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Get a Read Receipt When The Recipient Reads Your Email Message!


Want to check if someone read your mail?

It's possible to get read receipts for your email if you are using Microsoft Outlook but what about web mails like Gmail? Most of us use Gmail nowadays and there might be times when you want to see if an important message has gone through and been read. How do you do that? It's possible and on this page I will tell you a way using which you can check if someone has read your email message. It's fairly easy to get read receipts for your email messages in just a few simple steps. Moreover the solution offered here is free and works well with any email program.

If you want a more professional approach, you might want to use Google Apps. This is suitable for businesses, education and government customers but is not available for personal Gmail accounts. Now not everyone would want to make use of such professional services, that's where this free solution comes to your rescue.


With SpyPig you can get email notifications whenever someone reads your email message. All you have to do is go to their page In the SpyPig Factory section, enter your email ID, message title and select your SpyPig tracking image. If you want an invisible one, you can choose the white background option (the first option in the list). Click on Click to create my SpyPig button to create a tracking image. Copy paste this image into your email message and you're good to go!

Whenever your email message gets read, you will receive a notification in the email ID provided. I tried and tested with my own email ID and it works fine. This will not work with plain text email messages though so make sure you are composing your message in HTML or Rich Text.

The email notification you get will also include IP address of the recipient who has read your email message and also the number of times your email message got read.

A screenshot of the SpyPig page with the SpyPig Factory section



Fields in Detail

1. Enter your email ID. This is the email ID to which the read receipt will be sent.

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2. Your message title: This is a title which you can use for the email message to be tracked. The purpose of adding this title is to identify the email message for which you have requested a read receipt for. Make it unique. For example, if you are going to send the message to your boyfriend or husband, you can use their nicknames as part of the title. This is only for your use -- to make it easier to sort out the various read receipts.

3. Select the tracking image: Use the white image if you want an invisible tracker else use one of the given images. You can even upload your own image. This is the image you will copy paste to your email message.

4. Click on the button provided to complete the creation of your tracking image. Copy paste this image (right click and click on save image as option -- this is for Google Chrome) to your email message.

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