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11 Sites Like Pinterest - More Photo Sharing Websites


11 Sites Like Pinterest - More Photo Sharing Websites

Are you hooked on Pinterest? Check out these other popular sites like Pinterest. The websites featured here offer the same wonderful photo sharing experience in their own fun and unique way.

Pinterest launched in 2010 and has since become the most popular photo sharing site available. Pinterest allows users to easily share photos from their favourite websites with its pinboard style interface.

Pinterest isn't the only photo sharing website though there are plenty of other sites like Pinterest with most of them focusing on a particular niche (artists, men, designers, etc). Don't forget to stop by the comment section to share your favourite website like Pinterest or share a site like Pinterest that isn't on this page.

Why Do You Use Photo Sharing Websites?



1 - We Heart It

Be Inspired With This Site Like Pinterest

We Heart It is a site like Pinterest that has mainly attracted an audience of mostly teenage girls (so if you fall into this category you will love it).

We Heart It offers all the photo sharing tools you need allowing you to easily pull images from around the web to share with your friends and the world. Images are saved in sets (similar to boards) to help you keep everything organised and help you browse images by your interests. We Heart It also allows you to easily follow other members.

We Heart It even has an iOS app which will allow you to get your photo fix wherever you want. If you are a teenage girl or looking to promote a product to that audience then consider using We Heart It as your Pinterest alternative.

We Heart It - Home

We Heart It - iOS App (iTunes)





2 - Dribble

Another Site Like Pinterest For Designers

Dribble is another one of the popular sites like Pinterest and appeals to designers.

Dribble offers a place for designers to easily find each other, creating a huge community of designers that you can access for feedback on your latest project or simply ask questions. The pictures shared on Dribble are often of work in progress or complete designs from a large number of industries including web designers, illustrators, tyopgrapers, graphic designers and many more.

Dribble is also great for people who aren't designers but just love to appreciate the art of design.

Dribble - Official Website





3 - Gentlemint

A Site Like Pinterest For Men

Gentlemint appeals to a male audience, choosing to focus on manly interests. As such the front page (and the site) are dominated by cars, food, sport, games and handymen related projects.

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Gentlemint started in late 2011 and while it doesn't have the people power of other sites like Pinterest this focused niche website offers plenty of relevant images and also makes a great place to advertise male related products and websites with pictures.

If you are a male (or interested in manly things) then Gentlemint is definitely one of the best sites like Pinterest available for you.

Gentlemint - Official Website





4 - Trippy

A Site Like Pinterest For Travellers

Trippy is a Pinterest alternative for people with the travel bug.

Trippy allows users to share travel ideas with their friends, plan a trip, gather ideas, provide recommendations or just enjoy the wide variety of travel destination images on the site. With the customised travel boards that are available you can quickly discover new places to visit.

If you are planning a holiday or are addicted to travel then Trippy is the best website like Pinterest for you.

Trippy - Plan Your Trip





5 - 500px

One Of The Best Sites Like Pinterest For Photography

500px stands above the other sites like Pinterest featured on this page as the best place to find, share and enjoy photography at its best.

If you are a photographer or just love photography then you'll get hours of enjoyment out of 500px and you'll probably even make it your new home page. 500px follows the age old formula of letting user votes create the home page (giving photos a score out of 100) and the community delivers will the home page always looking incredible.

Each photo is tagged with the camera it was taken with, along with other important settings to photographers can easily replicate effects that they see on the 500px website.

If you love photography or are looking to get some exposure and feedback on your own photos then this Pinterest alternative is perfect.

500px - Website





6 - Foodgawker

A Website Like Pinterest For Food Lovers

Foodgawker if you love Pinterest and food then this Pinterest alternative is perfect. Foodgawker allows you to easily find new recipes and will definitely build up an appetite as you browse the site.

The site has extensive moderation to ensure all the best posts are approved and also offers an iOS app so you can look at food all day long. The most popular categories on Foodgawker including chocolate, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and healthy.

Food lovers will quickly fall in love with what Foodgawker has to offer, the food ideas are simply endless.

Foodgawker - Home Page



7 - Designspiration

Get Design Inspiration On This Website Like Pinterest

Designspiration is one of the best sites like Pinterest to get inspiration from. Designspiration launched in 2010 and has quickly grown to be a popular place for designers to share what inspires them or search for inspiration themselves. Best of all it also offers a platform for designers to create a name for themselves through their design.

Designspiration lets you easily sort your saves into categories, popular categories include architecture, typography, fashion and art. You can also easily browse the picture collections with tags or search by colour.

Designspiration - Get Inspired Now





8 - Project Décor

Browse And Shop On This Pinterest Alternative For Your Home

Project Décor is perfect if you are considering changing up the décor in your home or just interested in generating some ideas. The site allows you to browse and shop in the one place making it both fun and convenient.

Project Décor is your digital home furnishing experience that easily allows you to find products that suit your style. You can even create your own collection of all your favourite items and share it across your favourite social networks for feedback.

The majority of items that you will find on Project Décor are available to the US only but that doesn't stop it from being a great idea generated for people outside the United States.

Project Decor - Home

9 - Craftgawker

Share Your Craft Or Get Ideas On This Pinterest Alternative

Craftgawker is the Pinterest for the crafty. Not only is it a great way to show of your craft creations it also makes for great inspiration for your next craft project. Words cannot describe some of the amazing creations that pass through this site everyday.

Just like Foodgawker the site is moderated meaning that only the highest quality photographs pass inspection, making it an extremely high visual experience every time you visit.

Popular categories including DIY, tutorial, jewellery, craft, sewing and handmade, Christmas and other holidays are also very big on Craftgawker.

Craftgawker - Official Website



10 - Manteresting

Another Social Site Like Pinterest Focusing On Men

Manteresting is another great Pinterest alternative for the male demographic. The website seems to have attracted a younger male audience then that of the other male focused sites like Pinterest and is usually dominated by memes, gaming, cars and girls.

On Manteresting pictures that you save are called 'nails' with topic categories known as 'benches'. Manteresting also offers user following so you can easily just follow what your friends are up to (or work together on your own bench). The site follows strict rules and guidelines to also keep the site a PG13 experience.

Manteresting - Home

Manteresting and Other Male Pinterest Alternatives



11 - Ology

A Social News Website Like Pinterest

Ology combines entertainment news, Pinterest style boards and social media to create a website that turns news (and what is trendy) in a visual format (similar to what Pinterest offers).

On Ology you can stay up to date news, tweets, gossip, videos, interviews and more. You can either browse the top of the top or search based on your interests. If you ever wished that the whole web was like Pinterest you've now got your wish through Ology.

Ology only takes a few seconds to get started and you don't even have to register to start browsing based on your interests.

Ology - Official Website

Which Website Like Pinterest Is Your Favourite? - Know Any Other Sites Like Pinterest?

Barbara Purvis Hunter from Florida on February 07, 2015:


I am happy I found this hub about sites like Pinterest. There are 3 I would be interested in checking out.

I will share this with Twitter, Pinterest and H+

You have a wonderful weekend.

Bobbi Purvis

Laura Brown from Ontario, Canada on July 31, 2014:

What about Flickr? I have my photos there.

fathomblueEG on July 05, 2014:

Wow what an awesome list. Didn't know there was so many sites in this category. Thanks for sharing :)

Amine from Doha, Qatar on June 02, 2014:

well, you have a nice list here i go for 500px

MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose from Washington State on October 28, 2013:

pinterest I really like and have filled it with lots of picture stories I love. After checking out Trippy a little bit, I think I will try it at least. Thanks for these alternatives. Good to see what else is out there.

laurenrich on July 25, 2013:

Great lens. I will join many of these sites. Thanks for the information.

topbuilderlist on May 13, 2013:

I just sign-up on trippy.

Ronald Tucker from Louisville, Kentucky on March 10, 2013:

I joined Pinterest last month and although I'e only made two boards, I like the easy to use format. I will definitely will be checking out "Gentlemint" and "Manteresting"

Deadicated LM on January 23, 2013:

Pinterest is adictive enough for me; but I like to see that there are other visual bookmarking sites. Cool Lens, I shared it with my Google+ "23 Squidoo" Circle.

James1978 on January 23, 2013:

I've only just signed up to Pinterest, but some of those sites look pretty good as well.

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