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10 Trendy and Viral Sites Like ViralNova

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ViralNova - Your Stories On The Web

At this point in time, when you say one thing is viral - that means it's seriously VIRAL! As literal as it means, viral is a term used nowadays to regard something as highly trendy and popular. Infectious or contagious as some might say, but it truly is! Just like how a virus can easily spread and proliferate; a story, an article, a picture, a video, and things like those can also spread like wildfire on the web and be crowned with the term "viral".

That being said, the virality of ViralNova came in not just as a nova but - a supernova! It's now highly popular and even growing at an exponential rate just to bring people all the viral content they need. And that is why it's so well-received and loved.

And so, as we all know - it's certainly not alone! There are more sites like it and they're all as good as it. Presenting...the websites like ViralNova. They're all so similar in all sorts of interesting ways you'll never be bored again!

1. BoredPanda

"Pandas Against Boredom!" - that is the main tagline of BoredPanda. Pandas don't like being bored. They're black and and they're white, they're never too dull. Do you want to be a panda? You won't just be a common black bear nor would you be a polar bear. You're gonna be a panda, and pandas know no boredom.

With everything said, you should know by now that BoredPanda is a place full of interesting stuff. From various sorts of editorial stories to creative pieces of articles threaded together, BoredPanda's ambition is to create something nobody has ever done before. And it truly delivers - with BoredPanda's way and style of presenting stories and articles, boredom is a goner!

2. Distractify

If distraction is what you want, then you got it! Distractify in all its sense is about distractions and manias that'll keep you glued on your screen for countless of hours. All of its content is tailored to entertain you and distract you from anything and everything in life. Once you scroll through it, you're doomed to experience endless hysteria from all the distractions Distractify has to offer.

Just so you know, the main goal of Distractify is not just to waste your time, but to waste your time WELL. That being said, this site will showcase all of its distractive content in an attempt to pique your interest and keep you entertained for hours.


3. 9GAG

9GAG, as its entirety shows, is a website full of humor and entertainment from around the globe. Memes, funny moments, wacky pictures, entertaining illustrations, laughable content - 9GAG has everything that would totally tickle your funny bone.

Warning alert: 9GAG is known for its ability to keep people on it for extended periods of time. Some even report that 9GAG is to blame for late-night sleeping or even sleeping at the wee hours of morning. It's proven that it's too entertaining that'll surely deprive anyone of sleep and may even cause unproductive behavior. Well that just says everything about how fun and entertaining 9GAG truly is.

4. BuzzFeed

So what's the buzz? Is your feed going crazy from all the buzz? Are you too keen to check what's in and what's new about anything and everything? Well, BuzzFeed has that solved for you!

Buzzfeed is a social news and entertainment website. Its aim is to bring viewers around the globe, news that are so shareable that you won't be able to resist sharing them, in turn, to others. Hence, a BUZZ is born! Breaking news, entertainment, interesting articles and videos - everything's a buzz that will absolutely flood your feed!

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5. Upworthy

With UpWorthy, all things that matter are consistently passed on. And its not just common things that are passed here, they're all THINGS THAT MATTER!

Every single day, the creators, managers, and curators of this wonderful site compiles and curates meaningful content and articles for everyone's consumption. Getting people's attention is not a problem for UpWorthy because one look and you're caught in its web of viral gist.

So, whether its for educational purpose or just pure entertainment, you can bet that UpWorthy will bring UP all the WORTHY stuff you would want.

6. ZergNet

Yet another entertaining content giant, ZergNet is another trendy website that features marvelous articles that are meant to be drooled over and crazed. ZergNet is a haven of interesting articles, and you're supposed action is - to discover everything!

ZergNet has daily news, funny stories, informational knickknacks, and a lot of content carousel that will give you a run for your time and productivity. Well, you'll still find mind-tickling content and useful substance so it's not that unproductive at all. But most of all, ZergNet is also very entertaining!

7. Thought Catalog

Thoughts, such ephemeral pieces of ideas and mind creations. One second and they're there, and another -poof- they're gone! And that's why one site decided to catalog them all to immortalize them and be of use forever!

Thought Catalog believes that all "All Thinking is Relevant" and "Everyone's Perspective is Relevant". What we all know is not the "truth", everything's just a "perspective"! With Thought Catalog, everyone's stories and ideas are what's important. And that's why this wonderful site dishes them all in a peculiar way to entertain many and keep thoughts significant for eternity.


8. Cracked

If you want to crack-up from inside-out, then Cracked is the best place for you. It's a humor site that is meant to make people life and crack them up. Hence, the name Cracked.

So, whether you're just killing time or want some serious fun, then head on to Cracked. It has funny articles, hilarious videos, and more! All is to make you laugh and burst into a crackle of laughter. That's Cracked for you!

9. Lifehacker

Tips and downloads for getting things done - that's what Lifehacker promises you! As the name suggests, Lifehacker is all about hacking life. That means - it's sole purpose is to bring convenience and comfort into our lives. It has tips for daily living and advice for getting things done as easy as it could take.

Lifehacker is indeed a hack - for life that is! Trust me, you will find a lot of helpful hints and tips here on this site. May it be for mundane living or for the long-term, it'll be a huge help to easing your life.

10. Ranker

Ranker is exactly what it means - it's a ranking site for everything! From the best to the worst, you'll find everything ranked in Ranker. That should sound really interesting right? After all, everyone loves rankings and lists. They're easy to read and very convenient to scroll through!

On the Ranker website, you could even vote. Yes, you have the power to vote. As with everyone, the decision made on which items make it to the lists is by the power of voting. Which makes everything much more interesting!

So, if you want everything tailored to be easy and convenient (in the form of rankings and lists), Ranker is the definite place to go.

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