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How to Learn Magic of Microsoft Excel 2013?

Excel is one of the most important skills in today’s job market. Having a solid working knowledge of Excel can improve your job performance.

Microsoft Excel- Excel from Beginner to Advance Excel


What is Microsoft Excel 2013?

How to Learn Excel From Beginning?

If you want to learn excel, then you are in the right place. First of all, I'll tell you what is excel?

What is Microsoft Excel 2013?

Introduction Excel 2013.

Microsoft Excel or MS- Excel is a spreadsheet program that provides powerful tools and features to analyze share and manage your data with the least effort. A Spreadsheet is defined as a large sheet containing information arranged in a matrix of rows and columns. Spreadsheet software is a program or a set of programs for entering, calculating, analyzing, and manipulating sets of numbers. A computer spreadsheet automatically recalculates all the formulae whenever you make a change in the value or number. There are so many other spreadsheet programs such as Numeric, Open Office.org, Plan Maker, spread, etc, are available, but Excel is by far the most popular and has become the world standard.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn.

  • Creating spreadsheets in Excel
  • Saving your work where you can find it
  • Working with multiple workbooks in Excel
  • Formatting and printing
  • Importing data from CSV files, Access, and the web
  • Creating and using formulas and functions like Vlookup, Index/Match, If statements, and dozens of others
  • Creating charts including Bar charts, Line charts, Column charts, Pie charts and more
  • Creating tables
  • Sorting and filtering your data
  • Creating pivot tables
  • Creating pivot charts from your pivot tables
  • Fun New features for Excel 2016
  • Keyboard shortcuts to make your work go faster
  • How to record basic macros to automate repetitive tasks
  • A whole lot more

Excel includes all standard features of a spreadsheet package like automatic recalculation, graphs, and functions.

Who this Course for:

  • Anyone who wants or needs to learn Microsoft Excel for their work.
  • Anyone who wishes to improve their job or career prospects in an office environment.
  • Designed for beginners who are brand new to Excel (also suitable for intermediate Excel users who want to improve).

We Are Sighting Some Examples to Make It Clear:

Suppose the zonal manager of sales wishes to track down the sales of the South Delhi region for the month of June 2020 of each particular area graphically - by a bar graph. He also wishes to mark the areas recording the highest and lowest sales. How can he do it with significant ease?

The Director of an organization wishes to make a table of comparative profits after tax of the company for the last five years so that he can identify the trend of the company's performance. Can you help him?

As a financial advisor, how would Rajeev choose from a variety of mutual funds, insurance policies and suggest the best ones giving maximum returns for his client, so that Mr. Roy is fully satisfied?

The answer to all the above is only one MS- Excel, there are so many examples are there where Excel is used as the most powerful tool to solve their day-to-day problems.

Launching Excel 2013 & Brief Discussion about the Different Components of Excel's Opening Screen:

Question- How to Open Microsoft Excel?

Answer- Press window key and R, type Excel in the box and click ok.

General Information: -

Question- What is the difference between Excel Workbook & Work Sheet?

Ans- Workbook is the bundle of Worksheet & Work Sheet is the pages of Workbook.

Question- How many rows and columns and cells in the Worksheet?

Ans- Every Worksheet consists of rows (Numbered 1 through 1,048,576) and columns (labeled A through XFD). Each column is identified by one, two, or three letters.

  • The first 26 columns use the letters A to Z.
  • The next 26 columns use AA to ZZ, the following 26 BA to BZ, and so on.
  • When the two-letter combinations are exhausted, Excel uses three letters: AAA, AAB, and so on.

Each row is identified by a number, from 1 up to 1048576.

Question- What is the meaning of Ribbon in MS Excel?

Ans- Below is the title bar is the ribbon, which includes all commands of excel available in a single area so that you can work efficiently with the program. The commands available in the ribbon vary, depending upon which tab is selected. Commands related to working with the workbook are represented as buttons on the table that make up the ribbon. The Home tab is active by default. Other tabs can be activated by clicking one of the other tabs, such as insert, which displays that tab's button. The Ribbon is arranged into groups of related commands. Here's a quick overview of Excel's tabs to get the respective ribbon.

Access Tool Bar of Microsoft Excel


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