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10 Must See Places in Lanzarote

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If you’re tired of always being offered the same vacation, make up your mind and visit Lanzarote, probably the most impressive of the Canary Islands. Its relatively recent volcanic activity and people's respect for nature have turned Lanzarote into a unique place with unusual landscapes. Here are 10 amazing places on this island which, you could get to know by yourself, but can also be visited more comfortably on excursions with official guides, so you can get the most out of them.

Laguna Verde (Green Lagoon)

A natural reserve considered as one of the island’s symbols, the Green Lagoon rests at the foot of an ancient volcano near the sea. The maritime Ruppia algae that inhabit the lagoon give its waters a rare greenish tone that contrasts with the gray sand that surrounds it, as well as the blue of the nearby sea.


Cueva de los Verdes

This volcanic tube that runs for 6 km, from the coast to the La Corona volcano, offers you a journey through the bowels of solidified lava. Winding paths and spacious rooms follow one another, offering views you would not find on the surface. The Esthetes room, the Moorish Gate or the Death Throat are some of its main attractions.


Jameos del Agua

Jameo is an aboriginal word that describes the sunken terrain where a volcanic conduit opens to the surface. The famous Lanzarote artist César Manrique managed to harmonize the beauty of this place by incorporating a series of elements that make it worth the visit. In the small inner lake, you’ll be able to see the jameitos, a species of dwarf, blind and albino crabs that are endemic to the place and highly delicate. In addition to his lake, Cesar Manrique also created an artificial pool and a concert hall that will undoubtedly astound you.



This impressive house is another vessel in which Cesar Manrique was able to pour his creativity. Built in the excavated side of a volcanic mountain, it has a crystalline artificial lake surrounded by several caves that have been transformed into beautiful rooms. But Lagomar doesn’t only have a special charm due to its beauty, but also for its curious history. Legend has it that the famous actor Omar Shariff lost this property on a game of cards. Today, at the entrance of the house, you’ll be able to enjoy an à la carte restaurant, with dishes that taste particularly delicious when surrounded by this magical environment.

La Graciosa

This small island or large islet is the greatest promoter of the Chinijo archipelago. In a single word, calm describes this island. Its pristine beaches, small houses and slow pace make the island the perfect place to relax as you’ve never done before.

Los Hervideros

Located to the east of Timanfaya Park, these volcanic cavities and holes located on the coast await to offer you a special show. Time your visit well to coincide with the high tide and you’ll see the sea sneaking capriciously through the lava caves to then ascend furiously, attempting to touch the sky. We recommend good shoes and spare clothes for this visit.

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El Mirador del Río Viewpoint

The narrow sea arm that separates Lanzarote from La Graciosa is known as El Río (The River). Located at the top of the Famara cliff, more than 400 meters above sea level, this viewpoint offers you the most spectacular views of the Chinijo Archipelago. When you visit this place, you’ll understand why Cesar Manrique chose this place to build this viewpoint.


Timanfaya National Park

Lanzarote’s must-see. On this land, fire lives under your feet. The recent volcanic eruptions of the 18th century left dozens of volcanic cones in an area with almost no vegetation. You’ll be able to feel the heat a few centimeters under the surface and verify it with the various experiments carried out near the El Diablo restaurant. A camel ride will be the icing on the cake, as this animals’ wobble accompanies you on your visit to the Fire Mountains.


Salinas del Janubio

This protected natural area and great architectural work still produces high-quality sea salt. The salt flats’ reddish colors and their respective white mounds draw a landscape that includes a hypnotizing and harmonious geometry. The lagoon that forms the salt flats was originally created by volcanic eruptions that drew a barrier of lava between it and the sea.


Cesar Manrique Foundation

This great Lanzarote-born Spanish artist is known worldwide for his extraordinary ability to respect nature in his creations. You’ll be able to appreciate it at the César Manrique Foundation, through its headquarters located in Taro de Tahiche in Teguise. This is the house where the artist lived, which was subsequently converted into a museum. It houses two exhibitions, one of César’s contemporary artists and another with his work. Worth the visit, art and nature merge in a volcano’s lava flow.

La Geria

Wine lovers, be amazed! The people of Lanzarote don’t lay back when it comes to wine production. This protected natural space shows you how to make the most of this land’s properties. Small sunken circles in the ground house the protected vine, surrounded by a volcanic stone wall. Thus sheltering it from the tireless wind and nourishing it with the rich soil that rests under the volcanic pool. Tasting their wines, while enjoying this peculiar landscape, is a wonderful experience.


Here are 10 reasons to visit this island, but you’ll surely find many more that will amaze you and that you’ll need to discover when visiting Lanzarote. Enjoy a vacation in Lanzarote and come back with a suitcase full of images and sensations that will undoubtedly remain in your memory for a lifetime.

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