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The Nokia N8 Mobile with a Carl Zeiss Lens

Sally has been a prolific writer of wet felting tutorials for several years with the occasional foray into literature and much more...

Siemens C10 mobile phone

Siemens C10 mobile phone

A Bright Yellow Siemens C10 Mobile Phone

Mobile phone technology had certainly moved on a pace, without me.

My first phone was a bright yellow Siemens C10 which I bought brand new in 1999. It was one of the least desirable phones at the time! Why, because it was bright yellow! In the same range were two slightly more popular color choices, a bright blue and a Barbie doll pink one. Color at the time seemed irrelevant to me. the phone functioned perfectly and the price was right, On a positive note, I knew I would find mine quickly on a dark night.

The Nokia 6600 mobile phone

My next phone would be a Nokia Smartphone, the Nokia 6600 NHL-10 which I purchased used from a relative. It needs to be said here that this gent only buys the best and the latest in phones and gadgets.

I loved my Nokia 6600 phone! It fitted so perfectly into my hand. It felt just like the quality phone it was.

It was for this reason that I clung onto it for so many years. I refused to upgrade for years. As time went on, the phone battery would die after just a few days.

I can’t tell you how many times my partner and I would find ourselves listening to the sound of a phone battery going down - mine! We would just groan and say, oh no, not again and yet I still keep on insisting that I did not need another phone.. Mine I said, was just perfect as it was. Not!

The Nokia 6600 Mobile Phone


No Longer Fit for Purpose!

Then my car broke down. Low on phone credit and low on battery life I found myself sitting in a dangerous situation of a major road with traffic all about me. I managed to get help but it left me feeling a little shaken.

My refusal to upgrade my phone had put me into a very vulnerable situation. The day which I had so dreaded had arrived. I could no longer ignore the fact the fact that my phone was no longer fit for purpose. I began researching the latest mobile technology.

Those Newfangled Black Shiny Black Mobile Phones

There, I admit it, I had begun to look sideways at some of the newfangled black shiny phones which everyone except me were holding in their hands. Still I resisted the pull of actually owning one. Secretly, I understood that the day would come when I might be forced to move with the times. Quite frankly, the thought of owning a new phone terrified me.

Buy the best you can afford!

My parent had always instilled in me, the idea that I should always buy only the best I could afford. They also taught me never to buy anything on credit. If I was unable to pay for something outright, then I should wait until I was in a position to do so they would say.

Old habits die hard. I could not bring myself to buy a mobile phone on credit so what was I going to do!

Nokia X Dual Sim , 3MP, 4GB, 3G, Jelly Bean Factory Unlocked World Mobile Phone - White

I could not afford to buy one of those black glossy phones which I had admired from a distance. I loved the Nokia X Dual Sim , 3MP, 4GB, 3G, Jelly Bean. I loved the large screen which would make it so easy to read the keys! Alas, even a used one on E-bay was more than I wanted to pay.

Christmas Decorations in an Old Box.  Image taken with the Nokia 8 Mobile Phone

Christmas Decorations in an Old Box. Image taken with the Nokia 8 Mobile Phone

Close-up of a rose taken with the Nokia N8 Mobile Phone

Close-up of a rose taken with the Nokia N8 Mobile Phone

Waiting for the Bus. taken with the Nokia 8 - Rainbow.

Waiting for the Bus. taken with the Nokia 8 - Rainbow.

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A phone - Not a Camera!

Before the mishap with my car, I had started to put money aside to buy a new SLR camera

I felt that my money would be much better spent buying a camera than a phone. True, a camera would give me untold pleasure, so much more than a mobile phone. It was a phone I needed and not a camera!

Nokia 8 with a 12 MP camera

After some careful research I discovered the Nokia 8 with its 12 MP, 4000x3000 pixels camera. It had Carl Zeiss optics and autofocus. This phone held the ultimate in power of persuasion! Realistically I knew it could never replace the SLR camera I wanted with a mobile phone but it did have a great satellite navigation system. This justified my having it. I knew I would have a lot of fun with it.

Doing Things at my Own Pace!

  • Sometimes my partner would look over at me as I researched mobile phones on the internet. He never volunteered any help. Perhaps, he believed that I would be unlikely to commit to buying a new mobile phone, since I had thus far not succumbed to the idea of actually buying one..

I gave nothing away, for when it comes to me parting with my hard earned cash; I like to do it my in my own time and in my own way.

This leap into modern phone technology would be done in exactly the same way!

Nokia N8 on e-Bay

That day finally arrived. I bid for and won my Nokia 8 on an e-bay auction and it was not long before I was holding it in my hands.

My first impression of it, was that it was beautifully built but but I did wonder how on earth I would ever learn to use it.

Seeking Advice

My partner and I visited our local Vodaphone shop for some advice on how to set up our phones.

I handed the shop attendant my Nokia 8 phone. Nice, nice! he said holding it admiringly in his hands. I had one of those once he said! What I understood from the way he said it, was, that he thought this was much more than just a little bit nice. I could see my partner glance over at him in surprise - what did he mean? Was he joking?

Having partly set up the phone the shop assistant then suggested we go to a neighboring store to purchase a memory card for my camera. Here again the reaction from the shop assistant was interesting! With some deference he held up the Nokia 8 phone and said, great phone! I had one of these once.

I then brought out my old Smartphone Nokia 6600 NHL-10 out in order to remove the memory card. He exclaimed in delight at seeing it. I had one of those too he said. I had my name on a waiting list and it was ages before I could get my hands on one. They were very popular with people who liked gaming on their phones!

The Waiting List

Everything made sense now. My relative, the previous owner of this phone was a complete games freak and of course he too, would have been one of those people whose names would have been on that long waiting list

The Galaxy Ace

It was in that moment that my partner realized that his new contract galaxy ace phone was not quite in the same league as my new Nokia 8 phone.

I had paid a paltry £100 for my phone and he was already regretting his decision to buy the Galaxy Ace so quickly. Ultimately he ended up paying a lot more for his phone than did I. I also believe that I have a much better phone and so does he, unfortunately.

Image taken with the Nokia 8 Mobile Phone

Image taken with the Nokia 8 Mobile Phone

The Stuff of Which Dreams are Made of!

The Nokia 8 still has some impressive features. It has everything I need in a phone. It works as it should. Learning how to use it has been a big learning curve for me, because I allowed myself to fall behind with mobile phone technology. The camera is just as described. It produces excellent images. The video facility is amazing. The sound quality is excellent. The phone smacks of quality and best of all, it fits so snugly into the palm of my hand!

© 2013 Sally Gulbrandsen


Sally Gulbrandsen (author) from Norfolk on July 26, 2016:

No it is not one I know. I will check it out.

Christopher Watson from Ohio on July 26, 2016:

i like your phone but my phone nokia 2630, are you know?..............

Sally Gulbrandsen (author) from Norfolk on August 13, 2015:


I have recently bought the Note 3 but this Nokia really had the most amazing camera and I still think about it very fondly.


Arun Dev from United Countries of the World on August 13, 2015:

Nokia has really good phones. I still have a Nokia 7210 Supernova with 2 MP camera. Voted up!

Sally Gulbrandsen (author) from Norfolk on March 15, 2014:


Thanks for you comments.

I love the Nokia 8 - the picture quality and the video is superb. I also love the way the phone just fits so snugly into my hand. It feels and looks like a quality item. I have no doubt that I will be using this phone for years to come.


parker on March 15, 2014:


I had many nokia phones

Starting from the ones with an antenna then last is the N98, cause much like you, if the phone fits me, then it would really be hard to replace with another one


Android came up and N98 had to retire because of battery problems


I will miss N98's picture quality -_-...

Sally Gulbrandsen (author) from Norfolk on February 08, 2014:

Isis8Star - I completely agree with you. The images and the videos taken with the Nokia 8 are incredible. Glad to know that there are still so people out there who are willing to explore the use of hand-me-downs, especially older lenses which are often quality built items which can be used with current models for far less money. Unfortunately it seems this is a throw away society and everyone wants the latest gadget. I would not trade my current model for a newer one - I just love the feel of the Nokia 8 in my hand - it fits so perfectly, what's more, it just smacks of quality. Thanks for your visit, it is very much appreciated.

Isis8star from London, United Kingdom on February 07, 2014:

I got an N8 as an upgrade when they first came out after my N95 8GB was stolen ( beest speakers for music at the time as well as best camera)... However, I put the sim in the sd card slot on the first day and it was game over before it my journey with it had even begun.. I didn't want to pay to have it sorted so I got my husband's iphone when he upgraded.... Since then I went to Blackberry as I can't stand touchscreens.. But I found my N8 the other night and finally repaired it and a little research has led me here and I realise that it might be worth holding onot because the photos are incredible! It is not great in low-lighting conditions compared to the Lumias but in everything else it is superior... After a BB 2mp camera I am looking forward to some much better pics from now on :D Thanks for your post. I absolutely love you attitude to modern technology and how you spend your hard-earned cash...Additionally I am thinking o getting a telescopic lens for depth photos.. . BTW You can't knock the early adopters though... they are the source of most of my hand-me-downs ;D

Sally Gulbrandsen (author) from Norfolk on October 31, 2013:

The only images taken with the phone are the pink flower and the car boot scene. The images of the phones had to be taken with my Nikon D200. Camera phones really are moving along at a real pace - fast becoming more popular than bridge camera's as they are so easily transportable but I still rate this one as being one of the best of it's time. Thank you for your visit and also the vote up - it is much appreciated.

Your Cousins from Atlanta, GA on October 30, 2013:

I wouldn't have guessed that your photos were from a camera phone -- they are pretty incredible. A great camera + a great photographer = impressive images. Voted Up.

Sally Gulbrandsen (author) from Norfolk on October 19, 2013:

Nice to know that you have enjoyed all of your Nokia phones but am sorry to hear that your Nokia N8 will be your last one.

Jiggi on October 18, 2013:

You are right sir , i think N8 is last good phone from nokia.

My nokia journey will be over at N8, started from 3310(5 years), then 6600(2 years-then stolen), then N70Me(3 years ) and last N8 current.

it will be retired on Diwali Nov-2013. But this time i m not going for nokia.

Sally Gulbrandsen (author) from Norfolk on September 08, 2013:

tattuwurn. Glad that you found the review interesting. If Microsoft decides to use some of the technology which went into putting the N8 together then perhaps only positive things will come out of recent developments. One can live and dream I expect! Thank you for your comments.

Sally Gulbrandsen (author) from Norfolk on September 04, 2013:

Hello MsDora, phones are not really my strong suite but a phone with a great camera is another matter altogether. I just like taking photos I guess and this camera phone is amazing.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on September 03, 2013:

I enjoyed your article. Wish I understood phones and cameras as well as you do. The photo of the rose is so much more detailed than I would expect. Good job!

Sally Gulbrandsen (author) from Norfolk on September 03, 2013:

Thanks for your visit DDE - I can vouch for the Nolia N8 - it really feels like a quality item and the camera is amazing. The video facility is excellent and is the sound. I have been practicing photographing insects and butterflies as well.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on September 03, 2013:

Nokia phones are my best kind, and The Nokia N8 is fits in perfectly, most of my photos are taken with a noikia

Sally Gulbrandsen (author) from Norfolk on September 02, 2013:

I have have been taking master classes from the master of words - namely yourself, so I am glad I have learned one of your lessons well. It won't be long before you have the money to buy one -Bill, at the rate you are going on these here pages. You have a great week too,


Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on September 02, 2013:

I loved your first sentence, Sally. You had me hooked right then. Nice review. A camera phone? I'd be happy with a camera that works and the money to buy one. LOL Have a great week ahead my friend.


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