House. Voted Savannah's Best Hotel for 2018, this hotel offers a good look into its history and a spooky good time.

Staying in the Marshall House generally costs anywhere from $135.00 to $339.00 depending on when you stay.

There are many ghost walks that run around Savannah, and most of them will include the Marshall House. Pick one that fits your preferences and get ready to hear the creepy truth of where it is you're staying!



Lord Baltimore Hotel - Baltimore, Maryland

Built in 1928, the Lord Baltimore has been renovated to a classy and luxurious hotel that was voted Best City Central Hotel of 2014, shortly after its reopening.

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Legend has it that shortly after the hotel was built a couple and their 7-year-old daughter all leapt to their death from high up. No one knows why, but it is believed that their spirits are still there, walking the halls.

Staying in the Lord Baltimore generally costs anywhere from $143.00 for a standard room to $254.00 for a premium room.



Emily Morgan Hotel - San Antonio, Texas

Considered the 3rd most haunted hotel in the world, the Emily Morgan once housed a morgue, a crematorium, and a psychiatric ward. Another interesting title it holds is the Official Hotel of the Alamo, which is a whole other haunting experience.

The Emily Morgan was built in 1924 and boasts a stunning 177 elegant rooms. Rumors and tales from guests and staff abound about the haunting occurrences that take place in the hotel.

There is the ghost bride of the 7th floor, the former morgue; the basement, elevators that seem to operate all on their own, and more. Most agree, though, that if you want to have the most haunting experience possible during your stay at the Emily Morgan, stay on the 7th floor.

Rates run around $122.00 to $200.00 a night, depending on when and where you stay.

★★★ Hotel star ratings can be found under each hotel's picture. ★★★



The Queen Mary Hotel - Long Beach, California

The Queen Mary has a rich history behind her. She was a luxury liner that carried many famous faces in her time. During WWII, however, Mary was commissioned as a troopship and was able to carry up to 1600,000 troops at a time.

The majestic ship was painted grey and was dubbed the grey ghost. At the end of the war, Mary was re-transformed back into her former glory and was used once again to escort passengers across the Atlantic.

There are many ghost stories associated with the Queen Mary, and with her time in the war, it's no real surprise. The ship was deemed one of the 10 most haunted places in America by Time Magazine and Insider, and one of the most haunted places in the United States by National Geographic, and she continues to live up to her name.

To make the most out of your haunting experience, be sure to book a paranormal investigation in which you get to tour the ship at night and investigate with ParaXplorer Project founder Matthew Schulz on a trip you will never forget. Take a paranormal ship walk or dine with the spirits.

One event not to miss if you are looking for some extra spooky fun is the Dark Harbor event. It runs from September 27th to November 2nd and tickets start at $20.00 for general admission. To stay the night during the Dark Harbor event starts at $85.00 a night.

Rates are from $249.00 to $599.00 a night depending on which cabin you choose to stay in.



Battery Carriage House - Charleston, South Carolina

One of the oldest hotels on this list, the Battery Carriage House was built in 1843 by wealthy commercial agent Samuel N. Stevens. He originally bought the property for $4,500.00 and built the hotel very shortly afterward.

There have been many ghostly sightings in the hotel over the years. Perhaps one of the more disturbing hauntings takes place in room 8. Here, guests have claimed to see a headless torso. The man that originally saw it said he reached out and touched it, feeling the material of the creature's clothing.

This spirit does not appear to be a very nice one, so watch out if you get room 8! Other sightings include gentleman spirits and objects moving on their own.

Rates run about $274.00 to $295.00 a night with most rooms requiring that you stay at least two nights.



The Equinox - Manchester Village, Vermont

The Equinox Hotel is a beautiful golf and spa resort nestled in the heart of Vermont. At first glance, the hotel looks like a wonderful getaway for nature lovers for any season. However, there is a darker side to this unassuming resort.

Since its inception in 1769, the Equinox has housed many famous figures, including several presidents and is said to be haunted by none other than Mary Todd Lincoln herself.

The first lady enjoyed her visit to the hotel in 1864, and intended to come back in 1865 with her husband. There was a special suite built in anticipation of the president's upcoming arrival, but he was assassinated before he had the chance to visit.

Rumor has it that Mary loved the area so much that her spirit returned there after she passed away. Several guests claim to have seen her and a young child in various places inside the hotel.

Other classic haunting features include cold spots, feelings of being watched, getting goosebumps, and not feeling alone.

Staying rates here start at around $360.00 a night and top out around $692.00 a night.

The hotel focuses more on the luxuriousness than the haunting side, but it is still there, if you know where to look.



Hotel Parq Central Albuquerque - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Once a hospital and an asylum for children, the Hotel Parq Central has its fair share of ghosts.

Stories of haunting activity began during the hotel's run as a psychiatric hospital for children with mental illness. Patients and staff reported seeing and hearing unexplainable things. Some complained of having their covers pulled off of them during the night, whispering, moving objects, being scratched, and just generally hurt.

Rates for the Hotel Parq run around $140.00 to $179.00 a night.



Hawthorne Hotel - Salem, Massachusetts

The Hawthorne Hotel is in the famously historic Salem Massachusetts, home of the original Salem Witch Trials. Based on that alone, you know there is likely to be a haunting, and the Hawthorne has plenty of ghosts for you.

The most famously haunted room is 325, in which people claim to hear a young child crying at night, having their covers pulled off, and waking to find the bathroom faucet on with no one around to turn it on.

With more than one haunted location or event nearby, your entire trip to Salem is sure to be full of spirits and spooky fun. Staying at the Hawthorne is an added bonus on your creepy adventure, and the perfect place to rest.

You're looking to spend between $139.00 to $439.00 a night, depending on what time of the year you stay and what type of room you want.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Where is your favorite haunted destination?

Gadfly. on August 08, 2018:

Greetings my little Darklings.

I stayed the night in the reputedly haunted Flagstaff Az. hotel. Though i saw no apparition, i was 'put up' in the Freddy Kreuger suite.

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