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Samsung 650 Series LCD TV Troubleshooting

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Samsung 650 Series LCD TV.

Samsung 650 Series LCD TV.

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Samsung 650 series LCD HDTVs offer a wealth of inputs, a strong 150,000-to-1 contrast ratio, picture-in-picture technology, are Wi-Fi capable and are available in the following sizes: 32" (LN32C650), 40" (LN40C650), 46" (LN46C650) and 55" (LN55C650). However, various problems can make it difficult to enjoy a Samsung 650 series TV. Use the following troubleshooting techniques to resolve problems with your Samsung 650 series LCD HDTV.

Dotted Lines on Edge of Screen

If there is a dotted line along the edge of your Samsung 650 series LCD HDTV, check to see if the Samsung TV's aspect ratio is set to Picture Fit. If the TV is in Picture Fit mode, change the aspect ratio to 16:9. Alternatively, you may also experience lines along the edge of your Samsung TV screen if the output resolution on a connected cable box is not compatible with the TV; change to a different output resolution on the cable box.

Distorted Picture

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A distorted picture can be the result of cell phones, lamps, radios and other electrical devices being too close to the Samsung 650 series LCD TV; move these objects away from the Samsung LCD TV to see if that improves the screen's picture. Also, video where there are fast movements can occasionally display in a blurry fashion because the TV's refresh rate is not high enough to keep up with the movement. This is not a problem with your Samsung 650 series LCD TV. The picture can also be blurry as a result of a poor signal being pulled in over the air or if you are watching source video that is compressed.

TV Turns Off Automatically

Check the Samsung 650 series LCD TV's sleep timer to make sure it isn't turned on. If you have a computer connected to your Samsung TV, check the computer's sleep settings and make sure the computer is not in Sleep or Hibernation mode. Make sure the TV's power cable is securely plugged in to both an AC adapter and the Samsung LCD TV and that the power cable isn't damaged. If the power cable appears damaged, you can buy a generic replacement power cable at most electronics stores. If the Samsung 650 series LCD HDTV is set to display a signal from an antenna or cable provider and there is no signal for 15 minutes, the Samsung TV turns off automatically.

Computer Problems

A computer that's connected to your Samsung 650 series LCD TV may not display on the TV if the computer's resolution is not supported by the TV. The ideal computer resolution for your TV is 1920 by 1080.


Mark on May 25, 2013:

My family was looking for a new TV, and your site was a huge help finding this Samsung. Last month we upgraded to the Hopper from DISH, which gives me full HD and DVR to four different TVs. We already had three sets at the time of the install, but there have always been arguments over missing shows due to timer conflicts, and having this fourth TV has ended that. I work at DISH and had coworkers recommending different brands of TV, so I decided to do a little research on my own, and your site is just what I’ve been looking for. I can’t wait to pick up this new Sammy!

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