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10 Weird and Unusual Things to Do in the State of Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the union, but even with the limited amount of space, there are a number of interesting things to see and do. This list is one for those of us who enjoy our travel destinations quirky and kitschy, unusual and offbeat or just plain weird. Many more traditional people might skip some of these sites but for those whose tastes are in those categories, they will find this list of destinations irresistible. Whether they are humorous, disturbing or thought provoking, these sites are one of a kind. Even people looking for more traditional vacation destinations might want to add one or two of these to their itinerary.

H. P. Lovecraft's Grave

While the site itself is not unusual, fans of the weird will want to visit the grave of horror writer H. P. Lovecraft while they are in Providence, Rhode Island. Lovecraft died broke and believing himself to be a failure but his short stories would go on to be some of the most read and influential in the canon of horror. His grave can be found at Swan Point Cemetery, 585 Blackstone Blvd.


Big Blue Bug

While you are in the Providence area, you might also want to check out the famous giant termite on the Big Blue Bug Solutions pest control company. Made of steel and fiberglass, the giant insect has become famous among residents and some have even nicknamed it "Nibbles Woodaway" though most still just call it the big blue bug. Big Blue Bug Solutions is located at 161 O'Connell Street in Providence.


Enchanted Forest Remnants

The Enchanted Forest Amusement park would have been a cool place to go but it closed down in 2005. Fortunately, for a certain kind of person, it remains a cool place to go. While the park is closed down, much of the park still remains, and visitors can walk the grounds and take a look at the rundown park. It can be found of of I-95 exit 2, North on Woodville Alton Rd.

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Belcourt Castle and Newport Tower

Another fun place to go is Belcourt Castle in Newport. This is a more traditional tourist attraction than a lot of the others listed, people even have their wedding receptions here. What makes it qualify for weirdness is the haunted ghost tours that should attract lovers of the supernatural, or those that love to mock the supernatural. The design of the place might also attract history buffs and lovers of architecture. It is located at 657 Bellevue Avenue. While you are there you can also check out Newport Tower. The structure is suspected of having been built in the 17th Century but nobody really knows and it has even been suggested that the structure was actually invented by the Vikings, who had been here before other European settlers. The structure is on 25 Bellevue Avenue.


Potato Head Statues

This one is not a single attraction, but one that is spread throughout the state. Mattel created a series of Mr. Potato Head statues all throughout the state years ago but many of them have been vandalized or taken down. You can still find a number of them. There is one in Providence at 121 Spruce Street but you can also find a statue in Portsmouth, at 2575 East Main Road and an elephant Potato Head in Chepachet along Highway 44. Note: Most of the Potatoes from the link have been either vandalized or taken down, but you can at least see what they looked like.

Vampire's Grave

As attractions go, this one is pretty straight forward. People used to be afraid of Vampires, so they took precautions that their loved ones would not rise after they were dead. This grave at Chestnut Baptist Church has a story surrounding it. After Mercy Lena Brown died, her family died under mysterious circumstances. Her body was unearthed and was found to have moved and her heart was "juicy". They burnt her body, and the story has attracted people to her grave ever since. The story was an inspiration for Bram Stoker and has been referenced by a number of horror writers.

Wireless and Steam Museum

These lists almost always end up including some unique museums and the wireless and steam museum is one such oddity. History buffs and fans of esoteric knowledge will love it, but others might be bored. The museum is completely run by volunteers, so it is important to call or otherwise contact them before coming. The museum has an impressive collection of steam engines. They are located at 1300 Frenchtown Road, in East Greenwich.


Sasa on January 29, 2016:

Check your facts on the Mr Potato head statues...that's Hasbro. Not Mattel.

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