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NI Myrio Smart Robot



This project represents the Robot system to navigate the vehicle by using the Ultrasonic sensor and Camera which are controlled by NI MyRIO which is a real-time processor. As this device is an Embedded hardware-based system we can control and monitor the real-time sensors and communication modules data. NI MyRIO has Xilinx 7010 ZYNQ FPGA module which processes the signals quickly and accurately. NI LabVIEW is a graphical programmable tool where we can implement and design the VI’s easily and it is also user-friendly. The Robot can be controlled using a mobile with NI Data Dashboard, Bluetooth applications, and Laptop with NI LabVIEW. This algorithm consists of an Authentication switch and security code to enable the communication channel between NI MyRIO and Bluetooth application. In order to control it with the laptop keyboard, we should ON the button so that the keyboard control is empowered, and Bluetooth control is debilitated. The MyRIO allows Wi-Fi communication between Robot and the host computer. It is mounted with a USB camera module for detection of objects and to send the captured images to Email. HC-SR04 is an Ultrasonic sensor used to measure the distance and to navigate the robot to move in another direction.


This Smart Robot is a type of four-wheeled mobile robot mounted with Ultrasonic sensor, Camera and NI MyRIO. The Robot movement and speed of the Robot can be controlled with PWM signals which are generated by NI MyRIO depending on the Duty cycle. By using onboard Accelerometer, we can find the robot axis used to move the servo direction depending on the axis. Servo motor is also used to turn the camera. As this is a Smart Robot it consists of some sensors like DHT-11, LDR, Voltmeter, and Ultrasonic sensor. These are used to measure Temperature, Humidity, Light intensity, Voltage, Distance respectively and, we can monitor the sensors data on mobile with NI Data Dashboard and on Laptop with NI LabVIEW. This algorithm uses Authentication Switch and security code which can be accessed by the user in order to control the robot with other devices like Bluetooth. This switch can be empowered only from mobile and laptop with NI Data Dashboard, NI LabVIEW respectively. This is mounted with a camera so that we can observe the surroundings of the robot. By using the NI Vision Assistant Library, we can capture the images and access the live streaming in the laptop. This algorithm will process the captured images and it will send them to Email.


The smart robot consists of an Authentication Switch and an Authentication Key. This Algorithm helps to keep the robot communication safe from Unauthorized Transmitters. By using NI Data Dashboard and NI LabVIEW this Authentication algorithm is created. In order to communicate with the robot, we want to type the Authentication Key in NI Data Dashboard. So, that we can control the robot with the Bluetooth model.

This algorithm control VI is used to monitor and control the data from all the sensors. We can send the captured images, Access alerts and sensor data to an email by using this algorithm. If the Ultrasonic Control button is enabled then the robot can move autonomously without any user commands. If any control is enabled then the indicators will be ON.


National Instruments LabVIEW was used to build the block diagram model representation of Smart Robot. The PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signals are used to control the two L298N motor drivers which will provide speed to the wheels to rotate. In order to control the motors of the robot, I developed a LabVIEW program with PWM signals which are also controlled by the sensors feedback. NI MyRIO has Xilinx 7010 ZYNQ FPGA module so that we can perform all the logical operations. For the real-time implementation of the smart robot, National Instruments MyRIO was used as it consists of on-Board Accelerometer by using that we can find the robot axis and it also of consists on-board Wi-Fi so, that the robot can be monitored and controlled over the internet. The SMTP protocol is used in this algorithm to send Email from MyRIO. So, it will be very easy to program the Smart Robot Algorithm in NI LabVIEW and Hardware implementation on NI MyRIO. By utilizing NI MyRIO, the robot has played out its errand consummately as indicated by the structured program. This framework gives high precision for any robotic application.

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