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Yoki Electronic Drum Set



Affordable and complete set of electronic drums for beginners and advanced users alike.

Enjoy playing the drums in your home with out the excessive noise and upset neighbors that normally comes with acoustic drums.

See the description below for all the details and features this great kit has to offer.

The YOKI DD908 is also the same drum set up and internal electronics as the OSP DD502 and the Alesis DM6 electronic drum kits the only difference is the Drum Modules outer casing/packaging.

See the eBay and Amazon sales below for a great deal on this drum kit, order through this lens and a percentage of each sale goes to my selected charities like Guitars For Veterans and Soldiers Angels.

Review: YOKI DD908 Electronic Drum Set

YOKI DD908 in my home practice space

YOKI DD908 in my home practice space

Product Review: YOKI DD908 Electronic Drum Set

I had wanted to get a set of electronic drums for a couple years now. I kept pricing all the musicians' catalogs and eBay auctions. I started watching the YOKI DD908 Drum kit because for the price it featured a full 5 piece drum Kit/drum pads and 3 cymbal pads.

There doesn't seem to be any real manufacture I can find when I researched the name YOKI online. Only one eBay seller seemed to have this brand, but their was similar priced kits by OSP Drums and Alesis electronics brand names with the exact same specifications and features for around the same price usually slightly higher from most retailers. So I assumed YOKI was a private label the seller commissioned from the electronics manufacture in China since the electronics all had the same specifications as well.

The eBay seller had good feedback so I decided to bid a couple times and the auctions ended at about the same as both the Buy It Now price on eBay and Amazon. So I went ahead and bought it out right on eBay from the only seller who seem to sell the YOKI DD908.

It only took about 5 days for it to ship from the seller in California to my home. The outer cardboard box was sturdy and plain just basic black print of the contents and the YOKI logo. Inside the box where all the proper parts for this kit well boxed in smaller groups and individually wrapped.

I've played in bands and done recording studio work for years so assembling the Drum kit was pretty easy for me. It had basic picture instructions for assembling the frame, the pads and module then covered wiring the pads to the module. So it only took me and hour or so to assemble. I was impressed it came with the Allen Wrench and drum key and that's the only tools needed for assembly.

I used the kit in my home recording studio and teach our kids basic drum lessons so the kit fit my needs. I wouldn't recommend moving and disassembling the kit allot since it has plastic resin joints, but for a kit that's staying stationary in a home studio, band practice space, apartment this kit was perfect.

The YOKI DD908 Drum Module really impressed me it had way more features than I needed, 20 preset drum kits, and you can adjust each drums sounds and save up to 10 user kits. It has 50 songs of different styles to practice with, a basic two track type recording function, Midi in and out, auxiliary input, and tons of other features that the User Manual goes more in depth into using and adjusting.

The pedals for the kick drum pad and hi-hat cymbal control are a rugged aluminum build. The Kick Drum Pad features an actual 8 inch drum head with a metal drum ring a supported by a metal frame. The 4 drum pads for the toms and snare are an 8 inch drum head with hard plastic ring and frame. The Cymbal pads for the hi-hat, crash and ride cymbals are plastic resin with foam pads for dampening the sounds of taps. Overall the pads are pretty quiet so I haven't found the need to upgrade to the mesh drum heads offered online.

So in closing if your looking for a budget priced entry level digital drum kit for your home, small studio or church band this kit fit's the bill, full of features and quality for the price tag.

I'll give 9 out of 10 stars to the YOKI DD908 Electronic Digital Drum Kit.

For more pictures of the YOKI drum Kit see my full review at

YOKI DD908 Drum Module

YOKI DD908 Drum Module

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Set includes :

Aluminum framework

Digital controller module with LED Program read-out

3 Tom Drums

1 Snare Drum

3 Cymbals

Aluminum Hi-Hat controller

Kick drum with aluminum pedal

2 Maple wooden drum sticks

110 Volt power adapter

All necessary connector tools

All necessary color-coded hook-up wires

Operation manual

Features :

Headphones can be attached to the phone jack on the front of the control unit

You can adjust the tempo of songs in ranges from 30 to 280

You can connect a CD player, etc to the AUX IN jack

You can connect an amplifier to the AUX Out jack

Accessories are fully adjustable and mountable on the rail

You can receive MIDI data from an external MIDI device

You can trasmit MIDI data with a MIDI cable

30 types of preset drum kits

Electronic volume control

You can mute the drum part of a song so you can play along

Play along with click track

Specifications :

Drum Pads : 4 drum pads, 3 cymbal pads, 1 hi-hat control pedal, 1 kick trigger

Voices : 215 voices

Drum kits : 20 preset kits, 10 user kits

Song: 50 preset songs : Guitar, Accordion Fusion, Folk Pop, Rock, Blues, Newage, Reggae Funk, Drum & Bass, Pop 8 Beat, Dance, Drk-2, Pop3, Pop5, Jazz 1, Rhythm & Blues 4, Ballad 1, Balled 2, Balled 4, Balled 5, Balled 6, Waltz, Slow Rock, Rock Pop 4, Latin 4, Latin 5, Reggae, Shuffle 1, Rhythm & Blues 3, Rock 'N' Roll 1, 8 Beat 4, 8 Beat 2, 16 Beat, March, Latin 6, Funk 3, Fusion 2, Rock 'N' Roll 2, Hard Rock 3, Rock Pop 2, Funk 1, Funk 4, Jazz 3, Dance 1, Dance 2, Mambo, Rhythm & Blues 1, Rhythm & Blues 2, Ballad 3, Jing Opera, Chinese Rhythm

Controls : power switch, start/stop, save, kit, voice/volume, song/volume, drum off, click, hi-hat, crash, ride, hi-hat control, snare, tom 1, tom 2, tom 3, kick, volume, +/-, tempo+/-, tap

Connectors : midi out, midi in, hi-hat control, hi-hat, crash, ride, snare tom 1, tom 2, tom 3, kick, output(R&L/mono), aux in

Display : LED display

Power supply : AC adaptor (DC 9V)

Measurements :

47.2" W x 31.4" D x 47.2" H and weighs only 68 lbs.

Yoki, ION, Alesis, Simmons Mesh Drum Heads on eBay

The stock heads that come on the YOKI, Alesis, Simmons, OSP and ION electronic drum kits make a pop or tapping sound you can make them completely silent by upgrading and installing Mesh drum heads with foam pads underneath them.

Check out these deals on eBay for the best price.


the OSP DD502 is virtualy the same as the YOKI DD908 just a a different looking casing on the drum module but all the internal electronincs, sounds and such are the same.

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Reader Feedback on the YOKI DD908

BeatGirl on February 28, 2013:

I didn't know about the Yoki brand before now and I've even written a lens about electronic kits that suit beginners. I'm now thinking I should have looked at Yoki, but no need to now because you've covered it very well.

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