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Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2022

Declan Lawton is a Marketing consultant at Moweb Technologies, a prominent mobile application development company in the UK, USA, and India.

In the last couple of years, we have witnessed a shift in the way manufacturers sell their services or products on social media. And, as social media's reputation keeps growing — we reached over 3.7 billion social media users globally in 2021 — manufacturers are not only questioning how they may interact with large social media audience’s subsequent year but also asking, "What social media trends to count on this continuously converting landscape?" To examine more about what manufacturers can count on in 2022 we've complied seven research-backed social media trends that marketers should watch out for in 2022. So, let’s dive in.

Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends

  1. A surge in creator’s economy

    While it is just the start, currently, the creator's economy is worth over $100 billion. And more and more companies have started to heavily invest in creator's marketplaces such as - TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, or even LinkedIn. These tools are making it effortless for creators to connect to their target market and collaborate with brands.

    With social media systems flowing even more into the e-trade space, it makes sense for investors to put money into the creation of engagement-driving content, developing curious communities, and selling products. And the creators market is not going to oversaturate anytime soon. Because there are lots of creators who are undergoing a huge amount of growth within the past two years. By sticking to their niche, their growth is growing even more. Each and every social media platform is full of such creators and it’s bound to stay the same at least for a year or two more.

  2. Dedicated social media hiring

    Social media is an undeniably effective method for your business. And it is not only for brand awareness, it's an impactful tool for producing sales. 79% of humans agree to the fact that user-generated content on social media substantially affects their buying decisions. This is why you may see greater businesses remaining committed to the social media hires in 2022, in place of tasking a hectic advertising and marketing crew with social media as a side project.

    According to Jotform, Founder and CEO of Aytekin Tank one large social media trend in 2022 will be, making committed leases. Currently, companies often control social media through a committee or a freelancer. But the hassle is when social media isn't company-specific. That's when brands miss out on an opportunity to generate social media posts into revenues. A committed social media lease can remove this hassle and assist groups to develop systems, preserve tabs on social analytics, be a part of industry-unique conversations. Moreover, it can experiment with new systems and trends, and greater.

  3. The hype created by short-form vertical videos will stay

    Thanks to the rise of TikTok and Instagram reels, the short-form of video has surged. Video content is emerging from the very basic storytelling to the most engaging method for driving sales. The reality is:

    • Videos on Instagram get greater engagement than different formats
    • Tweets with movies generate 10x greater engagement than the ones without
    • Pinterest pronounced a 240% boom YoY of natural video pins from 2020 to 2021
    • In 2021 alone, we’ve witnessed manufacturers, as well as creators, use video to hook up with their target audience on a deeper level, highlight products, and lift focus with what they care about.

    So, in 2022, we predict to see loads of recent tendencies and innovative content material pop up – whether or not it is laughter generating or simply-informative tutorials.

  4. Augmented Reality will be favoured more and more

    We have already been used to Augmented Reality (AR) which has been around for quite some years now. And with time, it is turning into more and more usual places for brands to apply it and allow consumers to check it before buying. Not only has proven to be impactful for any business, but it has also enhanced the click-through rates by 33 percent. Experts believe that in 2022, augmented reality (AR) is what a customer will typically become a consumer's preference before deciding upon any brand.

    On the other hand, for manufacturers, advertising and marketing via AR is a way to reach out to the masses in the most effective manner. Interest and engagement with AR have exploded over the past years, and specifically, in the past two years, over 2 hundred million Snapchatters are augmenting the reality each day. So, clearly, this social media trend is right here to stay. Moreover, it is the simplest one that's going to grow.

  5. Memes would emerge as a new language

    Memes are the invention of the thought process which wants to convey ideas in the shortest possible time using already available data. They are used to make someone exactly relate to what you are currently feeling via an experience that both of you have already undergone. The ease of memes is that they can be used by brands to empathize and put the message out loud about their stand on a certain thing. And if their consumers relate to it, there are more chances of generating a Call to Action. Because of this impact, meme creation becomes a new service offering altogether.

The Conclusion

Mostly anything that creates an impact in a shorter span of time, even if it lasts for a shorter span of time would be promoted and practiced widely on social media. The world is on an edge to witness Metaverse which would drastically change all these trends. If today, there is a thin line of difference between the objective and fictional reality, after MetaVerse’s creation, it’d be even thinner.

But one thing is for sure, the creation of MetaVerse would also give birth to some of the most innovative social media trends and tools which will strengthen virtual reality like no other. And as speedily we would be able to experience or feel distant feelings, textures and others, so later would we be able to empathize, sympathize and realize emotions of the ones near to us.

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