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TV Not Turning On? How to Fix your HDTV's Power Supply


How to Fix the Power Supply in your TV/HDTV or Computer

Is the power not turning on in your TV or do some of the buttons not work? It may well be that your power supply needs to be fixed. This may sound intimidating but, Don't Panic! Fixing that power supply of yours is not nearly as difficult as you might think. Here are your options:

Options for Fixing your TV's Power Supply

Repair Shop

You can send your TV to the repairman. Unless you have a trusted repair man this could be a very expensive task. The repair I'm about to show you cost me $5 to fix and would have cost me almost $200 at the repair shop.

Buy a New TV

Did you know that you can purchase a 32 inch HDTV for under $300? You can read my article on the best cheap 32 inch HDTV for 720p and 1080p here. If your TV is not an HDTV that is at least 720p, then I would recommend upgrading to a new one. If you can't afford it, then just keep reading!

Fix the Power Supply Yourself

I am by no means a handyman. I was able to do this easily with a friend in under 3 hours. Having power tools would help speed up the process but aren't mandatory.

Normal vs. Bulging Capacitor

Normal vs. Bulging Capacitor

How to Fix Bulging Capacitors in your Power Supply

Taking Your TV Apart

Taking your TV apart might sound intimidating, but if it's broke already what can go wrong right? The truth is what you'll be doing has little chance of doing any real additional harm to your TV. If it does, or if taking your TV apart seems like too much work, then you can check out my article on new .

I can't have any clue of what your TV looks like. Some TVs are easier to take apart then others. As far as LCD TVs are concerned (flatscreens, LEDs, and Plasma included in this) there is probably a protective case over the back of your TV that can be easily removed. As you remove your protective case make sure to make note or take photos of where each screw goes so that you'll know for later.

Before we get started it's important for you to know what a capacitor is and what a bulging capacitor is. Capacitors is the most basic terms allow the power supply to keep a charge because of insulating materials they have inside of them. When a capacitor begins to bulge it needs to be replaced so that your power supply can continue to work.

Normal Vs. Bulging Capacitors

If the power to your TV has stopped working, then the most common problem is a bulging capacitor. Bulging capacitors look like the blue capacitor on the right. Sometimes you'll find more than one bulging capacitor in a power supply so make sure to look at all the capacitors in your power supply.

What kind of Capacitor do I need?

Every capacitor has a few important numbers on it. The most important is the number that comes before the µF (micro farad). Here's an example. Suppose you have a capacitor that says 1500 µF. Simply type in "1500 capacitor" in to e-bay and find one that looks like the one you have. *Make sure to check whether your capacitor is high heat capacity or not. These usually say something like "up to 105°C".

Replacing a Bulging Capacitor

A bulging capacitor like this simply needs to be unsoldered and replaced by a similar type of capacitor. If you don't have a soldering iron, then I've listed a few at the bottom of this article you can take a look at. After unsoldering the old capacitor replace it with a new one and finish it off by soldering it to the circuit board. After this simply put everything back the way it was. I hope you took good pictures!

Budget Soldering Irons

As promised here's some soldering irons for use in this "fix it yourself" project. I've also listed a couple great 32-inch HDTVs that are super cheap on Amazon right now. If you need a mounting bracket for a 32-inch tv, then I've written an article on these as well. You can get one for as cheap as $10!

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JOHN on August 12, 2018:

Do capacitors have to be bulged or can normal capacitors also be bad?

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