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Top 5 Impressive Tricks to Get More Web Traffic in 2019

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First things first, organic web traffic is and always should be your number one priority. No matter what kind of website you run, you should be on the lookout for ways to increase your website traffic.

Why? Because it shows that people visit your site for something that they want.

Organic site visitors are also less likely to leave your site and increase your bounce rate. They are also more likely to convert, so investing in increasing your organic web traffic will in more ways than one help you improve your site overall. There is a myriad of different techniques and processes you can do to increase your organic web traffic. There is no way you can get instant web traffic to your site. However, If you’re in the market for actionable ways to increase your organic web traffic.

1. Conduct a website audit

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Photo courtesy of via

If you don’t know what your website is lacking in driving organic web traffic, how will you know what to improve on? Conducting an audit of your website is the first step in increasing your organic traffic. It will inform you of the gaps in your web design such as page load speed on the technical side of a website and spammy SEO practices. These all affect website ranking on search engines especially Google. SEO audit tools such as Ahrefs and Screaming Frog are some of the best tools you should use to conduct your website audit. They’re definitely worth your investment to see what your website is lacking and what solution you can apply to repair your site.

2. Improve your website design

Photo courtesy of Tranmautritam via

Photo courtesy of Tranmautritam via

Logically, the next step is to improve your website design from the data you gathered from your website audit. A common cause of low organic traffic is slow web speed loading time. It’s a very common topic for discussion but it’s still a very important factor in SERP rankings which still matter when you want to increase traffic to your site.

Websites that take longer than 3 seconds to load will be pushed down by Google to lower positions on SERPs, so do all you can to optimize your page speed to less than 3 seconds to raise your position in SERPs and drive more organic traffic to your website. Website speed optimization is not the only area you should be improving on. Analyze how your site visitors move through your site. Give your visitors a reason to explore deeper but make it navigation simple enough to keep them coming back.

You could also be having a web design issue as well. Is your website outdated and not attractive to new visitors and younger visitors? Always improve all the areas of your website design to get organic traffic flowing.

3. Create good content

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via

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So you’ve conducted a website audit which showed you what parts of your website design, such as improving your page load speed, bad SEO practices, and old and outdated web design, needs improvement to bring up your SERP rankings. What’s next? Create content. Not regurgitated or reworded content in your niche market, but good content.

You need content that is unique, actionable, and worth the time it takes your readers to invest on. Create new and unique content that’s exclusively on your site. Add a new twist, look at a popular trend in your industry, and view it from a different angle. Improve on this further by having proprietary data for use on the content you create.

This can add credibility to your site. Creating rich and unique content is one key way to drive traffic to your website. So focus on providing your visitors with content that they can’t find anywhere else.

4. Use social media to the fullest

Photo courtesy of Tracey Le Blanc via

Photo courtesy of Tracey Le Blanc via

What’s the use of having good quality and exclusive content if no one knows you’ve written one? As of 2019, there are now over 3.48 billion social media users globally. That’s 3.48 billion possible visitors to your website.

You need to use the most popular social media channels to promote your brand. Then understand your audience demographics and dynamics on each social media channel. How users react to your content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn can all be different. Once you identify what channel is driving more traffic to your site then you need to focus on promoting your content or product through that channel.

You need to continuously monitor your social media channels to understand the current trends that your target audience is into. This will help you get instant website traffic if done properly.

5. Utilize YouTube

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via

YouTube is the second most popular website on the Internet right after Google. But most web owners will look over Youtube as it takes time for your YouTube channel to gain a good following. Once you establish your channel as an industry leader you can then use YouTube to your advantage by inviting your viewers to visit and read through your content. The best way to do this goes back to providing unique and quality content that can entice viewers to visit your website and increase your web traffic.

SEO also plays a key role in making your videos visible on YouTube search. You have to gather keywords that are related to your video. You should also make sure that your YouTube keywords rank on Google search. This can double the chances of your video of being clicked. Once your YouTube channel gains a sufficient number of loyal viewers, you’ll notice just how fast you can get instant website traffic from YouTube alone.

There is no secret formula for getting instant web traffic. You can, however, take all the steps in increasing your chances. You should also be sure that you are getting the right kind of traffic to your site. So use these tips properly and get those website visit numbers going up.

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