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10 Things to Do in Wisconsin Dells Indoors

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Wisconsin Dells is #1 attraction at any season

Wisconsin Dells is attraction #1 in Wisconsin at any season, be it summer, fall, winter or spring. Or even just on a rainy day this place has something to offer for every one- kids, grown-ups or elder people. Wisconsin Dells is a small town with the feel of a big city

Though summer time is the best season to visit Wisconsin Dells, you will find suitable attractions there any time of the year. If you visit Wisconsin Dells in winter, or even in summer but you got a rainy day in the broadcast, anyway you will find variety of opportunities to enjoy your vacation time in full indoors. Wisconsin Dells has a lot of indoor water parks and indoor theme parks. You can enjoy indoor shows, museums and of course, shopping.

(1) Wisconsin Dells Indoor Waterparks

It was the ingenious idea of some local resort owners to put a roof over a waterpark attraction and, voila, the phenomenon that is the indoor waterpark became synonymous with Wisconsin Dells. There are nearly 20 Wisconsin Dells indoor waterparks and water playgrounds to choose from, with accommodations to suit every fancy. They are open 12 months a year, so no excuses when it comes to finding a convenient time to visit.

Some of them are open to public, others are available only with accommodations.

Lost Rios Waterpark at Chula Vista Resort

Great Wolf Lodge


(2) Kalahari Resort

Kalahari Resort is definitely #1 indoor attraction park.

You don’t have to fly to Africa to experience a Safari indoors! Also, the Kalahari Resort claims to have "America's largest indoor water park“. The Kalahari Resort’s indoor water park has virtually every attraction found at a large outdoor water park. The Indoor Theme Park at Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells features over 100,000 square feet of family fun and excitement with a convenience of indoor attractions and activities! The park is open for public, it means that you do not have to stay in Kalahari Resort Hotel to get excess to the attraction.

  • Take a ride on the six-story Ferris wheel located in a spectacular glass enclosure or the beautifully African-themed carousel.
  • Challenge yourself to ropes course or climbing walls or blast your way through a game of laser tag!
  • Enjoy 24 lanes of bowling, two high-definition golf simulators or relax in the sports bar.
  • Experience the elevated go carts, mini golf, hundreds of arcade and redemption games .
  • Enjoy a Master Blaster, a 570 ft. uphill water rollercoaster.
  • The Tanzanian Twister is a full-sized Pro Bowl "spin-and-flush" ride.
  • Rippling Rhino is a two-person raft ride with plenty of twists and turns.
  • Victoria Falls takes up to four passengers for a longer, and more thrill-packed family raft ride.
  • Try your luck at surfing the famous Waverider.
  • Relaxed on a tube down the Lazy River.
  • Enjoy the Wave Pool and feel like being at the ocean.

You will find several concessions in the indoor park area, such as Zulu Grille, Cracked Coconut, and the Mud Hut which serves beverages inside the middle of the water park to add to your indoor pleasure.

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(3) Knucklehead's Bowling & Indoor Amusement Park

Knuckleheads Bowling & Indoor Amusement Park80,000 square feet of indoor fun with 4-D Theatre Ride!

  • Go Carts (Single or Double cars! Take them for an amazing ride on an ups-and-downs track!)
  • Roller Coasters (Be a conductor in the front cart of the coaster or bring in the rear as the caboose. A ride geared towards children & parents).
  • 4D theater (Strap on your seat belt, hold the handles & feel the force. This ten seat motion theatre hosts three action movies that are sure to make you feel if it was actually "the real thing”).
  • Arcade (The largest arcade in Wisconsin Dells with the best selection of games and prizes!)
  • Bumper Cars (Bump around! Bumper cars jazzed up with a disco ball & lights. Fun for the adults & children.)
  • Tornado (Take a spin on the Tornado. Riders are lifted in multi-passenger cars & can control their own speed as they spin through the air.)
  • Bowling (With 24 lanes, bowling is open all day, everyday! You can choose how you want to bowl... COSMIC, REGULAR or BUMPER bowling.)
  • Himalaya (This one’s a classic. Try this mid-size family coaster. Just when you think the best of the ride is over, it will take you for a turn & spin you backwards.)
  • Flying Tigers (For smaller kids. Lil buckaroos can take flight with a parent or by themselves in this family amusement ride. Children in the front & Mom or Dad in the back.)
  • Junior Racers (Says for itself. Little kids should have fun racing like their older siblings, shouldn’t they?)
  • Ball-o-City (This four story interactive soft play area offers fun for the entire family, including the little tikes. Let your imagination run wild with cannon blasters, super soft foam balls, slides, climbing structures & a ball bazooka.)
  • Spring ride (Experience free fall like never before. This spring ride will send you on an unexpected series of rise & falls.)

Play free on your birthday- Come on your birthday (Proof of birthday required) and enjoy the rides and bowling for free! Don’t forget to bring with you school report card with A or S- you’ll get a bowling game and shoe rental for free. Cards are valid up to 10 days after they are issued.


(4) Rick Wilcox Magic Theater

Rick Wilcox Magic Theater

90 minutes of Magic and Comedy. A family friendly magic show with a touch of light comedy.

The theater is small so anywhere you sit you have good observation. Audience participants are chosen from the first few rows of seats.

The illusions are fantastic and the time goes by much too fast. The ending of the show is awesome.

There is an intermission after the first hour. Rick and Susan Wilcox come out and meet the crowd after the show and sign the souvenirs.


(5) Wizard Quest: Fantasy Treasure Hunt in the Wisconsin Dells.

Wizard Quest: Fantasy Treasure Hunt in the Wisconsin Dells.

This is a virtual game where you go on a quest. You will search through areas, play games, find four wizards, and save all four to get the prize. Fun for the whole family and especially for kids.

The place is mysteriously dark and you’ll find yourself in lots of pathways and some tunnels where you have to get on all fours and crawl around. The castle below is big enough to walk and crawl through. Challenging and fun!


(6) Dells 4D Special F/X Theater

Dells 4D Special F/X Theater

The Dells 4D Special FX Theater offers 2 sets of 2 action packed movies in the 4th dimension.

Immerse yourself in the effects of the 4D experience with sight, touch, smell and sound.

Combine with Ripley's Believe it or Not and Wizard Quest to save money.


(7) Ghost Out-Post Haunted House

Ghost Out-Post Haunted House

With 17 exciting chambers, your great Dells adventure starts right here. Experience Death Support, Vortex Room, the new Boris and Ernie show, Hellhound and 13 other chambers of fun & fright. Not for the timid, the Ghost Out-Post will both thrill and amuse you. Open year round, rain or shine with limited hours Fall through Spring. Do you Dare!?!

I went through half of it clinging to my partner and with my eyes closed. I know... I know.... it was not real... but, gosh, it was scary!


(8) Lazer Runner

Lazer Runner

Lazer Runner USA's #1 Laser Tag Game! Challenge your family & friends in this heart pounding adventure. While in the black-lit arena, use your phaser to tag your opponents. Every man for himself. No waiting to make up teams. A great family attraction. Open year-round, limited to weekends in the fall, winter and spring.

It is conveniently located Downtown Wisconsin Dells.

(9) SPAs, of course!

Wisconsin Dells SPAs- award winning SPA services!

Think about the kind of break you need in your life. Allow yourself to renew your confidence and to make a real transformation in your health! Escape to Wisconsin Dells Spas and surrender all stress.

Here, aromatic body treatments, soothing massages, radiant skin and nail treatments are awaiting you. Satisfy your senses with aromatherapy, steam baths, and whirlpools. Spend as little as an hour or as much as a day and let one of the Wisconsin Dells Spas pamper you.


(10) Casino!

Ho Chunk Casino

I myself have never been in a casino, but my sisters-in-law love it and go there pretty often. You don't have to sped a fortune there to have fun! Check for yourself the best Casino near Wisconsin Dells!

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