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10 Weird and Unusual Things to Do in Wyoming

Despite being the least populated state in the United States, the state of Wyoming has a significant amount of natural beauty. The state is home of both Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, which attract vacationers from all over the country. If you are considering visiting this state, you should also consider including one or more of these more offbeat tourist attractions on your vacation.


Giant Head of Lincoln Monument

Off of Interstate 80, just eleven miles East of Laramie, there is this giant monument to President Abraham Lincoln. The monument was requested by the Wyoming Park's commission for Lincoln's 150th birthday and was created by artist Robert Russin. The monument is 13.5 feet high and might be worth a detour on your Wyoming trip.


Wyoming Territorial Prison

History buffs will want to visit the Wyoming Territorial Prison, that was fully restored in the 90s. The prison is most famous for housing "Butch Cassidy" but also housed 1,000 other outlaws during its tenure as a functioning prison. For fans of the supernatural the prison is also alleged to be haunted, which could be fun for ghost hunters.


Mormon Handcart Historic Sites

Some of the most unique tourist attractions in the country are religious in nature. The Mormon Handcart Visitors Center at 47600 West Hwy 220 Alcova, WY 82620, is one such place. The area is one of reflection on the story that you can find details about at the Visitor's Center, which details the trip of the Martin Company and the tragedy that befell them.


Ames Monument

If you are about 20 miles east of Laramie, you can visit another interesting site. The Ames Monument is shaped like a pyramid and has Abraham Lincoln's face carved into the side. (What is with Wyoming and Lincoln.) You can see the monument from Interstate 80, and it is located in Buford on Monument Road. As an added novelty, you can stop and check out Buford, Wyoming, the "smallest town in America," with a population of one.


World's Largest Jackalope and Ride The Jackalope

In addition, Wyoming residents apparently really love the fictional creature known as the Jackalope, with its crazy rabbit deer hybrid. In Douglas, Wyoming you can find the former world's largest Jackalope on North Third Street. Unfortunately, this elaborate recreation of the creature has been dwarfed by an even larger Jackalope. But you can find that one just a few blocks away at 121 Brownfield Road. If that is not enough Jackalope for you, you can ride a Jackalope at the gas station on W. Rams Horn Street in Dubois, Wyoming. The giant Jackalope has been popular with those who want their pictures taken with him.

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Sacajawea's Grave

the famous native American explorer's contribution to the Lewis and Clark expedition was taught to all of us in grade school. Her grave site can be seen, with a striking memorial in Fort Washakie, Wyoming on Cemetery Lane. Included is a beautiful statue in tribute to her contribution to American history and exploration.


Museum of Aerial Firefighting

There are many museums dedicated to aviation throughout the United States but in Greybull, Wyoming, you can find one dedicated to aerial firefighting. The "Museum" is not really contain a display, or information about the individual planes but simply has a collection of planes set out on a runway, where they can be inspected. This makes it a museum in name only and not everybody likes this, but fans of aviation history will have some rare finds to look at that they may not find anywhere else.


World's Largest Hot Springs

In the town of Thermopolis you can find the "World's Largest Hot Springs" complete with dinosaur statue at the entrance. The Hot Springs are located at 168 Tepee Street. While in town you might also want to check out The Safari Club Lounge or the quirky A & W Restaurant with its funny statues of the A & W family.


Guernsey State Park Outhouse

In Guernsey State Park on Skyline Drive, there is a massive Outhouse built in the 1930s. It might be safe to claim that this is the most elaborate outhouse ever made. The state park is worth visiting to begin with, so taking a look at their elaborate outhouse is a most for those hiking around the park.


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