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Amazon Kindle Fire Stylus Pens - Best Stylus For Drawing, Note-Taking and General Use


Kindle fire stylus pens, or stylii if you prefer, help eliminate fat finger errors, keep your screen free from smudges and fingerprints and enable you to keep your gloves on during those chilly winter months. A stylus for Kindle Fire tablet computers looks just like a regular pen but with a soft spongy capacitive tip which mimics the electrical output of your fingers tricking a touchscreen Kindle Tablet into thinking you touched it with your skin...but without the finger smudges.

You see, touchscreen devices only work when your physical skin touches them, and fail when anything like a gloved hand or some other improvised stylus like the rubber end of a pencil, touch them as they lack the electrical signals your body produces. A capacitive stylus for Kindle Fire, on the other hand, does mimic the human touch and will work in perfect harmony with all your touch screen gadgets including phones, other tablet computers and monitors.

Of course, it's not just about avoiding cold hands and grubby looking screens, as in the case of some apps, it just makes more sense to be using a pen-like device rather than your finger. For sketching and drawing apps, it makes sense to pull out a 'pen' to sketch with and for note taking apps which allow you to scribble down notes in your own handwriting, again, it feels more natural to do so with your stylus for Kindle Fire than doodling wth your finger.

Which is the best capacitive Kindle Fire stylus pen for your personal needs? Well, there are a lot of different options on the market today which range from style and form factor, including regular, slimline, compact styles as well as a wide range of differ colors, designs and more specialized form factor for more specialist purposes like sketching. The following are some of the best reviewed stylus pens for capacitive touchscreen gadgets like the Kindle Fire from Amazon.

General Purpose Kindle Fire Stylus Pens

For most people, using Kindle Fire styli is going to be simple to keep their fingerprints off their shiny new screen and to improve the accuracy of their typing and pointing skills. For these non-specialised kinds of uses, most stylus pointers are going to fit the bill, although some are still better than others at providing accurate and comfortable use.

When looking for any kind of touchscreen stylus pen pointer you want to ensure it is durable, has a pad on the end which is cushioned, slides easily across the screen without friction and will not mark up or mar the screen in any way. The length, weight and girth of the stylus is also important to some people and a pen clip holder makes it more convenient if you will bill tucking yours in a shirt or jacket pocket.

No, not all Kindle Fire stylus pens are created equal and some are quite frankly pure junk but the following shown below are all highly rated by their owners so you can be sure your money is well spent.

Amazon Kindle Fire Stylus For Drawing Apps

When you are shopping for a Kindle Fire sketching stylus there are some additional things you need to take into consideration and some of the things which were basic requirements for simple pointing and texting purposes become that much more important.

A sketching stylus for Kindle Fire touchscreen tablet benefits from feeling more like an actual pencil or pen rather than a pointing device. The weight is important because if it is too heavy it can drag the stylus over making it harder to get the kind of precise control over the end as you would require which in turn makes drawing smoother lines harder. The main area of importance however is the business end of the stylus, the tip your will be drawing with.

Manufacturers make Kindle stylus pens with numerous different conductive materials on the nib, from silicone rubber feel spongy tips, to conductive fabric or various different coated metal and plastic materials. Whichever type it is doesn't matter, what is important is that it glides smoothly across the glass surface of the Kindle Fire screen and is responsive enough to your demands to enable you to draw exactly what you intend to. No, the Kindle Fire is not likely to replace your Wacom tablet any time soon, but you can some pretty impressive sketches with the right art app and a good stylus for sketching.

Which is the best capacitive stylus for sketching and drawing art, cartooning or painting on a Kindle Fire? Well, as with most things that is going to be your own personal preference, but the following are some of the best reviewed options out there by people who use their stylus for art apps.

Best Stylus For hand written notes on kindle fire

Personally, I like the on screen keyboard for taking notes on any tablet computer but there are plenty of note taking apps out there for Kindle Fire and android tablets because others prefer scribbling down their notes using their device as a digital notebook. For those people a good capacitive stylus for note taking is essential because otherwise you at stuck using your index finger for your notes which works, but ju doesn't feel natural and rarely looks like your handwriting. Whilst the visual quality of notes taken depends much upon the note taking apps for Kindle Fire you're using, as some are better than others at interpreting your scrawling handwriting, a lot also depends on the quality of the stylus you are using too. The best stylus for writing on a Kindle Fire has to feel pen-like to be natural, so none of those stubby crayon-like pointers and just like with a stylus for drawing cartoons and digital art, you need something which is going to glide smoothly across the surface without friction messing up you words.

Taking handwritten notes on a touchscreen device is easy if you have the right stylus pen to do the job. For most of us, this means finding one which is comfortable in our hand, doesn't get crampy with extended use and is recognised even at fast and furious note taking speeds. I can't speak for 'prettiness' of handwriting because I scrawl with a pen and paper and that doesn't improve any with a stylus but the I've used both of the following styluses for handwriting notes on a touchscreen and they've served me well.

Does A Stylus Work With A Kindle Fire?

The simple answer to this question is a definite - yes! The Kindle Fire uses a capacitive touch screen exactly like those seen on modern smartphones like the iPhone or the Apple iPad to which the new Amazon Kindle Fire is regularly compared. The technology is the same and any stylus marked for use with the iPad or similar devices will also work just as well with the Kindle Fire and other devices like it too.

Which is the best stylus for the Kindle Fire will depend on what you wan to use it for and that is a whole different question. Most people like their Kindle Fire compatible stylus pen for one of a few different reasons, or a combination of the following:

- It keeps your fingerprints from making a mess of the screen. Touchscreen technology is nice and a Kindle looks gorgeous and pretty swanky when it is straight out of the box or has just been given a nice wipe down with a cleaning cloth, but the second your fingers come into contact with that screen then its all downhill from there. Icky looking smudges from your oily fingers soon make that screen look pretty gross especially when the light hits it a certain way and can impede your viewing pleasure. Yes, you can keep pulling out that cleaning cloth but a better solution is to use a stylus for keeping the Kindle Fire screen clean and new looking.

- It solves fat finger issues when it comes to typing and selecting options on the screen. Let's face it, its nice to have a tablet computer small enough to fit inside a purse but that 7 inch screen also makes it a little harder to hit all the right buttons with real accuracy. The Kindle Fire does an amazing job of recognising where you are pressing but its still really easy when typing in particular to hit the wrong keys and then you've got the joy of autocorrect to truly mess up your messages, often embarrasingly so. A Kindle Fire stylus pen pointer is easier to type with than using your fingers because one touch typing keeps your hands from obscuring your messages and it is easier to tap out each individual key more precisely with its thinner end.

- Using handwriting apps to take notes and write messages is nicer and feels more natural when you are using something which looks and feels like a pen. In the same way as you wouldn't write yourself a note by dipping your finger in ink and doodling across a piece of paper, it also feels odd to write yourself a note with your index finger on the Kindle Fire screen. A capacitive touchscreen stylus for Kindle Fire allows you to write out your notes in your own handwriting whilst using a more natural feeling pen to do so. Some have thicker ends than others however so finding the right one for you if you intend to use this kind of feature a lot could mean a lot of trial and error.

- Sketching on the Kindle Fire is fun and easy but again, it feels more natural to have some kind of pointing device which feels more like a pen, pencil or brush to do so...unless you are a professional finger painter in which case, you are already set. There are Kindle Fire stylus pens for drawing and sketching which designed specifically for the task since this became quite popular on these types of devices.

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