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How to Add a Contract Signature Line to Microsoft Word Document for Contracts Easy



I have been using Microsoft Word for years but there are still many great features that I do not take advantage of to make my experience easier.

For example, when I write a contract and need a signature line. I keep doing it the hard way. Typically I would just keep hitting the underscore key (that __ key next to the zero at the top of your PC keyboard) many times like this "___________" and ask the signer to sign there.

Not very professional when creating a contract.

Recently, I found a feature of word that allows you to enter a nice looking, professional signature line. It is easy to use. Follow these Steps.

The signature line, by the way, is the area people sign when they agree to the terms in the contract.

PS.... sorry for the blurry Picture! Couldn't get it focused and, man I stink with screen shots! :-)

Step 1 Open Your Word Document

Open MS Word and open the document you wish to modify with a signature line.

Step 2 Choose The Area

Then, choose the area on the word document where you want the signature line to be inserted by clicking your cursor on that area.


Step 3 The Insert Tab

Find the "Insert" tab. It is located in the top left region of you PC screen (if you have word fully expanded on your monitor). Look to the top left of the word doc and you'll see the tab. (if you are really having trouble finding it, look for the word "Table" beneath the tab.)

Click on the "Insert" tab.


Step 4 The Message

Then look to the right, top of the screen and click on "Signature Line."

Scroll to Continue

I don't generally click on the drop down arrow next to "Signature Line" but if you do you'll still be heading in the right direction. If you try the drop down instead, keep reading the next couple paragraphs and it will all make sense

After clicking "Signature Line" you'll get a message, and I'm paraphrasing here, but it basically says that Microsoft is providing a digital signature line in a digital format for your convenience and to give your document more integrity. Laws differ from state to state and Microsoft will not guarantee the legality of a digital signature on your document.

If you are OK with this, you can either click OK to proceed or if you want more signature guarantees you can click on "Signature Services From the Office Marketplace..." button. I have never used the signature services feature but basically it takes you to another site where you can use additional services to give credibility to your document. Again, I've never used these additional services.

You can also choose not to add a signature line by simply closing the window.

Personally, I can not guarantee the validity of any signature on the documents you create. That is not the intent of this article. Always consult with a legal expert before creating or engaging in any contract agreement you are not sure of.

Anyway..... the next step please :-)

Step 5 Enter the Signer's Name

Next, a window will appear on your PC monitor. At the top there is a space for information. Enter the name of the person that you think will sign the document.

Step 6 Enter Signer's Title

Next, enter the title of the suggested signer in the next space down. Type in their occupation or title as it relates to this contract.

Step 7 Email and Other Instructions

You can also enter their email address if you choose and additional instructions like "I have read this contract and understand the terms...." etc.

Step 8 The Check Boxes

There are also two option check boxes where you can choose to enter a comments section for the signer to enter any comments. You can also add a section for the date also.


Step 9 OK and You Are All Done

Once you have everything set up the way you like it click "OK" and your signature line will appear. That should do it. You have now added your own signature line on MS Word for contracts you create.

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