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10 Destinations for a Solo or Girl Gang Trip Without Mandatory Quarantine

We organize women only travel trips to enable solo female travelers to grasp the endless possibilities of exploring this world.

Are you confused with which countries are accepting non vaccinated travellers?

Read on! Wander Womaniya brings a list of 10 destinations where non-vaccinated tourists are welcome:

10 destinations for solo female travellers without mandatory quarantine

10 destinations for solo female travellers without mandatory quarantine

1) Mexico - The country that gave us the most loved dessert of all time,chocolate, is now welcoming visitors regardless of whether they have received the vaccination or not. There is no requirement of a negative RT-PCR report but people traveling from Covid affected areas will be subjected to screening and quarantine (if necessary) upon arrival. While most hotels might have their requirements such as filling health questionnaires, a mandatory ‘questionnaire of indication of risk factors in travelers’ should be provided to the immigration upon entering the country.

Mexico is one of the underated destinations as far as solo female travellers are concerned, but isn't choclate a good reason to change that?

2) Seychelles - Residing in East Africa, the beautiful country welcomed tourists from all over the world from the month of March except South Africa. The vaccination status of a person will not be a hindrance for entry into the country, however, one must produce a negative RT PCR test taken a minimum of 72 hours before departure for the country. In addition, tourists must also have valid travel health insurance to cover potential COVID-19 related costs and Health Travel Authorization for entry.

Seychelles is not just beaches; it has both mountains and cleanest beaches, making it one of the honeymooner's favourite but we recommend Seychelles for women travelling alone for the sheer number of things you can tick off your bucket list.

3) Croatia - Any Game of Thrones fans here? Located along the Adriatic Sea, you do not need to be vaccinated to enter this European country. Any traveler that can show a negative Covid report 48 hours before arrival or proof of covid 19 recoveries is permitted to enter. Tourists can get tested once they reach too but must strictly self-isolate till they get negative results, so better to bring your negative report / vaccination documents.

Croatia is where king landing was picturized in the epic series, making it a favourite of women travellers across the world.

4) Ecuador - Home to the famous Galápagos Islands and the amazing marine life, tourists can now visit the country regardless of their vaccination status. With fewer restrictions in place, visitors including minors (above age2) can enter the country by providing a negative covid report taken 3 days / 72 hours before the entry date. The country also has arrangements for testing at the airport for people without the negative report. Tourists can also expect random antigen tests carried out by the Ministry of Health (MSP) on arriving. We bet the solo female travellers would love turtles in Galápagos.

5) Brazil - In the wake of improving conditions, Brazil has now opened its doors welcoming tourists vaccinated and unvaccinated. Except from UK and South Africa, unvaccinated visitors coming from other countries need to produce a negative Covid test result 72 hours prior departure along with Traveler's Health Declaration. However, land and sea routes are kept closed for non-residents.

6) Maldives - Crystal clear blue waters, white sand and islands surrounded by lagoons; this pinnacle of romance opened its doors to visitors in the month of July last year. Just like most countries Maldives too require a negative RT PCR test taken 96 hours before the departure which should be attached to the health declaration form (Imuga) that needs to be submitted 24 hours before arriving. Passengers will be exempted from quarantine if the island or the place they are travelling to has 60% of its population vaccinated. However, if showing symptoms, they will be subject to quarantine.

7) Nepal - With international flights now operating, as long as you have a tourist entry visa, passengers from India can enter the country with or without vaccination. Nepal requires a negative Covid result taken 72 hours before you embark. On arrival, you can be subject to Quarantine for five days. One must also provide proof of travel insurance and hotel booking confirmation. Nepal is expected to soon open up for all travellers around the world.

8) Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka is slowly getting the recognition it needs, the tiny island country has some breathtaking beaches, magical hill side, tea plantations and a lot more. The island nation has opened for tourism owing to less number of cases since December 2020 and you mainly need a negative RTPCR report along with the visa requirements applicable as per your origin country. Sri Lanka is an amazing vacation choice for all the diferent things you can do, it is very similar to Kerala in India which attracts lot of forigners from across the world. Highly recommended for girls who travel alone for some breathtaking pictures for your instagram.

9) Guatemala - Located South of Mexico, this Central American country also requires a negative RT PCR test for unvaccinated travelers. The test needs to be taken three days before travel. Previously infected people can also enter the country with their recovery reports with the time frame of testing positive three months before arrival.

10) Greece - Eastern europe is always fascinating and Greece is one of the most visited destinations across the world & rightly so. You will find a blend of history & amazing beach party culture in one place. Greece has declared that they are welcoming tourists from all over the world starting 14th May 2021 with a negative RTPCR report or completed vaccination certificates. We recommend visitng Greece as it is expected to be pocket friendly due to the apprehension of tourists making it a great steal for women who travel solo.

Irrespective of where you are travelling, one must mandatorily follow other necessary precautions such as wearing masks in public places and maintaining social distancing for one’s own and others safety. So get that negative Covid test result and head to these beautiful countries as magical adventures await.

There are many solo female travel groups & Women Only Travel Clubs which you can join to explore these destinations on a budget without compromising on safety & security.

Contributed by Ms. Varda Chaudhary

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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