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www google com br: Google Brasil: Google BR: Google Brazil: Search, Webhp


www google com br (Google Brasil) is the Google search page as produced for Brasil. Google BR homepage is a clone of the Classic Google homepage with localized Brasilian functionality. is offered in Portuguese. From Brasil Google you can undertake searches that have a Brasilian bias, with BR Google in Portuguese or English.

Google BR search ( can be viewed in languages other than Portuguese (Português). To achieve this you can utilise the Google br webhp function. Another trick is to increase the Brasilian bias to show only Brasilian sites.

Google Brasil looks like the Google classic homepage except that it has 'Brasil' under the 'le' of Google and the redirection function set to '' (in the language that you selected as your main local language, for example ' in English').

Google Brasil in Portuguese

Google Brasil in Portuguese

Google Brasil in Portuguese

Google Brasil (www google co br) Homepage - How Do I Get To Google Brasil?

BR Google (www google com br) can be accessed in several different ways that bypass the automatic redirection of Google localised search or Google (www google com) homepage search:

  1. Just type '' to access Google Brasil in Portuguese.
  2. Access the English version of Brasil Google with 'Http://'.
  3. You can access GoogleTheGlobe and click on the Brasil flag.
  4. If you have been classified by Google as Brasilian local then, on any version of Google homepage that you happen to be on, all you need to do is click the 'Ir para o Google Brasil' or 'Ir para o Google Brasil, em Português' link at the lower right of the Google search homepage screen.
  5. You can obtain Google BR search results by adding or changing the “gl” parameter of the Google search URL, for example ''.
  6. Enter '', which redirects to Brasil Google in Portuguese '' or '', which redirects to Google Brasil in English.

How to access Classic Google Home without country redirection or geotargeting can be found in Search Google:Universal Search Google:Global Search Google: International Search Google:Worldwide Search Google by Humagaia.

Google Brazil in English



Google Brazil (www google com br) Homepage – What Will I Find at Google BR?

The following specialised Google Search functions are available from the top left of your Google BR home page:

  1. Google Images (Imagens)– search images.
  2. Google Videos– search videos.
  3. Google Maps (Mapas)– search for maps and get directions.
  4. Google News (Notícias)– search for news on any particular subject.
  5. Orkut – social networking and discussion site..

For the above Google BR search facilities your search “query” is passed from a previous Google search box.

Google Gmail is also accessible from the Google Brazil homepage either to access your Google Gmail account or to register for a free Google account.

The top left-hand side of Google Brasil homepage also has a [mais] link. Here you will find  Books (Livros), Translate (Tradutor), Blogs, Realtime (Em tempo real), YouTube, Calendar (Agenda), Google Picasaweb Photos (Fotos), Docs, Reader, Sites, Google Groups (Grupos).

Google Brasil in Guarani

Google Brasil in Guarani

Google Brasil in Guarani

Google Brasil Homepage (www google com br) – Additional Functions

From the top right hand corner of the BR Google page there are links to:

  • Search settings, i.e. preferences (Configurações de pesquisa)

At the right of the Google Brasil search entry box there is access to language tools (Ferramentas de idiomas), and Advanced search (Pesquisa avançada).

Below the Google BR search box there are also links to Google information about advertising programs, business solutions and 'About Google'.

Google Brazil in English

Google Brazil in English

Google Brazil in English

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Brasil Google Homepage (www google com br) – Can I View Google Brasil In Another Language?

To access Google Brasil in Portuguese:

But you can change Google Brasil to be in languages other than Portuguese by using and changing the ISO 639-2 code in the 'hl=pt' element of the URL

which becomes:

for PT Google in Spanish.

A full set of URL's is given at the end of this article, after the comments section.

Google Brasil in Spanish

Google Brasil in Spanish

Google Brasil in Spanish

Google Brasil Homepage (www google com br) – Can I View Only Pages from Brasil?

Yes, you can view just pages from Brasil but only in Portuguese. To do this you use the following Firefox URL :

You do not need to run the Firefox browser to use this. When on the Firefox page ensure the Search 'pages in portuguese' or 'pages of Brasil' button is set, instead of the  'a web' button.

See also:

How To Google - homepage of "Google How To".

How To Google in English - for the English version index to "Google How To" subjects.

Google Brasil (Firefox version) in Portuguese

Google Brasil (Firefox version) in Portuguese

Google Brasil (Firefox version) in Portuguese

Google Brasil in German

Google Brasil in German

Google Brasil in German

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Google Brasil in Italian

Google Brasil in Italian

Google Brasil in Italian

Google Brasil in Polish

Google Brasil in Polish

Google Brasil in Polish

URL's for Google Brasil (www google com br) in Other Languages

Afrikaans ISO639-1 = af Afrikaans

Akan ISO639-1 = ak Akan

Albanesa ISO639-1 = sq Albanian Shqip

Amárica ISO639-1 = am Amharic

Árabe ISO639-1 = ar Arabic ﺔﻴﺐﺮﻌﻠﺍ

Armênica ISO639-1 = hy Armenian

Azerbaijana ISO639-1 = az Azerbaijani Azцri

Basca ISO639-1 = eu Basque Euskaraz

Bielorrússia ISO639-1 = be Belarusian Беларуская

Bengali ISO639-1 = bn Bengali

Hindi ISO639-1 = bh Hindi

Breton ISO639-1 = br Breton Brezhoneg

Búlgarol ISO639-1 = bg Bulgarian Български

Catalão ISO639-1 = ca Catalan Català

Checa ISO639-1 = cs Czech Čeština

Córsega ISO639-1 = co Corsican

Dinamarquesa ISO639-1 = da Danish Dansk

Alemã ISO639-1 = de German Deutsch

Holandesa ISO639-1 = nl Dutch Nederlands

Grega ISO639-1 = el Greek Ελληνικά

Inglesa ISO639-1 = en Http:// English

Esperanto ISO639-1 = eo Esperanto

Estoniana ISO639-1 = et Estonian Eesti

Faroa ISO639-1 = fo Faroese Føroyskt

Persa ISO639-1 = fa Persian

Finlandesa ISO639-1 = fi Finnish Suomeksi

Francesa ISO639-1 = fr French Français

Frísia ISO639-1 = fy Western Frisian Frysk

Georgiana ISO639-1 = ka Georgian

Gaélico Escocês ISO639-1 = gd Scots Gaelic Gàidhlig

Irlandesa ISO639-1 = ga Irish Gaeilge

Galego ISO639-1 = gl Galician

Guarani ISO639-1 = gn Guarani

Guzerate ISO639-1 = gu Gujarati

Haitian ISO639-1 = ht Haitian

Hauçá ISO639-1 = ha Hausa

Hebraica ISO639-1 = he Hebrew עברית

Hindi ISO639-1 = hi Hindi

Croata ISO639-1 = hr Croatian Hrvatski

Húngara ISO639-1 = hu Hungarian Magyar

Ibo ISO639-1 = ig Igbo

Islandesa ISO639-1 = is Icelandic Íslenska

Interlingua ISO639-1 = ia Interlingua

Indonésia ISO639-1 = id Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia

Italiana ISO639-1 = it Italian Italiano

Japonesa ISO639-1 = ja Japanese Nihongo

Canará ISO639-1 = kn Kannada

Cazaquistão ISO639-1 = kk Kazakh

Camboja ISO639-1 = km Khmer

Kinyarwanda ISO639-1 = rw Kinyarwanda

Quirguistão ISO639-1 = ky Kyrgyz

Kongo ISO639-1 = kg Kongo

Coreana ISO639-1 = ko Korean

Curda ISO639-1 = ku Kurdish Kurmancî (Kurdî)

Laos ISO639-1 = lo Lao

Latina ISO639-1 = la Latin Latina

Letã ISO639-1 = lv Latvian Latviešu

Lingala ISO639-1 = ln Lingala

Lituana ISO639-1 = lt Lithuanian Lietuvių

Ganda ISO639-1 = lg Ganda

Macedoniana ISO639-1 = mk Macedonian Македонски

Malayalam ISO639-1 = ml Malayalam

Maori ISO639-1 = mi Maori

Marathi ISO639-1 = mr Marathi

Malaia ISO639-1 = ms Malay

Malgaxe ISO639-1 = mg Malagasy

Maltesa ISO639-1 = mt Maltese Malti

Mongol ISO639-1 = mn Mongolian

Nepali ISO639-1 = ne Nepali

Norueguesa ISO639-1 = nn Nynorsk (Norwegian) Norsk

Norueguesa ISO639-1 = no Bokmal (Norwegian)

Chichewa ISO639-1 = ny Chichewa

Occitana ISO639-1 = oc Occitan

Oriya ISO639-1 = or Oriya

Oromo ISO639-1 = om Oromo

Panjabi ISO639-1 = pa Panjabi

Polonesa ISO639-1 = pl Polish Polski

Portuguesa ISO639-1 = pt Portuguese Português

Pushtu ISO639-1 = ps Pushto

Quechua ISO639-1 = qu Quechua

Reto-romano ISO639-1 = rm Romance Rumantsch

Rundi ISO639-1 = rn Rundi

Russa ISO639-1 = ru Russian Русский

Sânscrito ISO639-1 = sa Sanskrit

Sinhala ISO639-1 = si Sinhala

Eslovaca ISO639-1 = sk Slovak Slovenčina

Eslovena ISO639-1 = sl Slovenian Slovenski

Shona ISO639-1 = sn Shona

Sindhi ISO639-1 = sd Sindhi

Somali ISO639-1 = so Somali af Soomaali

Sotho ISO639-1 = st Sotho

Espanhola ISO639-1 = es Spanish Español

Sérvia ISO639-1 = sr Serbian Српски

Sundanese ISO639-1 = su Sundanese

Suaíli ISO639-1 = sw Swahili Kiswahili

Sueca ISO639-1 = sv Swedish Svenska

Dravídica ISO639-1 = ta Tamil

Tatar ISO639-1 = tt Tatar

Telugu ISO639-1 = te Telugu

Tajik ISO639-1 = tg Tajik

Tagalog ISO639-1 = tl Tagalog (Filipino)

Tailandês ISO639-1 = th Thai

Tigrinya ISO639-1 = ti Tigrinya

Tonga ISO639-1 = to Tonga

Tswana ISO639-1 = tn Tswana

Turcomenistão ISO639-1 = tk Turkmen

Turca ISO639-1 = tr Turkish Türkçe

Twi ISO639-1 = tw Twi

Uighur ISO639-1 = ug Uighur

Ucraniana ISO639-1 = uk Ukrainian Украïнська

Urdu ISO639-1 = ur Urdu

Usbequistão ISO639-1 = uz Uzbek

Vietnamita ISO639-1 = vi Vietnamese Tiếng Việt

Wolof ISO639-1 = wo Wolof

Xhosa ISO639-1 = xh Xhosa

Ídiche ISO639-1 = yi Yiddish Jiddiš

Iorubá ISO639-1 =yo Yoruba

Zulu ISO639-1 = zu Zulu

Google Brasil in Ukrainian

Google Brasil in Ukrainian

Google Brasil in Ukrainian



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