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Top Ten Facebook Charity Applications.

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What Are the Top 10 Charity Applications Within Facebook?

After careful review of all of the charity applications within Facebook, a list has been compiled of those that earned a place in the Top Ten. Several factors were considered when grading these Facebook charity applications. These factors are user value, charity value, viral factor, and interest longevity potential. As the Facebook charity application list grows to be more substantial, this list may be updated. However, for now, this is the winning top 10 charity applications within Facebook!

However, on top of this valuable Top Ten list, there is even more charity information below that will help to educate you upon the current need for help and financial donations. There is plenty of information to help each and every reader of this lens upon how to remain aware and to stay active in the charity community of their choice! REMEMBER: Always check out a charity's legitimacy before donating to them -

Top 10 Facebook Charity Applications

Top rated and top notch, these charity applications are the ones with the current highest value, or with the greatest potential.

1) Good Search - A Yahoo powered search engine which allows them to donate a portion of the proceeds which they earn from searching to the charity that you choose. A major issue with this application is that it boast 45,000 charities & schools, but doesn't clearly disclose exactly how much of the proceeds are donated to these charities. This is a violation of the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance guidelines, which almost any charity knows to avoid. This could potentially mean that the charities involved don't even know that they are involved, or that the application could get those charities in trouble in the long-run.

2) Social Vibe - An excellent charity application which creates a link between your social network and your account! Social Vibe utilizes corporate sponsors, who donate money to your chosen charity recipient based upon the number of points that you generate daily on their site. Of course, you utilize their advertisements on your profile which announces that they are sponsoring your charity, so they are achieving some marketing goals from your participation. While the numbers are not clear to me yet as to how much is being donated, I definitely put this application high on the list based upon the credibility of the site and sponsors. I will also update donation information as it becomes available to me.

3) Charity Checkout - Charity Checkout allows charities to accept donations online on the Facebook platform. It's an excellent resource to allow charities to connect charities of all sizes with their donors by putting them in control of their online fundraising. Charity Checkout changes the way charities connect with their supporters online. Their platform allows for seamless event registration, fundraising pages, and the collection of online donations all under the charity’s own brand. They work with over 3,000 charities and process millions of pounds in donations every month.

4) Charity Miles - Charity Miles is a free iPhone/Android App that enables you to earn corporate sponsorships for charity by walking, running or biking. #EveryMileMatters

5) Charity Footprints - Charity Footprints is another iPhone/Android App that allows charities to organize virtual races and wellness challenges to help them to raise funds and awareness. Charity Footprints' events are engaging, competitive, and fun for individuals and teams. Virtual races are capable of being stood up immediately within a few hours, thus empowering you to engage individuals and teams to participate from any where and any time. You can run a virtual race as a stand-alone or in conjunction with a physical event like a 5K/10K walkathon.

6) Competition for a Cause - This is a simple charity application that is local to the Twin Cities area. Basically, local business owners are sponsoring an award amount, and users can vote within the application to see which team gets to choose how that award is donated. If you're not from the Twin Cities area, then having your voice heard when it comes time to choose may be difficult... But, it is a good concept!

7) Pennies at a Time - Here is an oddly configured shopping portal which donates to charities "pennies at a time" whenever you shop through their application. However, there is no clear donation amount, or as to which charities your efforts are benefiting...

8) Razoo - Set up a fundraiser for a nonprofit of your choice or setup a personal fundraiser for yourself or someone you care about. There are no setup fees and no monthly subscription fees. Razoo is crowdfunding that makes a difference. People just like you have used Razoo to create more than 100,000 fundraising websites and to give over $400M in donations!

Charity Awareness is Key to Charity Success - Without the ability to educate the public upon the disasters, atrocities, and lack of basic human needs that are a

Watch some of these videos, which will help to educate you upon the fact that there are people currently in need of your help. Disasters that were thought to be over are still impacting people's lives. Starvation and hunger are not things of the past. Cancer and AIDS do exist even though they may not have affected you or someone that you know. Abuse is happening everywhere around you.

There is always someone that you can help; there is always someone in need of your help. You must take it upon yourself to seek out these people, and the charitable organizations which are aligned in helping these individuals. Be responsible in your giving by researching the charities that you are giving to, to ensure that your money is not being wasted or abused. More importantly, stay vigil in your pursuit of creating a better place for all of humanity to live by helping to raise global charity awareness through your actions.

(For contact information, website URL, charity rating, and background information regarding any charity, please visit Charity Navigator.)

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rosignoll on July 24, 2012:

I recently found out about Voucherry and signed up to see what's all about. First, I had to complete the sign up form and choose my favorite cause. Now, at each purchase Im making on Voucherry or from their partner stores, my favorite cause is getting a donation. I invited my family and friends too, because they support the same cause and for each of their purchase, a donation is made to the cause too. Now, I know that there are cash involved, but for daily, usual shopping that we do anyway. Seems that these days is very simple to do good.

Close2Art LM on December 04, 2011:

super page, Blessed, please add this to my hub of squidoo lensmasters on facebook page, very positive, thanks so much!!!

anonymous on October 31, 2011:

Great lens! I will speak for all new squids by saying thanks for taking the time to publish this lens.

One big thumbs up vote left for this lens!

Mermaiden on October 06, 2011:

I really related to what you said about how charity awareness is the key to charity success. That's what's great about the people of the world being connected through the internet now-a-days. Great lens. I'm going to link to this on my lens!

Echo Phoenix on August 31, 2011:

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anonymous on July 10, 2011:

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PrometheusIV (author) on April 27, 2011:

@CustomBizPage: I fixed the out-bound link. I had placed a place-holder link while the application was down for maintenance. I have first-hand knowledge from the application owner that they will be returning the application to active status ASAP. In the mean time, they are forwarding their link to a product that will still earn money for charity, as well as educate charities upon how to raise money for their organizations

CustomBizPage on April 07, 2011:

Your number 1 facebook charity link goes to a dodgy internet marketing long sales copy page with pop ups and slide ups trying to sell people a viral dominator product.

What's the go with that? Few other links not working either.

bettinacurtis on March 24, 2011:

I like the top 10 Facebook charity apps. Seems like each one of those apps are indeed inspiring and helpful. I would like to thank you for sharing it here since not everyone is aware of it. I'm just wondering now which of those caught the attention of each user. Do you know? if so please update us. Thanks.

Bettina Curtis

Make-A-Wish Car Donation

dryder on March 02, 2011:

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nice lens. Blessed in my role as Squid Angel (and as a daytime employee of a nonprofit)

yourgoldenfuture on January 13, 2011:

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WiserEarth on January 07, 2011:

Very nice lens! Thanks for sharing! As a 2.0 nonprofit, we always love to hear about this sort of thing.

anonymous on December 02, 2010:

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EpicFarms on October 08, 2010:

This is great! As a non-profit, I'm definitely going to go check out that good search idea for us to use (sounds like a winner to me :o) Thanks for some great info!

steveffeo lm on October 06, 2010:

Great lens I did not know Facebook had so many NP apps.


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TiffanyCole on February 06, 2010:

Appreciate the lens. Browsing through facebook applications can be a hassle. Thanks for the heads up.

David Lawrence from United States on October 14, 2009:

Nice lens that highlights many great resources for great causes! 5* Blessingm

anonymous on September 14, 2009:

Lots of good info, didn't know about these apps. 5* and will follow you on Twitter. Check out my lens at your leasure.



bradmauer on September 10, 2009:

great info thank, I didn't even know there were charity apps on facebook

RHWood on May 11, 2009:

Great site thanks

ShadesofGay on May 10, 2009:

Thank you for this information. I'm going to check out the Good Samaritan application. I'm looking for ways to raise money for the Trevor Project.

johnembrace on May 07, 2009:

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Nochipra on April 10, 2009:

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dc64 lm on March 19, 2009:

Well, very nice, and I'm pleasantly surprised by the work you've put into this. I must look into these charities further.

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Good to know this information.

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Awesome 5 star lens!

Debbie from England on July 19, 2008:

Great lens. I've only just joined Facebook & had no idea about the charity stuff on there, so thank you :)

kmartone on July 12, 2008:

Nice lens. I've actually been trying to locate more information for services like and this is the best list that I've seen so far - thanks!

My lens at talks about how nonprofits can use technology to help with fundraising and outreach. Your lens will be very helpful to them as well, so I'll be making it a favorite.


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has given me some ideas for my own charity lens


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