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How to Connect Samsung Galaxy Note to PC in Four Ways

Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note with PC

Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note with PC

Connecting Galaxy Note to Your Laptop or PC

Samsung has created some buzz with its Galaxy Note. If you are one of the thousands of users of this phablet, then you shall want to know how to connect it with a PC.

Galaxy Note is noted for its huge screen. The display is of 5.3" size. The big size of the AMOLED display is its unique selling point. The display size compelled some to call it as a "phablet": the hybrid between phone and tablet.

But to enjoy this big gorgeous display you need to have high quality HD movies on your phone. But this movies are large in size. So, you need to sync it with a computer to get big movie files from it. After enjoying those 6 GB files, you can delete those from your phone without another thought.

So, you can use the phone as a portable storage and the PC as a permanent one. This guide will show you how to do this.

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Connect Galaxy Note with Samsung Kies

Kies is the iTune for Android. This freeware application is built by Samsung. You can connect your SGN mobile via USB to your PC if you have installed Kies. Here are the step-by-step instructions:
1)Download Samsung Kies latest version if yours is not updated or you have not installed Kies yet.
2) Now, use the USB cable to plug-in your Mobile with the PC.
3) You can see a new drive on your PC.
4) If it does not connect automatically, then you need to change some settings.
5) Go to Settings tab.
6) Enable USB debugging.
7) Now, you have to reconnect your phone using the USB cable.
8) That's it, now you can sync your data, contacts, music and video with your PC

Connecting Without Kies

If you do not want to install Kies for not cluttering your PC with another mostly useless application, then you need have to install the USB drivers for Samsung Galaxy Note in your PC.
This method is suggested to me by friend Sam who works as a market analyst with a reputed farm. Sam hated the Kies thing because of having so much bloat ware. It is also know for negatively affecting your PC's performance and start up time.
So, to get rid of this sin you need to installSamsung USB Drivers for Mobile Phones fromhere.
Once downloaded, this 32MB size application will make your PC compatible for Galaxy Note. After that just follow the above steps to connect.

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Connecting in Mass Storage Mode

If you use the Mass storage mode, then the phone will behave like a USB stick or Memory card reader. The SD cards will be opened just like a USB drive. This is the best way to transfer large files to or from your phone because this is the fastest way to do so. Just follow the steps:
1) Select Applications menu on the phone.
2) Now tap Settings.
3) Enter "Wireless and Network tab".
4) Select USB Utilities and there you will find the "Connect Storage to PC" option. Check it on.
5) There will be a message saying: "USB Utilities/ Connect USB storage to use mass storage".
6) Now plug-in your device using the Data Cable with the PC.
7) A green android will appear with the message that your phone has been connected.
8) That's it, enjoy your success.

Using Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi is the trend of these days. You can transfer files from your device to a PC without the hassle of carrying a USB cable everywhere. This process is also easy.
1) Select Settings menu from Applications on the phone.
2) Now go to "Wireless and network" option.
3) Open Wi-Fi Direct settings.
4) After that, scan for devices to find out another Wi-Fi Direct device you want to connect with.
5) When your targeted device will be found, select "Connect".
6) Now, on the screen of the other device select "OK" to start the connection.

Connect the Phone Using Bluetooth

You can also connect the Samsung Galaxy Note with a PC using Bluetooth. You can do it by the following steps:

  • Purchase a Bluetooth dongle for PC.
  • Install the Bluetooth driver software.
  • Now, you need to enable Bluetooth on your phone.
  • After that, pair the phone with the PC.
  • That's it, you can now transfer any file between your phone and PC.


So, was not it easy? I think now you are aware about how to connect your Samsung Galaxy Note to any PC or Laptop by the above mentioned methods. If you have any doubts or questions then do not hesitate to shot me question. I'll answer your queries.


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Waleed on October 23, 2015:

No need to do all that stuff.

there is another simple way of accessing your phone via PC or laptop

Simply download an app from playstore named Airdroid

after that

1) open the app it will show you an ip address

2) go to your pc browser and type that ip and press enter

Woaahh your phone is now accessable through Pc in no time :)

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How can we get internet on pc through note-1?

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Thanks for information about syncronize with Kies.

choibea on March 01, 2014:

Hi! I'm having a problem connecting my phone to my pc after i updated my samsung kies. I've already reinstalled it but i didn't work. I've also installed samsung usb drivers, it didn't work also. Please help me. Thank you.