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Top Rated 20 HR Management Software in 2021

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HR Management Software in 2021


Employees are an organization's most valuable asset. An organization's strength to hire and maintain top talent impacts its ability to produce better business performance.

Managing a workforce, regardless of its size, is a huge challenge that will be made much more difficult without the right tools.

Companies are putting in HRM software to look at various facets of the business's day-to-day operations.

An HRM software, or Human Resource Management software, is a systematic method that seeks to streamline different human resource operations that would otherwise have to be handled manually.

HR software systems today have a part of performing at all stages of the hire-to-retire process, allowing managers to get a proper return on their investment in intelligent staffing.

Consequently, it is only fair that you surround yourself with these innovations to stay competitive.

Here is an overview of a few standard HRM software better suited for small and medium businesses.

1. WorkBright

WorkBright collects and combines newly hired employees' HR reports, making it simpler, more convenient, and secure to assure that all appropriate forms are filled out and filed.

WorkBright accommodates all standard government forms and enables the production of custom office forms to store records properly.

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These forms can be completed remotely by new hires by signing from their mobile devices.

Features of WorkBright

  • It strengthens compliance and streamlines the paperwork collection process.
  • It enhances the accuracy of employee files.
  • It lowers the cost of onboarding

2. Trakstar.

Trakstar is employee assessment software explicitly designed for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Performance review automation, input collection, goal management, and formative assessment are all included, making talent evaluation more effective.

It also includes self-service management software, allowing workers to keep track of their success.

Features of Trakstar

  • Easy employee performance monitoring.
  • 360-degree feedback management.
  • Convenient Goal management
  • Smart workforce analytics.
  • Employee self-service portal.

3. EPAY Systems

EPAY Systems is a full-service human resource management suite designed for businesses of all sizes.

It includes HR management and human resource management modules, allowing users to optimize the entire employee lifecycle.

It also provides payroll planning, time tracking, and compliance control tools to ensure reliable and smooth operations.

Features of EPAY Systems

  • Simple Payroll and benefits management
  • Reliable time management system.
  • It enhances employee accountability.
  • It streamlines recruitment efforts.
  • Complete compliance management.

4. Sage People

Sage People is a dependable cloud-based HR platform designed to assist mid-sized businesses with workforce management.

It allows companies to take advantage of powerful automation and dynamic workflows to boost productivity and enhance the employee experience.

Talent acquisition, HR and staff analytics, payroll and benefits management, employee experience management, and attendance management are only a few of the notable Sage People features.

Features of Sage People

  • Find top talent with expertise.
  • Empower employees with self-service
  • Simplify time tracking.
  • Reinvent performance management
  • Enhance payroll management.

5. Hibob

Hibob is complete human resource software that helps both small and large businesses handle their modern workforce.

Using critical HR resources and advanced features exclusive to the platform helps to accelerate corporate culture, encourage organizational development, and enhance employee engagement.

This gives you access to features like onboarding, performance monitoring, time tracking, and benefits management, among others.

Features of Hibob

  • Advanced Onboarding.
  • Streamlined Collaboration Efforts.
  • Better Company Culture
  • Reduced labor costs.

6. is an intuitive HR program that helps you handle all of your HR processes in one location, from onboarding to recruiting to workforce management.

It offers a vibrant and visually appealing forum on which you can get a good picture of your work search. It also helps you to create personalized work application forms that you can share on your website.

Features of

  • Comprehensive employee management tools
  • Customized workflows
  • Robust recruitment tracking
  • Better goal visualization

7. BambooHR

BambooHR is unquestionably a synonym for a compact HR system that aids in managing various aspects of the recruiting and employee administration workload.

Bamboo is the category's flagship product, with a range of specific and helpful HR management features. BambooHR features, which create small and medium companies in mind, include a seamless coworking environment for both employers and workers.

Features of BambooHR

  • Optional applicant tracking system
  • Onboarding emails
  • Expert performance administration
  • Centralized database
  • Unique reports

8. OnPay

OnPay is a payroll accounting method for human resources. This forum, which uses by small and medium-sized enterprises all over the United States, facilitates all facets of the payroll planning process.

You will use this to automatically measure salaries and benefits, as well as file taxes. It also has built-in payment processing capabilities, allowing you to send out wages to workers without having to leave the office.

Features of OnPay

  • Improved payroll management.
  • Direct payments available.
  • Reduced tax management
  • Employee self-service onboarding.
  • Connected to different accounting systems.

9. Sage HR

Sage HR is human resource software that assists companies with all aspects of their HR processes, including onboarding new employees, automating HR processes, setting goals, and gaining insights from HR analytics.

It includes timesheets, shifts organizing, and leave management, among the many employee management features.

It also has an applicant monitoring system that allows you to handle all aspects of the hiring process, from on-demand applicant screening to interview scheduling.

Features of Sage HR

  • Generate customized time-off policies
  • Self-service platform
  • Categorize anonymous surveys.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Automated timesheet.

10. SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey is mainly a survey software tool, but it made our list because of its ability to enhance employee engagement.

SoGoSurvey is known for its user-friendly survey creation, seamless survey delivery, and automated results collection. With this at your side, you can gain real-time, implementable insights that help you develop your company while also improving employee satisfaction.

Features of SoGoSurvey

  • Hire top talent
  • Monitor employee training and performance
  • Simple to create surveys
  • Robust reporting engine.
  • Captivating dashboards

11. Homebase

Homebase is a cost-effective HR application that integrates employee scheduling, time clock, and recruiting resources into a single platform.

It aids recruiting teams, administrators, and workers at any stage of the employee lifecycle, including onboarding, time tracking, and team communication. It has a schedule maker, time clocks, and work listings to help you handle your staff and HR processes more effectively.

Features of Homebase

  • Convenient and straightforward to use
  • Clock in from any place.
  • Monitor labor costs.
  • Reduce compliance risks.
  • Hire quality candidates.

12. Gusto HR

Gusto HR turned conventional HR management benefits system that puts every employee in the spotlight.

As a result, Gusto HR helps managers who are technically adept and strive to be innovative and inspire their employees in several ways.

Flexibility is a significant part of Gusto HR's appeal, as it is one of the few HR platforms that you can fully customize to your needs.

Features of Gusto HR

  • Master of calculations.
  • Error-proof payroll
  • Imports your existing benefits plan.
  • Compliant with HIPAA, ACA standards

13. Toast Payroll

Toast Payroll is a team control and payroll tool designed to help restaurants streamline their operations. It integrates payroll and point-of-sale (POS) functionality into a single complex and user-friendly solution.

It also provides a labor-management feature that guides you through the recruiting process, using a single employee profile database to prevent double entry in your POS and payroll systems.

Features of Toast Payroll

  • Combined HR, POS, and payroll platform.
  • Faster timesheet approval
  • Practice a fast-running POS system
  • Assure compliance.

14. Recruiterbox

Recruiterbox is an employee tracking system that helps you conduct a more comprehensive candidate search to find your business's best candidates.

It enables you to develop a professional-looking career site and post-work openings on job boards to draw applicants.

Referral tools also make it easier for current workers or external recruitment firms to refer you to qualified applicants.

Features of Recruiterbox

  • Tailored to your requirements
  • Find all data in one platform
  • Organized resume management.

15. untapt UNLOCKED

untapt UNLOCKED is a human resource solution that relies on application management.

You can use this to monitor your work postings and refine your candidate screening efforts in one framework.

It uses algorithms to decide if a candidate is compatible with your team's rest, thus enhancing the hiring process.

Features of untapt

  • AI-powered talent matching.
  • Built-in emailing system.
  • Handy application process.
  • Job posting management options.
  • Highly accessible software interface.

16. Paycor

Paycor is a single human resource management solution for both large and small companies. It has a user-friendly, highly flexible interface that can assist with day-to-day workforce management tasks.

You get access to best-in-class functionality for recruiting, human resources, and payroll processing when you use it. It also has a timekeeping solution to ensure that billable hour accurately tracks.

Features of Paycor

  • Complete HCM functionalities
  • Strengthened employee engagement
  • Robust yet easy-to-use interface
  • Simplified payroll and tax management.
  • Built-in analytics tools

17. Freshteam

Freshteam is a versatile recruitment management tool. It integrates best-in-class candidate monitoring, recruiting CRM, collaborative recruiting, and onboarding tools in one compact GUI.

Users gain access to all of the resources they need to prepare, execute, and track their recruiting processes as a result. It also provides a career posting management module that allows you to post job openings on various social media sites.

Features of Freshteam

  • Guide for candidate sourcing.
  • Candidate screening functionalities.
  • Recruitment CRM
  • Intuitive operations dashboard
  • Mobile-ready platform.

18. Rippling

Rippling is an all-in-one employee management tool that helps with onboarding, payroll, and benefits administration, among other HR processes.

Rippling automates these processes, allowing HR and compensation teams to concentrate on value-added HR activities rather than mundane, time-consuming tasks.

Employee data is still up to date due to the software's smooth integration with different third-party solutions.

These features help keep payroll and compensation information up to date for workers.

Features of Rippling

  • Onboarding and payroll within seconds
  • Secure storage for electronic documents
  • Convenient task management.
  • Automated workflows and approvals
  • Customized reports and graphs.

19. When I Work

When I Work is an employee management program that helps you keep track of employee attendance and working hours.

Apart from encouraging employees to clock in and out, the app also allows managers to organize employee schedules and streamline payroll procedures.

Features of When I Work

  • Clock in and out from mobile devices
  • Keep labor costs in control.
  • Save time on scheduling shifts
  • Schedule shifts across multiple job sites.
  • Streamline scheduling and attendance tracking for free.

20. Reviewsnap

Reviewsnap is web-based performance management and HR assessment solution that improves and streamlines processes such as performance evaluations, employee management, goal-setting, and tracking.

It has user-friendly and versatile tools that can help you and your staff adopt a broader view of their success, making it suitable for small to midsize companies. It also includes e-signature, automatic reminders, email alerts, and archiving capabilities to access any computer.

Features of Reviewsnap

  • Set SMART goals
  • Performance review in real-time
  • Take performance notes.
  • Visual reporting

Cloud Hosting Solutions for HR Management Software

Cloud-based HR software allows for more versatility in the workplace, paving the way for remote work developments.

Sagenext offers an outstanding cloud hosting solution for your HR Management software.

Sagenext will help you move your HR Management software to the cloud with convenience and provide comprehensive offerings for your business with a team of committed professionals.

Moving an HR management system to the cloud is a crucial move that unlocks growth capacity and opens up new connections and cooperation opportunities.

Sagenext, a cloud storage service, can help you simplify the process so that your business can operate at any time, from any place, with the utmost level of reliability and protection.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting for an HR Management System

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Since on-premises software needs physical installation at your place, you force to use your own organization's infrastructure to install it.

Installation and configuration will take a long time, adding disruption to your daily operations. It would be up to your company to keep it in good working order.

However, since it hosts the Internet, cloud-based HR software is simple to set up and use. The hosting provider will perform the entire installation and will then lease the service.

The provider will be responsible for all customer support and service. A secured internet connection is required to use it.


A cloud-based hosting subscription payment model allows you to pay only for what your company requires.

Pay for what you want, what you want, and save a lot of money on licenses. The cost of upgrading is also low.

You must pay for the license agreement, installation, server, training, updates, security fixes, and maintenance for on-premises software.

Flexible accessibility

Accessibility is one of the essential benefits of cloud-based hosting. A cloud-based HR app can access anywhere, at any time, and on any computer with sufficient internet connectivity.

Your workers can easily mark their attendance, log their working hours, access essential information, request time off, and more when working remotely.

On-premise HR software makes this problem since it requires the employees' physical presence to execute HR functions.

Robust Data Security

One of the essential tasks of the HR department is to manage the employee database. Data security for on-premise HR applications necessitates a variety of policies, frequent backups, and qualified experts.

It is impossible to restore missing data without daily backups. Since most applications are now compliant with security requirements and regulations, HR software with cloud hosting guarantees high-level data security.

Data recovery is taken care of by the hosting provider, so you don't have to be worried about losing critical data.


One of the key features that make cloud-based HR software more appealing is its ability to scale. You won't have to think about increasing or decreasing the organization's capacity with cloud-based tech.

On-premises HR software will only accommodate a limited increase or decrease in your company's capacity.

Integration with other software

Integration with third-party applications is essential because it helps you perform multiple HR tasks from a single platform.

Other software integrations are supported by on-premise HR systems, but adding them after deployment will take a long time.

Third-party integrations can be allowed at any time with a cloud-based HR platform at a low cost.

Is Sagenext cloud hosting the solution for your HR software?

Sagenext cloud hosting is without a doubt a viable choice for HR management software.

If you've been putting off switching to cloud computing, now is the time to reconsider.

You can improve security, lower maintenance costs, and increase employee productivity by moving to the cloud.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Rupinder Kaur

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