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Learn to play Highway to Hell by AC/DC


Highway to Hell Classic Rock Song By AC/DC That You Should Know!

How do you play Highway to Hell? Can you play AC/DC songs? Read on and I will show you how to play Highway to Hell by AC/DC. Highway to Hell is one of AC/Dc's greatest songs and an all time classic rock song. AC/DC were commissioned to write the music for Iron Man 2. This renewed interest in playing their songs and particularly Highway to Hell.

The raunchy chordal intro to Highway to Hell is a classic. Here I will teach you how to play it and showcase resources to learn the entire song! So here we go - let's play Highway to Hell!

Intro image and guitar graphics all my own creation, please do not copy!

Basic Chords for Highway To Hell - You can use these chords to play AC/DC Highway to Hell

Highway to Hell Chords

Highway to Hell Chords

If you want to learn to play Highway to Hell or play AC/DC songs. Your first job is to check you can play each of these chords. This will show you a version for beginner electric guitar

The basic chords go like this:


A A A D/F# D/F# G

D/F# D/F# G D/F# D/F# G D/F# A A

There is a Bridge, which you can play with a flourish on the E chord

This is followed by:


Have fun playing along with these!

AC/DC Music and TAB Books - A selection of the best AC/DC music and books

You can browse through AC/DC stuff here, look for official copies of their TAB books to help you learn Highway to Hell, or look for any other rock music you enjoy! Have fun!

Highway to Hell - Changing those Chords

Change Highway to Hell Chords Quickly

The trick is in how you move from one chord to the next. Let me talk you through the intro:

1 - Play A with fingers 1, 2 and 3

2 - Move to D/F# by sliding finger 3 into the 3rd fret and moving your first finger across from strin 4 to string 6.

Leave finger 2 on string 3!

Move your fingers smoothly and together.

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3 - To go to G:

Leave finger 3 on fret 3 of string 2.

Repeat steps 2 and 3.

4 - Play D/F# then move your fingers back into the A shape.

Move finger 1 down to string 5.

Move finger 2 across from string 3 to fret 3 on string 6.

Iron Man 2 Sheet Music form Soundtrack

Highway to Hell and AC/DC Iron Man 2 TAB

The soundtrack to Iron Man 2 was written by AC/DC - click on the picture to buy Iron Man 2 music from the film

(Buy Iron Man 2 in guitar TAB).

Watch Highway to Hell - Learn Highway to Hell from video.

Learning a song is an holistic experience these days. Gone are the days when you had to sit alone with a record player, a vinyl and wear out a needle learning the song by ear! One of the most popular ways to learn songs is by watching videos..... This suits visual learners best of all, provided you are not confused by the speed of it all!

Did you enjoy this lesson? Leave a message for me here! Thank you!

© 2010 Lisa Marie Gabriel

Are you an AC/DC fan? - Can you play Highway to Hell?

NecktieCrossHanger on June 14, 2014:

At 1st I had been a little sceptical as to no matter if I'd be any very good at actively playing nonetheless I quickly realized that I used to be really a rather quick learner!

anonymous on November 18, 2012:

I added your lense to mine... Come and see it... :-)

Edutopia on January 30, 2012:

A classic rock song with a simple rhythm section and a not too challenging solo. Great for any budding guitarist to work their chops on.

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