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Toddler iPad Cases For Children - iPad Covers For Kids and Babies


Toddlers love the Apple iPad and with the wealth of both fun and educational apps out there today this is great news for both parents and educators. The problem is, without adequate protection it can be quite nerve wracking to leave your $600 tablet computer in the hands of a young child. Thankfully, there are some great iPad cases for toddlers which offer the kind of everyday protection you need to keep the iPad safe from harm whilst still allowing you to give your child access to all the useful apps it provides.

Which is the best iPad case for a toddler? Well, there are quite a few options to choose from these days and ultimately, many of the rugged, heavy duty iPad covers for adults are equally suitable for children as well. What you are basically going to be looking for is a case which meets a few different basic requirements in order to keep your device safe from harm without making it unmanageable to small hands. You want to look for a case which is shock and drop resistant, which protects the screen from scratches and scuffs and which covers up the access ports to keep food, drool and foreign objects from finding their way into them and one which enables your child to grip it easily to help prevent it slipping out of their grasp. You'll want your toddlers iPad case to achieve all these goals whilst remaining lightweight and portable too and if possible, you'll want it to look bright, fun and colorful too. That might sound like a lot to ask for in a kids iPad holder but there are some great cases out there which fit most of these requirements admirably.

So...which iPad case should I buy for a toddler? Well, that depends on what you in particular are looking for exactly. For me, the best children's iPad case, and for kids of all ages for that matter, is the Griffin Survivor Extreme Duty Military Case simply because it offers superior protection again accidental drops and other mishaps which are more than likely to befall your iPad in the hands of a child. This case is a little on the heavy duty side however and you might be looking for something a little more fun than the plain black or pink color it offers. Fortunately, if this one doesn't do it for you, there are plenty of other options out there which still offer a great level of protection in a much more child pleasing package like the incredibly cute but still very functional iGuy or the Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case from Fisher Price which has the look and feel of their line of baby and toddler toys but has some great features like a hidden home button and ring toys on the handle which make is a great iPad case for babies to play with.

Feel free to browse the rest of this lens where I have endeavored to include some more detail on the kind of things you might want to consider looking for when choosing to buy a shock proof, drop resistant iPad case for a toddler as well as some brief reviews of the top rated iPad cases for children on the market today.

The Best iPad Case For Toddlers

Griffin Survivor iPad Case Drop Test

See a quick video showing how well the Griffin Survivor Extreme Duty Military case for iPad 2 protects its precious cargo even when dropped onto a concrete floor from a height of around 5 feet. A lot of cases claim to protect your device but you can actually get to see the level of protection in action here.

There's No Cuter iPad Cover For Toddlers Than The iGuy - He's Both Cute and Protective!

See The iGuy iPad Cover For Kids In Action

The iGuy Is Available For iPad 2 and The New iPad 3 In Multiple Colors

See The Kayscase Kidbox In Action

Your Can't Go Wrong With A Disney iPad Case For Kids

How About An iPad Case For Babies and Toddlers From Fisher Price?

More Great iPad Covers For Toddlers

Here are some more toddler iPad cases and covers to check out if the examples above aren't floating your boat.

What Are The Most Important Features You Should Be Looking For When Buying An iPad Case For A Toddler?

The top four things to be checking for are as follows:

Drop Proof and Shock Proof

This is probably the main reason anyone goes looking for an iPad case for a 2 year old toddler. The device is an absolutely superb learning aid as there are literally thousands of learning apps for kids many of which are 100% free as well as fun educational games, interactive story books etc. which can keep them entertained for hours and educate at the same time. That said, most of us are simply not going to comfortable with putting a 'naked' iPad, which retails for a minimum of around $600 for the new iPad 3, in the hands of a toddler or for that matter, a child of any age without making sure it is protected first.

If you are looking for the the best iPad case for toddlers then you really have to start with the one which offers the best protection against being dropped, hit, thrown or otherwise mistreated. A good shock proof case will protect against accidental dropping or everyday bumps and other impact related accidents. You've probably owned something similar in the past for your phone where impact resistant cases like the Otterbox Defender series or LifeProof cases are popular choices. Shock resistant iPad covers offer much of the same kind of protection but in a larger size.

There are some excellent shock resistant cases for the iPad 2 and impact resistant covers for the new iPad 3 and most are as ideally suited to children as they are for their parents. Many adults choose a resilient iPad case like the excellent Griffin Survivor to drop proof their tablet and protect it against dust and dirt in the workplace and these are equally suited for use by children as well. Many come in bright and alluring children friendly colors too rather than plain black.

Hide The Home Button!

One of the questions many parents ask is "Is there an iPad case with a covered home button suitable for children?" when they are looking for a child friendly iPad cover. The answer to that is - absolutely! It can be quite annoying and frustrating for both the parent and the child using the tablet to have to keep restarting the app because of an accidental press of the iPad home button. Any interactive button is just too much of a temptation for the average 2 year old to ignore so a case with a button cover is something you really want to consider looking for if you can. Fortunately, there are quite a few good kids iPad cases with a covered home button so you can easily prevent this from being a problem. There are also iPad button covers available to buy online so if that is your sole reason for looking for a more toddler friendly case then you might like to look at some of those for a cheaper solution which might suit your needs better.

Protect Against Accidental Spills and Drool

Covering up the home button is something you might like to consider for the sake of convenience but covering up the ports to keep messy food, drool, juice spills and other liquids from entering and potentially damaging the iPad is something more of a smart choice to keep the device safe from harm. Locking down and childproofing those ports of entry life the power port or headphone jack will also prevent foreign objects from being inserted into them by an explorative toddler and generally, it's just a smart idea to keep them covered when not in use.

Toddler proofing an iPad in this way is the second most important reason for buying a heavy duty iPad case for a child. Accidental or even deliberate drops during a tantrum or just carelessness are the most likely way a toddler will damage the tablet, but liquid of one form or another entering through an exposed port can be equally damaging and finding those ports all clogged up with today's snack is never going to please anyone either.

Portability and Weight Is Important

The final thing which is quite important is the portability. You'll want a lightweight and portable iPad case for children because if it is too heavy and bulky, or slips out of their fingers at lot to clatter on the floor they'll not enjoy using it and your nerves will become increasingly more frayed with each and every thud as the iPad hits the ground. Lightweight iPad cases for kids are quite normal with many of them, including those featured further up the page here, are made from a hard wearing foam material which offers enough cushion on impact to keep a digital device safe but without adding extra bulk and weight to it. The exception on this page is the Griffin Survivor which is pretty heavy but at the same time gives you such a great level of protection against drops as well as dirt, dust and liquid spills, it just has to be worth a mention despite being a little on the heavy side.

Watch A Lengthy Video Review Of The Griffin Survivor Case For iPad 2

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kabbalah lm on February 25, 2013:

You need to get a strong & sturdy one for kids

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Thanks for the informative lens! I was thinking of the Fisher Price one

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Incredibly extensive and informative, all IPAD users can gain much from reading this one, thanks for sharing :)

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These are really neat iPad cases for children! I would think they would be essential if you are giving a child (or even adult :) and iPad.

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Great lens!!

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Cute and they look sturdy to

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I'm a big fan of the Griffin survivor cases - they've saved my kids' devices on more than one occasion!

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These are so cute!

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