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Top 5 No Code Tools for Data Visualization

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Top 5 No Code Tools for Data Visualization

Data visualization enables you to present information in a manner that everybody can grasp regardless of their technical skills. However, most data visualization uses tools in processing and presenting data which require some kind of coding from users. The good news is that there are tools capable of creating exceptional visualization without using any coding skills.

Remember that 50% of the human brain is only active in processing visuals. You need tools that will enable you to make the visualizations with much ease since it is complicated to do the work manually. The process of data analysis requires you to examine data from different perspectives before coming to a lasting solution.

When you see a chart, you automatically see any form of trends or outliers that have been presented. This means that coding is not a necessary skill in data visualization since you can get the job done without using any form of coding skills. This content piece outlines some of the top no-code tools for data visualization. Read through for more insightful information!

  1. ChartExpo

ChartExpo is one of the most popular no-code tools that can help you create amazing visualizations. The tool has the capabilities of helping you create different types of visualizations such as pie charts, line charts, histograms, Sankey diagrams, and many more. If you intend to visualize map data and any other data type, ChartExpo gives you the features that can help you get the job done.

Besides, you can export the charts to create impressive social media posts and reports. It also has ready to go templates that can guide you on using the tool and ready templates that you can customize depending on your needs. Once you are done creating the chart, you can easily attach it to your working document.

The good thing is that you don't need to keep switching between spreadsheets and ChartExpo when working on your visuals. You can easily create a ChartExpo extension on Excel and continue working without experiencing any form of complexity. You can then integrate the data on Google Sheets and continue working on it.

  1. 2. Glide

This is a data visualization tool that offers the most straightforward mechanism that you can use to turn complex information into its simplest format. You can easily transform your data using Glide into easy and simple to use information that everyone can understand. If you have lots of data at your disposal that is transformed into a simple format, consider Glide in your plans.

Besides, you can integrate the tool with your spreadsheet or any data storage platform you are using to enhance collaboration. The visuals generated come with a professional look and feel. It has both the free and premium version depending on your needs. It comes with free templates that guide you on the way forward when creating visualizations.

The free version offers extensive testing that allows you to explore all the features before you pay for the monthly subscription.

  1. DataHero

DataHero is one of the tools that work with raw data displayed in spreadsheets and integrates with third-party data. This has made it an incredible tool that simplifies the whole process of compiling, cleaning and uploading data on different platforms. It has an extremely simple system that enables you to create different types of charts and graphs without experiencing any complexity.

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This tool gives you the freedom to import the data from different sources and run reports or any form of custom programming depending on what you need. It has both a payable and free plan to give you the chance to test the limited offers before you opt to pay the subscription fees.

Note that you can opt to stick to the free version if it works well for you. If you need more features to make your visualizations appealing, you can pay for the premium version that comes with a bunch of features that makes your work easier.

  1. Metabase

This tool is considered an excellent open-source that accommodates large sets of data. Metabase is used in multiple instances across industries in processing and presenting data. It enables you to generate detailed reports and dashboards from raw data. The tool can help you operate your CRM data without the aid of an IT enthusiast.

The tool is designed in a simple manner that makes it easy to use on multi-purpose data analysis. You can customize the data depending on your business and the kind of data you intend to process and display to your target audience. It gives you a more extensive command over data and how you can use it appropriately.

In addition, your team members get a chance to answer questions by themselves since they have data in the simplest format. Besides, you enjoy access to ready data that you can use in running a business and display to your market audience.

  1. Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI, known as business intelligence, is a great tool for crunching large data sets. The tool has the ability to process and analyze any kind of data regardless of the business you are running. This tool comes with all the other tools in one roof, giving you every feature you deserve to create incredible visualizations.

You can create many complex visualizations like Sankey Diagram, Pareto Charts, Bar Chart variations, Map charts and many more using this tool.

The Microsoft Power BI has the ability to do data integration, analysis and presentation depending on the level of simplicity that you prefer. However, you need to have a technical background to be on the better side since there are things that you need to understand to be able to work perfectly.

However, you only need to grasp a few basics that will get you started since you don't need lots of things. Having a perfect connection within your company environment can help you connect this tool across the departments to ensure that every team member gets access to critical information essential in the company's growth. Besides, the charges are relatively cheap, making it the best choice.

Wrapping Up

When presenting data to your target market, remember that infographics are more likely to be read 30 times than plain text. You can adapt some of the tools outlined in this article to help you in your daily data operations.

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