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Palić Lake and Spa


The romantic beauty of Palic lake


About Palic lake

°°°°People say that Pannonian plain used to be Pannonian sea. It is considered that Palic Lake is the rest of Pannonian sea. This fact explains why the water of Palic lake is so medicinal, full of minerals. The famous singer and poet Đorđe Balašević wrote the song about Pannonian sailor , although there is not the sea now.

Palić lake is situated in the North of Serbia in the province called Vojvodina, 8 km away from the city Subotica. It is placed near the border with Hungary and the border crossing Horgoš and Kelebija. In this tourist area there are Lake Palić and two thermo-mineral springs. PalićTourist Centre is located on the shore of Lake Palić, whose shape is an irregular elipse.The water temperature of Lake Palić is 18 -25 Celsius degrees during the swimming season. The first chemical analysis was made of three hundred years ago in Vienna. This water is medicinal and alkal. In the balneological centre of Palić tourist centre it is cured a lot of diseases, for example -rheumatism , skin and gynecological illness. The water of Palić lake has a medicinal effect because there is a lot of soda in this water and it is full of Magnesium carbonicum and Natrium chloratum. Skin becomes soft and cardiovascular system is better after using of water of Palić lake.

Tourists can use boats and bikes on water. Also, if you visit this romantic place, you can choose to have amazing meal in interesting boat-restaurants or swim in thermal swimming pools, drinking your favourite drink and enjoying fantastic nature and landscapes. Also, you can play sport for example , tennis because there are twelve tennis courts. There are a spa center and open swimming pools with hydro-massage, a congress centre, wine cellars and ZOO with a lot of interesting animals. Also, you can ride a horse or drive by fijaker (cab) or maybe go fishing.

Palić got the award called The flower of tourism for the best tourist destination ten years ago.

Silence and peace of this great place make Palić lake a paradise for tourists.


The Reasons why you should visit Palić lake and spa

Protected nature area and amazing spa

This amazing place, whose mineral water springs have a temperature of 25 Celsius degrees and the mud is rich in important mineral substances with curative characteristics. Lake Palić is an amazing spa resort and it is the most popular destination in Vojvodina which is the province of Serbia. Palić lake is an ideal place for young people , sick or healthy people as well as for older tourists where they can recover their organism and souls in this beautiful environment. Lake Palić is considered a protected area and a Park of nature. It covers an area of 3.8 square kilometres and its average depth is 2 metres. The entire coast of the lake is well arranged and it is17 km long. There are three bathing areas along the coast of the lake. These are; Women's Strand, Men's Strand and sandy beaches by this lake where you can enjoy in the sun.

Great Park

If you visit Tourist centre Palić lake , you can walk in Great park , which is 50 m away from the coast, with its locust trees and its interesting twisting paths.It is a very romantic and healthy place, founded in 1842. The air in Great park is pure, fresh and fantastic, full of oxygen because of lots of trees and plants. Great park has been redesigned and today its area is about 19 hectares. There are a lot of interesting statues and romantic benches where you can relax completely. It is very important to see WATER TOWER that is a symbol of Palić, standing as a gateway to the main entrance to the Great Park.

Summer stage

In the heart of Great park there is Summer stage . It represents the food for spirit. Summer stage was built by the project engineer Baltazar who found the most acoustic location in the heart of this beautiful Great Park. Summer stage was designed for classical plays and operas.You can enjoy listening nice classical music surrounded with pine trees behind you. Also , you can watch very good plays with great artists and famous actors. Listening to magic music and breathing of clear, fresh air of one-hundred old forest at the same time is an unforgettable event.


Palić lake in Serbia

The cultural richness of Palić lake

The cultural richness of this lake is characterised by colourful buildings dominated by the ornate Nouveau and the building with Swiss building style of PALIĆ VILLAS.

The most European film festival takes place every year in July Films are about modern cultural and social life of Europe. The theatre has made of rough natural stone completely embedded in nature and this theatre provides viewers with an idylic atmosphere under clear sky.

The most important Art Nouveau buildings in Palić were opened in 1912. It was the memorial fountain and it was built with three female figures and three inscriptions with a brief history of the lake.


The beauty of Palic lake

Food specialities from Vojvodina


Have you ever visited Palic lake?

The story about Vasa Ladački by Đorđe Balašević

He loved beautiful one but poor one

He would have married her

If only he had known:

You love once a life,

Now a rich one or a poor one,

It isn't a choice by mind

than the choice of HEART......

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