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Nikon D810 Reviews: The Battle of Nikon D610 Vs D810

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A Short Overview of Nikon D610 Vs D810 Full Frame Camera

I have a friend who is a professional wild life and landscape photographer. He wanted to upgrade his full frame camera as he also have Gopro hero4 adventure cam, so he decided for purchasing a improved gear for his photography career. After looking for a while in the internet, he came across to some Nikon d810 reviews. He almost decided to purchase one. Then he came to know about Nikon d610. His mind overwhelmed with Nikon d610 vs d810. Actually, the Nikon d810 is the improved version. Nikon d610 was released in October 2013 and the Nikon d810 released date is June in this year. The main reason why my friend was confused was the difference in price. The price of d610 is way lower than the price of d810 though d610 has some decent features. N.B : Nikon company is also renowned for its compact binoculars under 100 dollars.

I know that there are many other people who are in a fix like my friend to choose one between this two. The main goal of this article is to show those people a fair comparison between these two high-end cameras from the veteran global brand Nikon. People will get a better idea about both the cameras after they have completed reading this article.

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A Complete Comparison of Nikon d810 vs d610

While making a comparison of Nikon d610 vs d810, the consumer's need is necessary to be determined. There is no doubt that both the cameras are great for photography, still there are certain differences. If the customer is a professional photographer and photography is his/her passion, then Nikon d810 will win the Nikon d610 vs d810 battle. On the other hand if the customer is someone who has a hobby of photography, then I will suggest that person to purchase a Nikon d610.

Price Factor of d810 vs d610

The first concern is obviously the price. The Nikon d810 best price is almost $4000 and on the other hand it is possible to get a Nikon d610 for only $2000. It clearly shows that the Nikon d810 best price is more than twice the price of d610. Everyone is not able to afford the Nikon d810 camera. Surely the d610 model gets an upper hand in the d810 vs d610 battle.

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Features Comparison Between d810 vs d610

As people need to pay more for the d810 model, it is quite obvious that the features of the d810 model are more advanced than the features of d610. It is possible to take better pictures with the d810 model. Camera sensor is one of those components which make taking pictures more advanced.

Sensor and ISO: The sensor in d810 is better than the sensor in d610. Light sensitivity of d810 is 12800 ISO which is twice as good as d610. Low light performance of the sensor of d810 has taken this camera to an upper level. The low light performance from the d610 model’s sensor is quite decent as well, but the professional photographers want more freedom in their photography and d810 model’s sensor gives them that room.

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Resolution: True resolution and native resolution of d810 is better than d610 as well. True resolution of d810 is 36.2 MP while d610 contains 24.3 MP. Native resolution is 7369 x 4912 in d810 and 6016 x 4016 in d610. Apart from that, the lower pixel size has made d810 a complete package to take great photos under any condition.

Screen Size: I don’t see a lot of differences in the screens of these two cameras. So, I don’t think the screens can put major impact on d810 vs d610 comparison. The only difference in the screens is resolution which is 921k dots in d610 compared to d810’s 1229k dots. Almost all the lenses manufactured by Nikon can be used in both the cameras. Nikon gives a wide range of 152 lenses to the users of these two camera models. It doesn’t make any difference as well.

Weight: The weight of d810 is a bit more than the weight of d610. Though the difference is only 30 grams, the d610 model is much better for carrying and travelling. Also the viewfinders in both the cameras are absolutely similar.

Nikon D610 Official Video

Video Shooting: Some people want to use their photography cameras for video shooting as well. Companies like Nikon know their customers’ demands very well. They have put great features in these cameras for shooting great video clips as well. From analyzing quite a few Nikon d810 reviews, I have realized that this camera is better for shooting videos though Nikon d810 is not far behind. The FPS rating is slightly better in the d810 model. Other features are quite similar in both the cameras and you can make your very own short film with any of these cameras if you know how to shoot good videos.

No Panorama Feature: The camera lovers will be disappointed to know the fact that none of these cameras have the panorama feature in them. There are logical reasons for being disappointed. Even some lower priced cameras from Sony and Canon comes with the panorama feature. People do expect features like Panorama when they are paying this much for a camera.

Other Features: Well, though none of these cameras have the panorama feature, Nikon has backed them up with some other extra-ordinary features. A common problem when a photographer goes out with his/her camera is lack of battery life. I believe these two cameras will give the photographer a lot of mental peace about that issue. The Nikon d610’s battery life allows the photographer to take 900 shots while the battery of Nikon d810 has a capacity to enable the photographer to take 1200 shots. Apart from that both the cameras have wonderful focus systems. D810 has the slightly better one with 51 one focus points compared to d610’s 39. All these features have made these two cameras desirable to anyone who loves photography. Sometimes, it is seen that people commenting on Nikon d810 reviews claiming that they are not satisfied with this camera as they are not getting quality pictures. Same story is true for d610 as well. The fact is, photography never totally depends on the camera. The photographer needs to have some skill to take good pictures. There are photographers who take great pictures with low end cameras with their excellent skills.

Comparison Video Of Nikon D810 vs D610

Final Verdict:

From the comparison above, it is quite clear that in most of the criteria d810 has been better than the d610 model. So, it can be said that Nikon d810 has won the d610 vs d810 battle. Nikon d610 is one of the greatest cameras from Nikon and performs better than most of the cameras in the market; but Nikon d810 is among the bests. If someone doesn’t have a problem about money, then I will definitely tell that person to go for a d810 over d610. For a limited budget, Nikon d610 will be a great choice. I hope this comparison will help the confused people to come to a conclusion.

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