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Is AMD or NVIDIA Better?

AMD (formerly ATI) and NVIDIA are the undisputed leaders of the GPU market. When you upgrade your graphics card or buy a new computer, you usually have to choose between similarly priced and positioned products from these two companies. Both of them offer some powerful discrete graphics solutions for both gaming and professional work, but how do you know if Radeon or GeForce cards are better?

You will find more information about the two GPU manufacturers, as well as some useful links to AMD and NVIDIA benchmarks and performance comparisons below. Don't forget to check out the ongoing discussion with hundreds of user opinions, and vote in the poll.

Company logo.

Company logo.


NVIDIA is a GPU (graphics processing unit) and motherboard chipset manufacturer based in Santa Clara, California (US). It was founded in 1993 and since then became one of the leaders in gaming and professional graphics. NVIDIA was the first to introduce a graphics card with on-board transform and lighting (T&L) - the famous Geforce 256 - back in 1999. The GeForce brand became highly popular and with the exception of FX series these cards have always been some of the best on the home graphics market. The popular gaming console Playstation 3 also uses NVIDIA graphics.

In February 2008 NVIDIA acquired Ageia Technologies and started integrating their physics engine, the PhysX into Geforce cards. All Geforce 8 cards and above now support PhysX hardware acceleration for PhysX-enabled games.

One of the latest innovations by this company is G-SYNC, a technology which solves screen tearing and stuttering prevalent on LCD monitors by synchronizing the monitor's refresh and GPU's render rates, as well as using a strobing backlight to eliminate motion blur, resulting in CRT-like low persistance.

AMD Radeon logo.

AMD Radeon logo.

About AMD Graphics (Formerly ATI)

ATI was a major designer and manufacturer of GPUs and motherboard chipsets until 2006 when it was acquired by AMD. Even though ATI no longer exists as a company, and the popular brand is no longer used for graphics cards as of 2011, many of people still refer to Radeon cards as "ATI" out of habit. (As this page was created back in 2009, the comments still have some references to the brand).

ATI was founded in 1985, producing graphics cards for PC makers like IBM. They launched a highly popular Radeon GPU line in year 2000. After ATI's acquisition by AMD in 2006 the newly renamed AMD Graphics Product Group continued making high-end graphics cards for gamers and professionals. The popular Xbox 360 console also uses an AMD graphics chip. Next-gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) use AMD hardware as well.

AMD recently released Mantle, a graphics API which promises to make things easier for developers, and bring faster and better games to the PC platform. They also came up with AMD TrueAudio, adding hardware audio acceleration capabilities to their graphics cards. This allows games and applications to offload audio processing from the CPU, freeing it for other tasks.

NVIDIA vs AMD Discussion

Are NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards better overall?

When it comes to choosing between Radeon and GeForce, or even between two different models of the same video card, your best bet is to check the different benchmarks online. Don't rely on the hardware specifications alone, because if a graphics card has faster memory and a higher GPU clock it doesn't necessarily mean it will also result in more FPS in that newest shooter game.

  • Tom's Hardware always has a lot of detailed reviews and benchmarks of the newest and most powerful graphics cards available.Their charts provide a quick and easy comparison of the most powerful gaming hardware available.
  • Passmark Software offers charts showing the performance of thousands of different graphics cards. Just note that the synthetic benchmark they use doesn't necessarily indicate the "real life" performance in video games. They boast a database of over half a million different video cards.
  • 3DMark is the most popular video card benchmark software. You can test the performance of your system yourself, share it online, and see the benchmark results of other users. If your system does poorly compared to other similar ones, you might need to check whether your drivers are up to date; you might also want to look into overclocking.
  • Newegg is one of the best places to buy computer hardware online. More importantly, you can read hundreds of graphics card reviews and see ratings from real users there.

NVIDIA versus AMD Poll


anonymous on October 23, 2012:

Nvida has always been better GPU Cards, Nvidia is now in the current new MacBook Pro for 2012. 2011 Version had slower ATI/AMD Cards. Why did Mac switch? Simple because too many people prob complains there mac Book too slow for avg Games..

Nvidia Bought out 3dFX who made SLI.. google it People.

anonymous on October 02, 2012:

@anonymous: you even know what you are talking?

I can see who are those people who will say nvidia is great...sigh.

Dnt kill nvidia please.

anonymous on October 01, 2012:

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amd is better than nvidia in terms of opencl. If u use any program with calculations you'll see almost 3 times more speed than the best nvidia out there.. In terms of gaming tho amd is cheaper if you want the fastest gaming card u go nvidia..

anonymous on September 20, 2012:

Have Low Budget-Go for AMD;

Mid-Budget Go for Nvidia;

Too High Budget , Go for AMD Crossfire

anonymous on September 08, 2012:

I wish nVidia is good like what some said. Fact is their drivers (anti-aliaising) do not work on some games and need a game restart to take effect...ohhh. How good is that when ATI can.

TwistedWiseman on August 16, 2012:


anonymous on August 13, 2012:

this is an pointless argument,

this is like bmw or mercedes

ferrari or lamborghini...

anonymous on July 11, 2012:

OK first off, let me sstart by saying that NONE ARE CLEARLY BETTER THAN THE OTHER..... Get it??? Both AMD/ATI and Nvidia have been alternating as the best gpu manufacturers for a long time. That said, I'd always prefer an AMD card over an Nvidia card. Reason: It ALWAYS offers more bang for the buck. For around 50-60% the price, it offers 80-90% the performance that Nvidia currently offers(yeah, this is me admitting that Nvidia IS currently better. But this really doesn't mean that AMD would never catch up).

Also, for all the kids whining about driver issues, let me tell you that both release shitty drivers occasionally. But at least AMD has the common courtesy to release drivers fore frequently....

anonymous on June 29, 2012:

@anonymous: i m nvidia geforce tech when i checked system gaming graphics are faaaaar better than my frnds ati ...nd the shame is than is of higher series in comparison 2 mine...

Ati sucks...nvidia fuc****s...

anonymous on April 30, 2012:

hardware wise AMD are much better, there cards run cooler and perform better with lower power requirements for the most part, the trouble is, that amd's drivers suck huge amounts of donkey balls, and haven't improved in quality in at least ten years, if only AMD could improve there drivers they would be my first choice by a mile, but unfortunately i stick with nvidia to avoid headaches.

anonymous on April 29, 2012:

@anonymous: me too..they hv a lot of problem, btter choose a stable rather than throw out money for unstable product,then crash.

yet i wonder how could amd/ati took only 1 years for laptop warranty while intel/nVidia can cover for 3 years.geezzz

anonymous on April 24, 2012:

1gb ati=2gb nvidea ... ati gives better performance..if u doubt check system rating- gaming graphics

anonymous on March 19, 2012:

Anyone getting a sinking feeling that some of these raging fan-folk are nothing more than ad bots for their respective product of choice?

..And IF they ARE in fact, real people, then aren't they no better than ad bots? >8^)

anonymous on March 18, 2012:

FFS, Fuc**** fanboys, just stfu.

Sometimes AMD makes great products, sometimes Nvidia does.

AMD made awesome products like Athlon CPUs and Radeon HD 4xxx, 5xxx

and awful stuff like 2900XT, Bulldozer CPUs.

Nvidia made awesome stuff like series 8 (i remember my epic 8800gts) or series 5xx, geforce 4.... and crap like FX 5xxx.

None is absolutely better than the other.

anonymous on March 05, 2012:

@anonymous: gimme some of that money , one of my ATI HD 5770's just died XD!

Im thinking of trying nvidia next XD

anonymous on March 03, 2012:

Don't care about the fight as long as the prices keep coming down. I will say though AMD has the lock on the consoles for a reason. I happen to love my consoles and theres a war there too. Quite fighting and enjoy what they bring out.

anonymous on February 24, 2012:

@anonymous: Good, how about loaning me a couple of grand, I've got my eye on a new rig...I always wanted to try an intel Core i7-990X build!

anonymous on February 24, 2012:

I really could care less of what some fanboy is yammering about, as far as I'm concerned I am only loyal to a company as far as they provide me with the goods and services that I require when I give them my money, that means if the competitor releases a superior service/product I'll be glad to purchase it over the company that I am currently using.

Competition is best used by corporations in keeping their products one step above their competitors in order to stay relevant in the market, and as a consumer I will be there to take advantage of the results of whomever first introduces the product/service that wins the competition!

If Nvidia comes out with a superior GPU, then it looks like AMD will have to up their game to lure the customer over to their product...I could give a s****s about company loyalty, as I'll leave that for the employees, as it should be.

BTW, I currently own an AMD Sapphire 6950 2gb, IF and when I upgrade it will be the one that delivers the best support and performance, So with that, I'll have to find a better source of information, certainly NOT here; what, with the eternal rantings from fanboys screeching with nerd-fury!...

anonymous on January 29, 2012:

Nvidia has an old architecture and lacks of good Power Consumption and Temps, so ATI/AMD wins.

For those loosers that say nVidia is more performant, go search up more info about it... nVidia is paying a lot of game companies for their games to run well on nVidia cards and "less" well with their AMD counterparts... Also, since nVidia is richer, they got better driver support.

So overall, it is unfair for ATI that they cannot bribe game companies and have better software performance...

anonymous on January 27, 2012:

ive experienced nVidia about 10 years from now, but i noticed that ATI is better when it comes to games.

anonymous on December 26, 2011:

Bottom line if you want a video card that will work with every program you got without a glitch then go Nvidia! I've ran both and while not unhappy with ATI(AMD) cards, I have on more then one occasion purchased a game that I had problems trying to play,and had to snoop online to try to find a fix or wait for a dam patch to come out.....with Nvidia NEVER, they always work period! You ATI guys can keep preaching about the cost savings we know you need to comfort yourselves that you made the right purchase lol..

anonymous on December 17, 2011:

I have GF 9500 GT card that has a wonderful graphic and speed for 2011 games, like Batman Arkham City, Saints Row: the third and Assassins Creed 2011

anonymous on December 09, 2011:

I think nVidia is by far a better card overall. I do a lot of visual effects/game programming/game playing and nothing beats an nvidia 590. ATI is great if you're short on cash but a liquid cooled 590 or 580 is unstoppable. AND THAT"S ALL AT THE LOW END OF THE SPECTRUM!!!!!!!!!! Let's not even get into the Quadro series which is what Hollywood lives on (well ILM builds their own GPUs from scratch but outside of them). As far as PhysX goes I have yet to see a game that didn't benefit from an nvidia card. ATI does have slightly better anti-ailiasing but only when compared to cheaper nvidia cards. Give me a 6GB Quadro over any ATI and I'm sailing.

anonymous on October 24, 2011:

There is No Doubt That Nvidia Is the Leading Company.

Nvidia Provides Wide range of Application Support,

Nvidia's Key Feratures:

1) nvidia PhysX (It Provides Gr8 realism in games with PhysX Programming AI is much Greater)

2) SLI technology (U can Use Up to 3 Monitor to 1 GPU Card & Can Create

3 way SLI With Stereoscopic 3D viewing )

3) Stereoscopic 3D Technology NVIDIA® 3D Vision Surround technology (You Don't Need 3 Monitors Only 120Hz LCD or LED can create Full HD 1080P game play in 3D !!!)

4) DirectX 11 tessellation performance(incredibly detailed environments and characters.)

5)nvidia Cuda Technology( accelerate the most demanding tasks such as video transcoding, physics simulation, ray tracing, and more, delivering incredible performance improvements over traditional CPUs. )

5)32X anti-Aliasing technology

6)nvidia pure video FullHD(The combination of high-definition video decode acceleration and post-processing that delivers unprecedented picture clarity, smooth video, accurate color, and precise image scaling for movies and video. )

7)Open-GL 4.1

8)pixel Shader Lavel 5.1

& Yes U Don't have to pay thousands of Dollars To Get All Of these

u can get all Of these tech. starting Price From $100.

nVidia Also Provides Gr8 After Sales Service also with Periodic,

drivers Update for lifetime.

my first Graphic card was 9400GT @ $50 it really lacks when I play Games like Prototype, But now the same Old graphic card can play Dead Space 2 & singularity Type 4 times greater graphics games Smoothly just With a Latest update's From Nvidia!!!!!!

nvidia Really Kick *** Of ATI

My System Config.

LG D2342P 23" LED Cinema 3D Monitor

Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz X 4.

Intel DG43RK

4GB DDR3 @ 1333Mhz

1TB Seagate Baracuda

nVidia GeForce GT550TI 1GB GDDR5

Creative Sound Blaster 5.1VX

Creative Inspire 5.1 T6060 Home Theater

anonymous on October 13, 2011:

Nvidia is a hype ATI rules I've used a lot of Nvidia cards and all they do is overheat. ATI is more stable with power and designer wise. For now Sept 2011 ATI rules with dual gpu's and mobile gpu with stability(cooling) wise. Than Nvidia forcing a single gpu for power. to Nvidia engineers men make it real 2 medium power heads are better than a 1 powerful one which will breakdown and wear out easily.

anonymous on September 23, 2011:

"This should be illegal. It is like a car company locking your car to max speed of 30MPH if you want to go faster you have to buy 4 new tires."

That is the silliest thing I have heard all day, most fast cars are limited to 150mph for insurance and safety purposes.

you wouldn't buy 4 new tires you just remove the limiter, or in the case of GFX card overclock!!!

PocketfulofParis on September 11, 2011:

great lens!

anonymous on September 01, 2011:

nvidia is better in my opinion (from a pure gaming, single gpu perspective). sure, ati has way more raw gpu power than nvidia, but the games that make it REALLY hard to get at least 60 fps, are usually optimized for nvidia. nvidia's fermi architecture is currently better at tessellation performance than ati's 6000 series gpu. tessellation is what really rapes today's gfx cards. plus, to rape ati even harder, a nvidia graphics card can be overclocked way more than the ati card in the same price range, giving it higher performance anyway. nvidia's control center is better. nvidia plays nicer with windows gaming in linux, which is important to some people, like me. the only areas i can think of where ati beats nvidia is when playing on resolutions higher than 1080p with antialiasing turned off, or in a few games where ati just happens to beat nvidia, like aliens vs predators, but they are pretty rare so it's not a strong advantage anyway. so, basically unless you are a friggin rich ass bastard who can spend more than a $1000 on graphical equipment alone, nvidia beats the crap out of ati. remember, this is just general nvidia vs ati. some manufacturers build better cards than others.

sayeen lm on September 01, 2011:

nice lens dude!

whiteskyline lm on August 19, 2011:

I'm impressed that this lens is at the first place in google results

anonymous on August 16, 2011:

Nvidia is better for 3d modeling, photoshop and graphic work since it supports open gl and many other things, but ATI is cheaper and comparable for games.

anonymous on July 25, 2011:

@nousdementor: all this guys are fooooooool...since nvidia supports PhysX so no ati card is able to beat nvidia and someone said PhysX dosent matter..the let me tell u gtx 560 ti costs 15000 INR whereas its ati compititor hd 6950 costs 18000 INR but in case of performance ati is

lol for ex with all setting maxed out in mafia 2 ,hd 6950 give out 50-60 fps and gtx 560 ti so...but when PhysX enabled for stunning effects hd 6950 churned out for 25 fps whereas 560 ti was still able to handle 35+ ati is lol

anonymous on July 22, 2011:

Guyz come you can't compare amd with nvidia its like comparing a buggati to a mountain bike nvidia is the best it has eveything

anonymous on July 11, 2011:

Both brands have good cards and el-cheapo cards. There is no "best". It just comes down to person choice. (chocolate or vanilla). Having said that, I have had less trouble with nVidia cards, and chhose to run those.

anonymous on June 30, 2011:

I am using nvidia 9400gt 1gb in my old computer.It handles games like cod black ops with no problems and not to forgot crysis 2.I have no problem till today with 9400 gt.So i prefer nvidia.++++++++ points for nvidia for support for older gpu and categorised and easy to use.

anonymous on June 28, 2011:

Ati's CCC is failing, and their driver support isn't that great either.

I have a Radeon HD 5450, and I'm not impressed with it.

anonymous on June 08, 2011:

@anonymous: Meh, I've got a ton of money to burn :P

anonymous on June 07, 2011:

@anonymous: Ouch! But I think ATI is still better in price-performance aspect when i tcomes to mid-range cards. From the link you gave:

Radeon HD 6850 - $159.99

CHeap card, but it kicks ass. From the same website here are price v performance ratings:

ATI has top 3 spots right now :P

anonymous on June 06, 2011:

@anonymous: Nvidia has the fastest video card at the moment and is cheaper than ATI's fastest video card ;)

anonymous on June 06, 2011:

Taken at Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Top 5 Cards are Nvidia Cards

Best ATI Card- 900usd

Best Nvidia Card- 494.23usd

Now, who said ATI is better performance-price wise? ;)

anonymous on June 06, 2011:

I see so many "ATI BEST! BEST! BEST!" by people with no knowledge about GPUs.

anonymous on May 31, 2011:

ati good for game best best best.............................

anonymous on May 28, 2011:

i have a ati HD 5470 i gb and it works great! it has a higher bit rate and can run games well. i recommend u an ati!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous on May 27, 2011:

I am a player a (in both computer and arcade) all I can say is... most companies like to use Nvidia for gaming as it has a great software that runs with the graphics card.

anonymous on May 27, 2011:

I always have problems with colors on NVIDIA cards NVIDIA are good for gaming but horrible for day to day use, and photo editing/manipulation. I have never had a problem with an ATI card (the same can't be said for my NVIDIA cards) and you can't beat ATI's value for money

anonymous on May 25, 2011:

i am a 3d Animator, gfx & motion gfx designer. My Graphics Card XFX ATI RADEON 5670 HD ! gb. good gfx card.Better Performance.

I playing New Games alll graphics settings are full.

anonymous on May 14, 2011:


anonymous on May 10, 2011:

Buy rather two HD6970's or GTX570's than HD6990 or GTX590 and enjoy all the sli/cfx scaling they offer. Producing expensive hi-end cards is just childish eternal competition which one has worlds fastest gfxcard. And stupid consumers fall in love with their hype and even take expensive quick-loans to get it bcs it has to get bcs they can't live with their "yesterdays" cfx technology bcs friend has it already bcs I want to go on top bcs... bcs... bcs... and eventually ur games run as they did earlier. All u got is just placebo.

anonymous on March 08, 2011:

I'm not sure what the major difference is between the two these days. I think other than eyefinity with ati, nvidia has physx (not a big deal) and that 3d tv thing (I don't have a 3d tv or anything to play on it, so also not a big deal). However, I heard a rumor that nvidia handles anti aliasing hooray there.

A long time ago ati had driver issues...but not anymore.

The difference is Nvidia is a lot like Intel -- they have the fastest cards but dollar for dollar they are the more expensive choice. Unless you have unlimited money and are out for the best card in the world, ati is the better value. The same goes for Intel vs Amd. AMD is better value but Intel has the highest end stuff out there.

OF COURSE, if you are an overclocker that all gets thrown out the window...but I digress...

nousdementor on March 01, 2011:

I always found the ATI AMD combination better....a very nice lens.

ATI GPUs offer what gamers want...while i feel nvidia offers more for graphic designers and professionals.

Though nvidia only outruns ATI in one sense of kills it..

anonymous on February 04, 2011:

@anonymous: You're plain dumb. I still have my 5750 going strong after a full year of heavy gaming and overclocking. Get your head out of the sand, jackass.

anonymous on February 04, 2011:

@anonymous: Even though I try not to be biased and give nvidia a chance, I'd have to agree.

Yeti_Works on January 26, 2011:

Great lens! You can find even more info on the ATI Nvidia war at

anonymous on January 21, 2011:

Nvidia is the best.. as you can see using techpowerup gpu-z.. nvidia has OpenCL Cuda Cores PhysX and Direct Compute 5.0.. while ati has Direct Compute Only.

cuda cores is more powerful than ati's shader cores.. imagine GTX580 can beat HD6970 by using 512 cuda cores while HD6970 has 1536 shader cores.. and for stability Nvidia drivers is the best..

anonymous on December 30, 2010:

I used to go nvidia but now I go AMD/ATI. Owning nvidia cards is no longer fun. I don't want my game shutting down because my card overheated, I don't want to buy a new $250 power supply just because I bought a new card. An extra +150watts power draw for a card costs $100 / year in extra electricty costs. That can buy me a 2nd AMD card.

anonymous on December 30, 2010:

@anonymous: You'll get more Maya power if you go Nvidia's new cards. The $4000 Nvidia Quadro 6000 is awesome at Maya. You say "$4000! Isn't the Quadro 6000 a slower version of the 580 gtx with less CUDA cores and 4 times the memory?", yes, yes it is. Nvidia is expensive isn't it :D

If you aren't rich or your don't need the best Maya card, then pay $160 for an ATI Firepro v4800. You'll get 38-40% of Nvidia's top Maya card speed for 4% the cost.

But if you must have the best Maya card, then you need that 6000.

anonymous on December 29, 2010:

hey, can any body tell me which could be greater to work with MAYA 2011, Nvidia or ATI ??

anonymous on December 23, 2010:

I was essentially forced to purchase an Nvidia card from heavy peer pressure. EVERYONE says to get an Nvidia card. But when you look at price for performance AMD blows both Intel and Nvidia out of the water for both CPU and GPU. You can easily get a crossfire rig that will handle anything better than a single VGA for a lesser cost.

Driver support is pretty much the same for both. If the game is coded badly it takes longer for either to do anything. Since traditionally more games were coded with Nvidia in mind in the past their drivers looked better, now that this isn't the case neither really excels. Newer games can frequently be a pain for both.

Nvidia runs way too hot. If you have bad case ventilation it will probably overheat on you. If you have good case ventilation it will heat up your room. Neither is a good option. And forget about it if you're going SLI, might as well get some marshmallows out.

You should pretty much be replacing your card every 3 years anyway, so it never makes too much sense to go for the more expensive option just to say you got it.

anonymous on November 02, 2010:

Well as everyone knows both companies actually are really good at what they do and that is a profit for us the users. I am taking Ati/Amd side for the only reason that for the money you spent you get a really good product and the same level product of Nvidia's cost more money. Well yes Nvidia is more stabe but I think that's in the past now both companies make really good dirvers and functionality is just swell. That's why Nvidia in my opinion started dropping prices. For all that time now we choose ither ATI/AMD for more performance ,less money but with the fear of something might go wrong or Nvidia for the stable and quality product but more money... Times are changing slowly .. we costumers want good stuff at low price! That's what I aiming for

ssomu007 on October 23, 2010:

I don't know which one to choose. Your lens hasn't given me whole understanding, plus and minus. you can expand this lens better content.

anonymous on October 14, 2010:

I prefer Nvidia because i always used nvidia however i do not hate on ATI. I mean lets face it, both companies can make cards that run games very smoothly. I mean who has the better technology? Well i dont know, but bottom line....Both make great products and the competition between these 2 companies is what makes their cards so great.

anonymous on October 08, 2010:

Cool lens, like it! Love ATI

anonymous on October 06, 2010:

@anonymous: This man speaks the truth. When choosing between nvidia vs radeon all you have to do is look at benchmarks and then look at the price. Good sites for graphics card benchmarks are Tomshardware, overclockersclub, etc. Just compare what you can get for same price then look at FPS they give in games. I swear Im not biased in amd vs nvidia but when I look at price vs performance I always end up buying a radeon.

anonymous on October 05, 2010:

@anonymous: Got bad news for you dick head, ATi has ruled the roost since the HD 5xxx series was released. They've got nVidia on the ropes with the 5xxx series, the 6xxx series will be the knockout punch and the 7xxx series will be the death blow.

anonymous on October 04, 2010:

I think everyone on this debate is missing the key issue here, "price performance ratio". This is why AMD (ATI) is beating nVidia, simply because AMD cards have more bang for the buck (the same approach AMD has towards Intel; although, Intel is still very dominant in that field). Also, with HD4x releases, AMD was the first to offer dx10 support and the first to offer dx11 support with its HD5x releases. Alongside, AMD has something that nVidia will never have; chipset production (support). By manufacturing chipsets, the AMD user can have a CPU, Graphics card, and Motherboard that work in synchronous harmony (this matters; because, using outisde APIs cannot compare to in-store knowledge).

p.s. you can get decent HD5x cards for as little as $40, any offering from nVidia in that price range cannot compare.

anonymous on October 03, 2010:

One thing people should consider about ATI's Crossfire is that it doesn't support Open GL at all. If you own an ATI with crossfire enabled, and you run an Open GL program, you are only using 1 GPU to do it. Nvidia allows support for newer GL standards and allows for multiple gpus to be used at once as one (even if it isn't the same family of nVidia GPU). They call it Multiple Display/Mixed GPU Performance mode.

davidosborn on September 22, 2010:

i like nvidia because of it's overall performance

dannystaple on September 10, 2010:

An old debate that came up again in my office just the other day. We pretty much agreed on NVidia being better. I've lensrolled this on my Computer Tips lens.

Andrew Po (author) on September 08, 2010:

@ThomasC: Thanks! Just saw you on my Activity Stream :)

ThomasC on September 08, 2010:

Nice debate you have going! Blessed by Squidoo Angel!

anonymous on September 02, 2010:

Guys did you hear? AMD is pulling the plug on ATI. They will leave Radeon but now it will be "AMD Radeon" or something like that I guess.

R.I.P. ATI 1987 - 2010 :(

anonymous on August 29, 2010:

hey, can any body tell me which could be greater to work with MAYA 2011, Nvidia or ATI ??

u may mail me on

anonymous on August 14, 2010:

@anonymous: I'd sooner say that Dell is crap than ATI :)

anonymous on August 08, 2010:

I got a Dell PC built with an ATI graphics call. I regularly got errors saying the ATI driver had stopped responding and blue screens of death. Dell changed ALL the components but the problem did not go away. I replaced the graphics card with nVidia and both the errors and the blue screens of death went away.

anonymous on August 07, 2010:

I switched to nVidia after using ATI for like 3 years. I had suffered enough of the overheating problems and distorted graphics when I play games or use graphics power-hungry applications on my computer. Same setup, same environment and still nVidia rocks!

anonymous on August 03, 2010:

Yes, thank you fellow nVidia users for making our argument so well for us...... With such compelling arguments such as, "nVidia is the best" and "ATI sucks so I use nVidia". Please actually give some supporting evidence. For instance the way I present my case:

I've used nVidia since I was about 16. I switched to ATI for a short while and was plagued with problems; Overheating, software issues, and eventually hardware failure.

I switched back to nVidia and the problems vanished just like my ATI video card.

anonymous on August 02, 2010:

nvidia is best of all and ati is loser and always a loser

anonymous on August 02, 2010:

@anonymous: shut up as hole nvidia is alwalys on top and worl leader in 3d cards

anonymous on August 01, 2010:

ati is canadian......the land of justin bieber, ill stick with my nvidia

anonymous on July 31, 2010:

@anonymous: Really nVidia hasnt upgraded? So then I guess these are fake then.

And thats just Newegg. I'm too lazy to check other sites.

anonymous on July 31, 2010:

I have had 3 ATI cards, they fried. My last ATI card was an HD5750. Can you guess what happened to that one? if you guessed that it fried, you're a winner! If you're saying that these cases were user error and not the cards, you're wrong. My computer case runs at about 37C- 40C idle, in-game it goes up to about 63C -65C so well within the range of temperature operating range. The GPU never reached higher than 67C. So yes they were all faulty cards. The first nVidia(7300 GT) I had before switching to ATI never gave me ANY problems. i switch to ATI based on recommendations from friends. I have switched back to nVidia(GTX 460) and i have no problems and the performance is amazing. I will NEVER use ATI again.

anonymous on July 31, 2010:

I have had both Nvidia and ATI and had good luck with both but i am happier with my 4870hd than any other card i have used. no compatibility or driver problems, it plays every game i have thrown at it flawlessly with all settings and resolution maxed out. Nvidia is falling behind, they still haven't upgraded past DDR3 while ATI is running DDR5.

anonymous on July 21, 2010:

Alone nVidia is the winner but when i compared SLI to CrossfireX i did find better preformance in ATIs CrossfireX

anonymous on July 19, 2010:


anonymous on June 28, 2010:

Had used both nvidia (7300GT, 9300GT, GTS250, GTX275) and ATI (4770, 4890, 5770) before. Encounter intermittent pixelated frame issues when using the ATI cards but never before when using Nvidia. I.M.O. Nvidia rocks! +1 for Nvidia!

anonymous on May 13, 2010:

@anonymous: Starcraft 2 :)

Im using a XFX Radeon⢠HD 5670 1024 MB DDR5 PCI-EXPRESS VIDEO CARD

for that tho ;)

anonymous on May 04, 2010:

I used to not care either way. Everytime I upgraded to a better video card it was like night and day and I was happy. Then I got FALLOUT3 last year and learned that my currently intalled Nvidia 8600gt supports PhysX so I updated drivers to a PhysX enabled set and dropped my Jaw the first time I took a shot to the head of a Mutant. I was mindblowing to see the head of this mutant bound and roll along the side of a bridge till it found a hole and fell through. Moments later I heard the "PLUNK" as it hit the water. I have never looked back. PhysX rules. Havoc for ATI might be cool someday, if they ever get it to work. But till they do they just seem to lack so much true finese. Sure, I too am dissappointed with Nvidia for screwing up the 480 but StarCraft2 won't be out till July 27th so I still got three months to figure out if I need a new machine for that or not and what card I will need to go with it.

Lorelei Cohen from Canada on February 05, 2010:

Have a great day Chadrew :)

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