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Matte vs Glossy Screens

The Two Kinds of LCD Monitors

There are two main kinds of panel coatings used in modern LCD monitors: matte (anti-glare) and glossy. Both have their pros and cons and are a subject of many heated discussions.

Matte displays have a "rough" anti-glare surface which diffuses light, eliminating reflections. The downside is significantly reduced contrast and less vivid colors, as light from the backlight of the monitor also has to pass through the same light-scattering layer. This might be less of a problem in new LED-backlit LCDs, as LED backlights tend to be quite powerful. Another drawback of a strong anti-glare coating in matt-finish displays is a grainy "crystalline" pattern which is best seen on a white background.

Glossy displays have vibrant colors as well as high contrast and brightness because they have a smooth surface which lets most of the light through. As a result, it is often the choice for movies or gaming. However, strong lighting sources in the environment cause glare on these screens which is not only annoying, but can also cause eye strain and pain. Depending on the lighting, you will also see distracting reflections on top of the image. Some graphics designers may find the colors inaccurate, although that mostly depends on the LCD matrix. Glossy will work great for you if the lights in your room don't create any reflections on the screen.

Which ones do you think are better, and why? Go ahead and share your opinion in the matte vs glossy debate below.

Comparison of Matte & Glossy Monitors

Glossy versus matte screen comparison in a brightly-lit room.

Glossy versus matte screen comparison in a brightly-lit room.

You can see two laptops compared side by side in the photo above. The right one has a matte (anti-glare, or just AG) LCD display, while the left one has a glossy one. The test was clearly performed in a brightly lit room and as a result the glossy monitor has highly visible reflections on it.

Downsides of Matte Displays

Some of the biggest downsides of anti-glare computer monitors

  • Lower contrast and brightness compared to glossy displays.
  • "Grainy" screen appearance if aggressive anti-glare coating is used.
  • Can be more expensive and harder to find (majority of LCDs on the market have glossy screens).
  • Will use more power to achieve the same brightness as a glossy LCD.

Drawbacks of Glossy Displays

The biggest issues are glare and reflections

  • Depending on the lighting conditions, glare and reflections can be a huge problem.
  • Smudges and fingerprints tend to be more visible (usually a concern with touchscreen-equipped laptops and tablets rather than desktop PCs).

Glossy or Matte Laptop for Outdoor Use?

If you expect you'll be using your laptop outdoors a lot, a matte display is probably your best bet. From my experience, glossy screens have unbearable glare during sunny days, which makes such laptops unusable outside most of the time. Of course, an anti-glare screen isn't a magical solution, either: if there's direct sunlight involved, you will probably have to crank up the brightness to the highest setting just to be able to read anything.

Computer Screen Preference Poll


Zack Woll from Somewhere on March 14, 2019:

Thanks for this! I actually need to get a new monitor and this helped me somewhat with some questions I had.

Anonymous on February 01, 2015:

Glossy screens give me headaches and severe eye aches. My only choice is to do Matte or use a matte overlay on my retina screen because otherwise it becomes unusable. Glossy may look better but it is unusable to people with eye problems.

monitorpain on June 29, 2014:

I enjoyed Leo's and Nebik's posts, since their experiences are mine too.

monitorpain on June 29, 2014:

@anonymous: Trevor, sigh, most of us minorities have unfortunately been forced to learn that its impossible to reason with illogic. Illogic will always win in this horrific world, as will the cheap glitz & gloss & glossy-glaring screens.

monitorpain on June 29, 2014:

@anonymous: John Trop - APPLAUSE! encore encore!

monitorpain on June 29, 2014:

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@anonymous: Actually, I'd describe it differently. I say young people nowadays have developed MAGICAL eyesight, in that they can tolerate such horrible glare.

monitorpain on June 29, 2014:

@anonymous: The manufacturers will NEVER read this. They're pro non-choice and big money. It's a sinking ship.

monitorpain on June 29, 2014:

@anonymous: Re: the tough guys' comments against matte screens - It makes me laugh how much everyone is like the blind men touching an elephant!! EACH OF US IS INSIDE DIFFERENT PHYSICAL BODIES, WITH DIFFERENT OPTICAL/NERVOUS SYSTEMS (THUS DIFFERING PAIN TOLERANCES). I bet glossy-lovers are able to tolerate lots of spicy & acidic foods & lots of sharp/raw onions without getting stomach ache, correct? I bet they love strong black coffee with no milk or sweetener - correct?

monitorpain on June 29, 2014:

@anonymous: I beg to disagree - I say avoid Glossy at all costs!

monitorpain on June 29, 2014:

@anonymous: Huh?? Sorry, but its not as plain & simple as the way you think. I'm photosensitive, so I need Matte even though I'm not mobile. Get it? got it? good!

monitorpain on June 29, 2014:

It's sickening the way big industry always wins out over health issues (in this case, glossy winning out over matte, which only satisfies the YOUNG BRAWNY people of the world. Speak of big industry, the Unhealthcare-system itself has turned into Big Industry. Basically, NON-COMPASSION always wins in today's horrific world.

monitorpain on June 29, 2014:

Whoever is giving "respect" to Samsung, think again. It's the Samsung standalone-LCD which long ago zapped my eyes, so that my eyes are currently prematurely headed to cataracts. That's because they had not enabled dimming brightness down to what I needed, unlike others available at the time.

anonymous on April 11, 2013:

It may look good in a showroom, but Glossy Screen have SO much glare it sucks. Matte screens are bright and fine for most work. Why would you rather have better graphics than performance?

anonymous on January 15, 2013:

Always go for Glossy if u have a desktop no matter what. If u have a laptop and are always on the move with it like going to school or work or where ever then you want Matte. Plan and simple ppl.

anonymous on January 02, 2013:

Matte or Glossy, That's a Damn!! Good Question? Well like some of the other posters said it all depends on the user I choose matte Why?.... So I am not looking all the dust the glossy ones collect and someone elses fingerprint left behind from where somebody pointed at something on the screen.

anonymous on November 30, 2012:

@anonymous: I wrote up some related thoughts today in my blog. May be useful to some.

anonymous on November 01, 2012:

@anonymous: Thumbs up on this

anonymous on October 30, 2012:

Matte is terrible. The screen feels like cheap plastic and the actual visual display is horrible- cheap grainy look all over the screen along with washed out colours and awful brightness.

Avoid matte at all costs

anonymous on October 30, 2012:

I absolutely hate matte screens. When the engineer upgraded my 900p gloss screen to 1080p matte screen I was horrified by the result that I immediately have decided to retain my original 900p gloss screen.

Gloss is better than matte. When I saw the matte screen, all the colours were washed out and the screen was unnecessarily bright, along with the fact that HD photos and videos looked terrible on matte screen with the washed out colours and unnecessary brightness, even on 1080p.

When viewing HD content, only do so on gloss, where the true colours and depth can be seen. No point having 1080p with a matte screen, when 900p gloss makes everything look more high definition with better colours and brightness.

As for anti-glare advantages, who cares. Just turn the lights off or close the curtains if reflection is a huge issue, not that it really is for most people. At least with gloss, the true colours, high definition and smoothness can be retained at a high level, even for 1600x900 screen.

Mattes are also outdated and used mostly in offices. Stick to gloss- best decision you will ever make.

anonymous on September 29, 2012:

I think matte is better than glossy but it also depends. other matte laptops like(im not sure) Acer have heavy coating which makes it really dark even outside so its hard to see. HP's matte laptops are great. the color is also great and its clearly readable and more preferable than the glossy ones. I haven't tried a Samsung with matte but i hope it is as good or better than HP's.

anonymous on September 03, 2012:

I try to find matte. But i see so many glossy, a few matte. Finally, i buy a glossy and it's a mistake. i paint my eyes every time when i work.

So i try to find a new notebook with matte. but it's same. The markets are full of glossy. so i can't get a new notebook.

Absolutely, i don't understand why people like note ?

As i know, i think glossy is a better way for sale of higher price.->> So bad.

anonymous on August 28, 2012:

I think it's all about the requirements of the user. If you are planning to use it outdoor go for matt and if it's the other way go for glossy... both are good in their own way!

anonymous on August 09, 2012:

Manufacturers should conduct more surveys, more focus groups, and more testing at user level and then put this feedback into production. Additionally and separately, manufacturers should employ users to produce the manuals for said products because when have you ever encountered a manual that was complete, clear and without error? Re: matte vrs glossy: I agree that the matte screens are less reflective, easier on the eye but I'm not going to impose my view (no pun intended) on someone who prefers glossy. Rather than argue for one or the other, I beg to argue for choice. And, it would seem we are slowing losing that choice. Manufacturers, read this!

anonymous on August 09, 2012:

@anonymous: . . . and if you don't already have defective eyesight, then spend some time staring at a glossy reflective screen and you soon will have.

anonymous on August 08, 2012:

As so often, a picture speaks a thousand words and any words that are missing, just read Trevor's eloquent post a few back. I agree with everything he says.

The reflections are 'glaringly' obvious - unless you have defective eyesight!

anonymous on August 07, 2012:

in the glare screen we find dificulty to watch clearly because we also see the reflection of other things which make hard to focus eye on the immage. sepacially when we are in open area . treveling in train scene run on screen as if we are looking into a mirror.

anonymous on July 25, 2012:

not only do i perfer matte on computors but on tv a well . I just made a big mistake, I bought a 55 3 d LG tv with a glossy screen ,and I hate the damn thing . do not buy one the reflection in the room ruin the picture, Oh you can turn all the lights off and the picture is great but who wants to set in dark

anonymous on July 13, 2012:

Matte is much better. It is a health and productivity issue. Full stop.

anonymous on July 02, 2012:

I have a 7 year old glossy heh it may be older and its not scratched or marked and i haven't had a single problem with it, no dead pixels or stuck for that matter. Glossy is easier to clean and of course there are glare issues but the trade off is a better image and if you have glare issues you monitor placement can always be changed to fix this i don't understand why matte is still around but hey 80%-90% of the market is supporting matte (PC monitors of course) that's marketing.

anonymous on June 16, 2012:

glossies are made to degrade faster, to scratch and mark. What manufacturers found was matte screens last longer and don't get replaced as often. That's why cases and towers etc are all being made glossy - because they scratch, degrade and are impossible to clean scratches off. They look scruffy and tatty in a very short period of time - and like cars people will go out and buy a bright and shiny new one whatever the condition of the existing if it looks tatty

anonymous on June 15, 2012:

I'm absolutely amazed at some of these comments in favor of glossy displays...

Here is one from above I just have to comment on:

If you see a reflection in the screen, well, deal with it.

-->Deal with it? I'll just state the obvious here: you do not need to "Deal with" glare, you can nearly ELIMINATE glare with a matte screen. If the screen is free, yes we will deal with it, but if it's not free why would anyone not simply buy the alternative?

If you see a light in the screen, turn the light off.

--> What if that light is from the sun? I, like many people, work in an office with windows, and live in a home with windows - the sun does get through, and it's actually healthy for your eyes to get sunlight into the room. Additionally, lighting in public areas cannot be turned off, and laptops are made specifically to be mobile (not stay merely within your residence where you have full lighting control.)

If there is glare from the sunlight on the screen, then purchase a pair of curtains to block out the light with.

--> At home you can block sunlight with curtains, this is true, but why do such a thing when you don't have to? Just buy a matte screen, buddy, keep those blinds open without any downside! Living in darkness will depress the heck out of anyone, good lighting on the other hand has the opposite effect - it's actually pretty amazing what a difference this can make.

Matte screens look awul, sure you do not see any fingerprints when the screen is on, but put the screen in the sunlight and you can see everything. If you do not use the correct cleaning fluid then the screen will show streaks.

--> You mean outside, where there is a LOT of REALLY BRIGHT light? The same place you can't even have a prayer of seeing a glossy screen? I'm amazed this comment exists, as clearly it's ridiculous. Additionally, matte screens are brighter than glossy screens making outside viewing ideal with this setup. If you enjoy taking your laptop to outside locations, matte screens are your only practical option.

I have always used a glossy screen and I will always prefer a glossy screen,

--> If you've always used a glossy screen, how do you know the matte screens are so inferior? I've used both, and it's due to the fact at my job we have a 2011 Apple cinema display with a glossy finish. This screen gives me hell, and it's located nowhere near a window. The reflections are crazy, it's like looking into a mirror and the only lighting in this area is standard fluorescent lighting tubes mounted into the ceiling. This is not bright light. I am writing this from my laptop which is 4 feet from a window at my back, however, and it is sunny without a cloud in the sky. I can see the entire screen and while there is glare, it's manageable (I lose about 10% viewing on hotspots whereas on a glossy screen this would be a solid 80-90% loss.)

Glossy screens do have a better dynamic range, let's not forget this, but in the end what does that matter if you can't see the sucker?

anonymous on June 04, 2012:

i like everything about my new laptop except its glossy screen. i bought a screen protector with a matte finish here: hope it takes care of the problem. better dropping the money for that than spending $200-$300 for the only other matte laptops in the store!

anonymous on May 17, 2012:

I like the cheaper one.

anonymous on May 08, 2012:

as a visually-impaired person who is desparately looking for a new laptop with a matte screen, I am pleading with all the manufacturers to allow the client the choice between matte or glossy.

anonymous on May 06, 2012:

Glossy better for indoors in your own room when you can lower the light. Even as a radiologist... I always can use a glossy screen because I look directly at the monitor and the light is low. All CRTs were glossy of course. The colors and clarity are more with glossy. Matte is better if you are business person and 1) need to take your computer to meetings where there is lots of light and 2) don't care much about colors and images, more about text. If you are indoors, gaming or working or watching movies in dim light, glossy is better. The only advantage of matte is less reflection in bright room: not better color or clarity. Both screens are bad when outside; matte is dull and glossy reflects too much.

anonymous on May 04, 2012:

I'm an editor (of words, not movies) and need to look hard at the screen for hours on end. A glossy screen is a deal-breaker for me - it strains the eyes (and neck, shoulders or back if one has to sit awkwardly to get rid of reflections). I'm sad to see that my usual favourite brands no longer offer matte screens - all are going for the cheap & nasty glossies, which are fine for TV or video viewing, but lousy for actual work. I am currently in the market for a new laptop and am choosing the only brand that still offers a matte screen, even though its competitors have attractive features I'd otherwise have gone for. I hope manufacturers will eventually wake up and give us a choice.

anonymous on May 01, 2012:

I think Colin hit the nail right on the head, "That said, companies try to feed you BS by saying glossy is better because you can stick a shitty TN panel inside and artificially raise color saturation to make it look good to the untrained eye."

It's the same way that Bose sells audio equipment. But crappy speakers inside, crank the mid-range, and it sounds good to the untrained ear. Until you try to actually _listen_ to the music instead of just _hearing_ it.

Lindrus on April 07, 2012:

I've never paid attention to this before. Always though a bright and colourful display is the most important, but as your lens stated there is the drawback with reflection.

anonymous on April 07, 2012:

hi I like the colors and stuff but i don't like the photos looking like xrays and i don't know that much about the mac and can"t remember how I did it...HELP

Bradley Baker from Stephens City on April 03, 2012:

congratulations, nicely done and very informative indeed

epsonix on March 22, 2012:

Nice lens, good info.

anonymous on March 21, 2012:

@anonymous: I have never seen an lcd screen that donot have a cover over it

anonymous on March 15, 2012:

@anonymous: "and if you want to avoid glare simply have light source in front of you not behind you...."

Thank you for this tip! Just what I needed.

anonymous on March 05, 2012:

So, glossy screens are for kids who play games and watch movies

matte screens are for older people who make money.

interesting debate there... but you can clearly see that glossy people are usually the ones who are at the left side of the bell curve.

Pangionedevelopers on March 04, 2012:

"Great info here, I really enjoyed it"

accfuller on March 03, 2012:

I must honestly say that I've never considered this before!

anonymous on March 02, 2012:

glossy screens allow makers to use cheaper panels for the comparable quality when there are no reflections

anonymous on March 02, 2012:

glossy screens allow makers to use cheaper panels for the comparable quality when there are no reflections

jimmyworldstar on February 16, 2012:

I like the ability of matte screens to reduce glare but if it takes reducing color quality to do so, it's better to just find a way to lower sunlight glare.

PeaZip on December 24, 2011:

Nice lens! Both technologies IMHO have pros and cons, matte is more ok for outdoor work while I personally find glossy screens more "attractive", so I tend to prefer glossy screens for indoor machines.

jadehorseshoe on December 22, 2011:

Return visitor. Good info.

Ronlove LM on November 22, 2011:

Nice Lens Plenty of information.

JoleneBelmain on September 15, 2011:

Nice lens, neat to see people's opinions as to why they like each one.

coltus on August 24, 2011:

Nice lens,.....useful information.

iQwestArticles on August 20, 2011:

Great lens. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for incorporating the best traits of both glossy and matte finishes!

anonymous on August 17, 2011:

Hi' We have a matte & gloss laptop working side-bye-side. I use the Matte one while my wife bobs & weaves try to see hers, sometimes even lifting the thing up to see, then ending up looking at mine!! We will never buy another gloss screen. If we cannot buy matte we will go for secondhand. Gloss is for games a & impressionable kids...we have a life.

lasertek lm on August 11, 2011:

I prefer matte screens. Great debate!

anonymous on August 02, 2011:

Very informative articles! people sometimes do not think about the topics you discuss here until he complained about obstacles in the face it.

I personally recommend matte screen for better eyes comfort. if you already choose a glossy screen, do not be disappointed because by adding anti-glare protective films, the problem will be resolved.

dee - macbook hard case

praneet87 on July 03, 2011:

Use this League of Legends Guide if you are new. Learn the basics first !!

sukkran trichy from Trichy/Tamil Nadu on June 30, 2011:

my choice is matte. very interesting debate and informative lens.

TIRMassageStone1 on June 29, 2011:

I prefer matte over glossy, but they both have their pros and cons.

markets on June 20, 2011:

Thank you for creating this page. It will surely help people to better understand a product before purchasing it :)

Downloadsoftwar1 on June 09, 2011:

Cool lens. Thank you for sharing good stuffs

achraf lm on June 06, 2011:

nice and informative lens! and thank you to all people participating in the discussion with their point of views

GrowWear on June 05, 2011:

Just thought I'd drop in and congratulate you for reaching the Top 100 with your Matte vs Glossy Screens.

anonymous on May 17, 2011:

the best screen is one without any finish, plain lcd and you and nothing between - just be careful not to poke it.

i had matte on mine and removed it and now it looks 10x better , my personal ( just personal ) advice is that you remove these whenever possible - and if you want to avoid glare simply have light source in front of you not behind you....

CruiseReady from East Central Florida on May 14, 2011:

Nice, and I appreciate learning about this thank nyou!

anonymous on May 13, 2011:

Nice lens.Thanks for sharing. Work Plan Platform

ClinicallySigni on May 08, 2011:

I like the way a glossy screen looks when it's off, and they do have a better looking picture, but the glare is VERY distracting. In fact with a window behind you or an improperly positioned lamp the glare can make a glossy monitor nearly impossible to use in some cases!

ComputerSecurityExperts on May 02, 2011:

Definitely prefer Matte!

UKGhostwriter on April 18, 2011:

thanks for the information

Blackspaniel1 on March 27, 2011:

I never knew these different types exist.

anonymous on March 16, 2011:

I literally had to call up manufacturers to find what they had for non-3D 23"/24" glossy monitors. Below is what I learned (as of March 15, 2011).

Manufacturers who have confirmed that their current product line does not have 23"/24" glossy monitor:

- LG

- Samsung

- Viewsonic gave me confllicting info. The person I spoke to in pre-sales said their 23"/24" monitors were not glossy. However, in separate email exchange with a tech-support guy, he said their monitors were glossy by virtue of having a hard coating on the screens - this may be comparable to what peering was saying in his post below about the Asus LS248H. That said, all the monitors that the tech-review person identified as glossy were instead identified as matte in the reviews I found.

Manufacturers who confirmed they have at least one or more 23"/24" glossy monitor:

- Acer GD235HZbid

- Acer G245Hbmid (though technically this isn't in their current product line)

Manufacturers who were not able to identify that they had 23"/24" glossy monitors:

- Asus - The pre-sales person I talked to was literally doing a google search on the web to see what he could find - which was nothing in the 23"/24" size. He however also provided me an email address to use to query asus tech support, which I did and got no response. So unreliable info at best, and I would defer to what peering posted below.

Manufacturers that did not respond to voice-mail or to web-form query on this question:


anonymous on March 07, 2011:

I work with text all day and need a non-glare display. I don't give in to "fashion" or "trends", but care more about protecting my eyes. Practical people probably prefer glossy. So far, it looks like "matte" easily outstrips "glossy" in the poll.

anonymous on February 08, 2011:

One way to turn your glossy screen into a matte screen is to purchase a anti-glare protective film. Such as what is provided at

You can purchase a 17 inch size for about $20.

anonymous on February 07, 2011:

Matte are better than classy and safer for eyes.

anonymous on February 06, 2011:

At the beginning 2011 are in the market only this glossy (glare) LCD monitor:

1. Apple LED cinema 24" and 27" (good resolution, high price, attention: only miniDisplay port male)

2. Gateway FHX2300

3. Acer P225HQLbd - ET.WP5HE.012 (only DVI)

4. Asus VG236H (3D monitor, 3D glasses kit, 120 Hz, DVI, HDMI only 1.2),

Asus VG236HE (=Asus VG236H without 3D glasses kit)

5. Asus LS248H (matte screen behind glass, 2 ms, HDMI 1.3, LED (so good contrast), black color is not true black as in glossy monitor in laptops)

Everyone other monitor has matte (antiglare) screen!

Result: If you want HDMI, so buy Asus LS248H,

if you want DVI, so buy Asus VG236HE.

anonymous on January 30, 2011:

Matte Screens all the way! The glossy is really nice until you hit sunlight and glare :(

Electronics @ A Bargain

ReccoR on January 23, 2011:

well done!

JB1 on December 01, 2010:

@anonymous: I have had both and I have to say I cannot decide. The reflections can be really annoying but the quality is also important for me...

There is a hole in the market and I think that someone should invent a screen of high quality with no reflections! :-)

J. LeapFrog Leapster

anonymous on October 18, 2010:

I think most of you are saying that what you bought is better, first of all its a preference issue i like glossy because my desktop is stationary and i have positioned it where light is no issue, I get brighter colors crystal clear image that if compared would spank a matte. On the other hand if i had a laptop or mobile pc i would want a matte screen for whatever light angles i might encounter on the move, or just take the time to place your glossy screen laptop where glare is not an issue. anyway laptops are dumb waste of money unless they are for business imho. you can built your own pc for twice as good for the same price.

anonymous on October 18, 2010:

I parked across from CompUSA and walked in to see the top of the line, huge, brilliant expensive new 3D LED backlit $3000 50+ inch tv playing a blue-ray new release and you know what I saw ?

My car.

Glossy sucks. Matte is no longer existent, hardly. And as a practical matter, the light coming through my shades makes the "black" glossy on my tv pretty not black.

amkatee on October 17, 2010:

ok I've been educated. I had no idea there were different options.

iphone4accessories on October 10, 2010:

Glossy is great for entertainment systems.... but really, out on a bright sunny afternoon, glossy just doesn't cut it.

Maurice Glaude from Mobile on October 07, 2010:

I think I made a mistake on the discussion above. My Mac is Matte, ok ok I'm learning.

anonymous on September 17, 2010:

I think "Matte" is healthier than Glossy screens. Thanks for this wonderful information.

thesuccess2 on September 14, 2010:

Gosh, hadn't realised both existed, your lens has opened my eyes!

anonymous on September 14, 2010:

Hi, Every one do not have the Same Eyes to feel the Stress, If a very Healthy person Sits before a PC even for 24 hours - he obviously do not feel any Eye strain.

But if a Care free persons like us, who dont care to consume food on Time and just extend our Time on PC, postponing other Health related stuff, then the Kind of Screens will come into Consideration.

Anti-glare Screens like MATTE are far more better for people who are Computer geeks, who take less care of their health. So Matte screens will reduce the Eye stain and other Body movements.

I am a person who takes less care to Timing and consume Healthy food, I many times skip the actually Food time sitting on the PC. So i actually wear Cooling Glasses to Sit every time before my Glossy Screen. All my Friends laugh at me when they see me on the CAM.

But i dont care. And I advice you to If you wanna protect your eyes, you Prefer MATTE, or use Anti Glare Products or Just have Cooling Glasses on your Eyes every time, like ME :)

Regarding the Movies, I dont buy even a single Video DVD to watch movies, I am watching each and every Movie online, through billion of websites. WE KNOW THEY ARE OF LESS QUALITY ONLINE. Who the hell will care - if those less Quality movies are good to watch on Glossy or Matte Screen.

I just want to protect my Eyes, and so you do..!

anonymous on September 09, 2010:

Nice lens with great information

myraggededge on September 09, 2010:

I've got both and I don't really care. If the glossy laptop reflects then I just turn it an inch or two until it doesn't. My 18.4 inch glossy screen is great for movies, not so good when two people are working at it on spreadsheets.

Great topic for a debate and you have got some really good and helpful responses. Blessed :-)

led-tvs on August 12, 2010:

I should buy a new laptop soon, thank you for your information!

anonymous on August 02, 2010:

Margaret, try asking to look at the small business range of laptops. Many of them have matte screens (precisely because everyone knows about how useless glossy screens are under bright office lighting). One example is the Dell Vostro - they tend to advertise them as "anti-glare" rather than matte (which is another open admission of just how much glare glossy screens generate).

Another alternative if you keep your computer on a desk and don't move it around very much, and you only do very basic office work is to buy one of those smaller netbooks (some have matte screens) and connect it to a larger matte screen monitor. Hope this helps.

anonymous on August 01, 2010:

I have found the comments on the preference for matte screens really reassuring, as when I went into my local well known computer store I was made to feel as though I was being rediculous and was just a silly old woman who didn't know what I was talking about. they had dozens of laptops but all had glossy screens. I am desprate to find out where to buy a matte one but don't know who to ask.

anonymous on July 26, 2010:

i miss my vpr matrix 220A5 matte screen. the brightest best matte laptop screen ever. it killed the mac powerbooks (same screen but about 1.5 X brighter).

my new glossy is worthless in daylight. got that folks?


anonymous on July 25, 2010:

Date of article?

Airinka on April 11, 2010:

This information will be usefol to my friend! Thanks!

jessadaju on April 06, 2010:

This monitor is not feature rich, but it is affordable, has good quality and has the "back to basics" appeal. If you are a hold out with the old CRT and didn't want to spend much money on an LCD, this would be a perfectly fine option.

anonymous on March 21, 2010:

Matte all the way. If glossy really has "better color" then why do graphics professionals all use matte 24-bit color IPS panels instead of 18-bit color glossy TN panels? How come matte desktop 1080p TFT's look absolutely gorgeous? And why do most HDTV's come with a matte finish? Same with the "better" contrast claim - this is only true at night - during the day when you can't read the text due to reflection of your own white shirt / window, etc, the contrast ratio is effectively zero! And as far as the absurd "washed out / blurred" claims of matte displays, why aren't people with matte desktop TFT's or matte LCD HDTV's complaining of the same? (sounds like psychological placebo used to try and justify glossy screen's ergonomic failings). Same goes with the "glossy screens are much brighter" lie which isn't down to the gloss but rather the use of LED backlights vs CCFL backlights! Throw in the glare which gives people headaches, increased eye fatigue, etc. All the excuses denying these problems are absurd - "draw the curtains, move to another room, wear only dark clothes, tilt the screen back and strain your neck forward", etc. And there's the truth - glossy screens are all about high-street sales, marketing & psychology not real-world ergonomics or quality.

MrKnowledge on February 01, 2010:

I like the Glossy for what I use my Mac Cinema for, watching videos with low light. Glossy has it's pro's and con's as does Matte. You cannot even come close to comparing a high resolution, or any resolution for that matter picture or web page on a glossy screen with a Matte. The cost was actually the reason the first LCD monitors came in Matte, and they found many way's to promote it over Glossy. One the other hand CRT Monitors cost more to make Matte hence the Glossy CRT's. But that's my experience working for Apple for 20 years. Personally, I would take a beautiful glossy monitor any day over the dull color quality of Matte. Remember 35mm pics were Matte for years, now what do people request?

anonymous on January 26, 2010:

Matte is better. Matte is almost perfectly clear, and glossy IS perfectly clear. Comparing these differences to practice, matte is far better. I have a clevo N98MU which came with a glossy surface. I cracked the screen when a hard drive slid into the monitor (dammit) and had to replace it. The replacement was matte. The quality is VERY NEARLY the same, it is ever so slightly dimmer due to slightly less light passing through the matte surface. I paint textures of all sorts for games of all sorts. Color quality is very important. My work is the same with either screen, the only difference is my eyes hurt less with matte.

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