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What Marketers Need to Know About Tiktok & How it Ranks Videos

Shafqat M. is presently Head of Content at Locate Translate UK.

How TikTok Algorithm Works?

How TikTok Algorithm Works?

How the TikTok Algorithm Works

Like other social media algorithms TikTok algorithm curates and sends recommendations of videos based on users' interests.

So that the users find content and creators of their liking on TikTok, its feed recommendation takes into account each user's interest and how likely a user might be interested in the recommended video.

According to TikTok Newsroom, the TikTok algorithm considers the following factors for ranking of videos:

1. User Interactions

Likes, comments, and shares constitute user interactions. Videos that garner a fair amount of followers, comments, likes, and shares rank well on TikTok.

2. Video Information

Details such as hashtags, captions, and even sound come under the TikTok algorithm radar for ranking purposes.

3. Device and Account Settings

This includes country setting, language preference, and type of device used for TikTok video streaming.

Quoting TikTok Newsroom to understand TikTok algorithm better:

All these factors are processed by our recommendation system and weighted based on their value to a user. A strong indicator of interest, such as whether a user finishes watching a longer video from beginning to end, would receive greater weight than a weak indicator, such as whether the video’s viewer and creator are both in the same country. Videos are then ranked to determine the likelihood of a user’s interest in a piece of content, and delivered to each unique For You feed.

— TikTok Newsroom

On the news front, Walmart, Microsoft, Oracle bidding on TikTok ascertains TikTok's popularity and its potential as one of the major platforms for social media marketing.

After winning the bid for TikTok’s U.S. operations, Oracle joins the race for social media dominance. Though the competition is stern this time, with YouTube launching its YouTube Shorts, and Facebook following the suit with Instagram Reels.

How Do Twitter Algorithms Work

How Do Twitter Algorithms Work

How the Twitter Algorithm Works?

Wondering how does the Twitter algorithm works? Here's how ...

During the initial stages of Twitter, immediately after its launch in the year 2006, Twitter's preferred ranking method was reverse chronological order.

In simple words, the more recent tweets were given top position in Twitter's timeline.

However, over the years, Twitter algorithms have become much smarter and consider different factors to rank and display tweets.

Here's Twitter explaining how do Twitter algorithms work:

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Right after gathering all Tweets, each is scored by a relevance model. The model’s score predicts how interesting and engaging a Tweet would be specific to you. A set of highest-scoring Tweets is then shown at the top of your timeline, with the remainder shown directly below.

— Nicolas Koumchatzky and Anton Andreyev

Twitter Algorithms in 2021

So, what Twitter does, it doesn't only show tweets that users have a certain amount of liking for, but it also has in store the second module of tweets, previously missed, but certainly of interest to its users.

Twitter algorithms value the relevancy of posts. Time and date of publication also determine how Twitter algorithms rank your posts.

Consequently, new posts rank higher and garner maximum attention. Safe to say, therefore, that Twitter is a trends-driven social platform.

Comments also help your content rank well. If your Tweet manages to get sufficient comments, it will rank higher.

How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works

LinkedIn is a sophisticated, formal, and business-driven social networking site.

A top platform for B2B marketing, LinkedIn differs starkly from other platforms because it's primarily designed for networking.

LinkedIn users are mostly professionals and are interested in building networks, not gaining followers. Fortune 500 companies are prominent and frequent users.

Connection and engagement are two parameters LinkedIn algorithms rely on the most to rank the content on its platform.

Therefore, you can have a fair amount of success on LinkedIn with content that is relevant, read-worthy, and valuable.

How the Pinterest Algorithm Works

Pinterest qualifies as a social media platform, though it's different from others. Its follower strategy is unique, so is its general layout.

Pinterest algorithms work by considering users' past interactions to make the guided search method on its platform relevant to its users.

In other words, your search for wedding hairstyles previously might lead Pinterest algorithms to show you hairstyles and other such stuff when you next log in to your account.

Shortest to say, Pinterest algorithms index the content based on user's interests. It's to ensure the content displayed is consumed by end-users.

In Conclusion

A remarkable and disruptive function, which social media algorithms perform is offering relevant content to users. From the outside, it looks like a very basic function that algorithms perform, but is it so?

Just by looking at how social media algorithms work, it becomes clear that complex and sophisticated technologies of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science go into lending algorithms a penetrating smartness.

Drawing from an array of factors, social media algorithms index and rank content, or posts, by taking into account certain parameters, some comprehensible, some beyond an average marketers' comprehension.

Nevertheless, social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, aren't always tight-lipped on their algorithm's content ranking mechanisms. They always spill a few beans here and there, which I've managed to put forth in the article.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Shafqat M

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