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10 Weekend Getaways Near Nashik to Rejuvenate Your Soul

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As I write about the world tours, I felt that I should write something about a city that is my hometown. Here are famous spots near Nashik.

Nashik is a pilgrimage city. Indian God, Ram, from Ramayana, had a stay in this city. You can experience spirituality in the holy areas of Panchavati and the river Godavari. Nashik is the Wine capital of India. Wine lovers from Mumbai and Pune keep visiting this city to taste the fine quality Wine.

Pilgrimage city and the wine capital! Very rarely, you may get to witness such a contrast combination in any urban area. Nashik is a city having one of the best climates in India. I m glad to have this place as my hometown. It is rich in nature. If you are anywhere in Nashik, you only have to travel 30 minutes to 2 hours at the max to get to any countryside surrounded by mountains, rivers, dams, and lakes. That is why trekkers, hikers, and wine lovers always have this place on their wishlist.

Nashik is known for its peace. Compared to nearby metro cities like Mumbai, this city is serene and relaxing. I have seen many people from Mumbai who make a weekend gateway, riding their bikes here and chilling out with a glass of wine at the vineyards.

If you are from Nashik, Mumbai, or Pune, various spots around Nashik connect you with nature and help you escape the weekday hustle. Let me describe to you some of the noteworthy destinations near Nashik (Most of them are monsoon destinations)

1. Pahine Near Trimbakeshwar

In summers, Pahine, near Trimbakeshwar, maybe an offbeat location. However, in the monsoon, the mountains and waterfalls of this scenic place attract many tourists. My friend and I frequently visit Pahine on a bike, as it is one of the nearest destinations from Nashik. I love the shape of the mountains at Pahine.

The Mesmerizing Mountains - A Road Trip To Pahine.

The Mesmerizing Mountains - A Road Trip To Pahine.

2. Bahuli Dam And Waterfalls Near Igatpuri

This destination is exquisite. An eco-rich road that climbs up the mountain through a village! Waterfalls on one side of the road, and a large dam on the other side! This region has 3 to 4 main waterfalls with other small waterfalls. People love to play in the waterfalls and return to eat the roasted corns. Bahuli Waterfalls is indeed a magnificent spot to visit in the monsoon. This place is very easy to climb or move around if compared to Dugarwadi, Harihar Fort, and Sandhan valley.

Amidst The Wet Nature - A Waterfall At Bahuli, Igatpuri.

Amidst The Wet Nature - A Waterfall At Bahuli, Igatpuri.

3. Dugarwadi Waterfall Near Trimbakeshwar

Dugarwadi waterfall is fabulous. Youngsters and Teenagers love this place. You have to walk through a path surrounded by trees and arrive at a point where you get a view of the big waterfall. To get near the waterfall, you have to walk down the path through the woods and cross the flowing water body. The best season to visit is the monsoon. However, it is not cool to be here when it's raining cats and dogs.

4. River Godavari

This is the holiest place in Nashik. Many Temples surround the river Godavari. You can find fast food carts by the river.
Another common sight is that of Sadhus smoking the weeds.

The area gets more crowded as the night progresses. In the night lighting, People chill around the river having deep conversations, enjoying the fast food, or strolling. Mostly, in the daytime, the tourists enjoy the boat ride.

My friend and I used to discuss various topics sitting by the side of the river. I used to glance at the reflection of the lights in the water of Godavari and feel the cool breezes blowing. The floating Diyas in the river and the aartis in the temples remind me of Varanasi. Indeed a spiritual atmosphere!

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An Afternoon At the River - River Godavari, Nashik

An Afternoon At the River - River Godavari, Nashik

5. Ramshej Fort, Nashik

Ramshej Fort is nearly 15 kilometers away from Nashik city. From the city, It takes hardly 30 to 40 minutes to reach the base of this mountain. Ram, the deity of the Hindu religion, took a rest at this place. Ramshej fort is at an altitude of 3273 feet. Ramshej is favorable to visit in all the seasons, but monsoon is the best season when you can see more crowd to admire the nature and the fort. Steps lead you to the entrance of the fort. This fort has the main entry, water bodies, and a hidden entry. It's one of the forts of the great ruler, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

6. Vaitarna Dam

A journey of 1.45 hours by the road from Nashik will lead you to this beautiful dam. This place is very tranquil.
People love to visit it, especially during the monsoons. They build tents to stay the night. The area surrounding this dam is full of trees. In May and June, we can spot the fireflies at night near the woods that lead to the dam.

Calm Morning at the Dam - Vaiterna Dam

Calm Morning at the Dam - Vaiterna Dam

7. Pandavleni

Pandavleni is the mountain in Nasik, having the carved caves at the top. The caves represent the ancient Buddhist culture. Pandavleni is not the highest peak compared to the others near Nashik, but one can get a good view of the Cityscape as we climb the steps and reach the top. There are two main ways to get to the caves. One is by climbing steps, and the other is through the trees that many adventure lovers prefer to choose. There is a park at the base of the mountain along with the waterpark and a Buddha Stupa.

8. Harihar Fort

Harihar Fort is nearly 40 km away from Nashik. It takes about an hour to reach the base. Tourists prefer the monsoon as the season to visit this fort. You have to begin by crossing a riverbank. There are no steps to climb up. At some point, you will arrive at a flat region from where it is tricky as you have to find your route through the dense trees. But the co-trekkers who frequently visit will guide you.

The topmost part is breathtaking. Two hundred verticle steps about an angle of eighty degrees to reach the peak! You will feel like you are on top of the world when you reach the summit.

9. Sandhan Valley

The Sandhan Valley is in the middle of beautiful nature. It's a reverse hike where you have to walk down the valley. There's a cliff at the end. In the beginning, you have to go through the small road surrounded by the woods. It starts with the pebbles at the start, and gradually you have to jump down the big rocks. Sandhan valley is 1 to 1.30 hours away from Nashik. I must say it is Worth-Watching.

Nashik, Maharashtra

10. Other Worth-Watching Sites

Apart from the above destinations, various famous locations filled with beautiful flora are near Nashik like Bhandardara, Anjaneri, Brahmagiri, Dhodap fort, Chambhar Leni, and much more.

Nashik Artillery Centre can't go unmentioned. It is the pride of Nashik.

Nashik Artillery Centre is a training center for Army where civilians aren't allowed to enter. The cleanliness, the house structures, and overall area-planning out there depict the discipline of the military forces. The artillery center serves as a training ground where renowned Indian soldiers and officers once received their training.

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