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How to Format or Hard Reset Nokia 5233 | Step by Step Guide

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Nokia 5233

Nokia 5233

How to Reset Nokia 5233

In this hub you are going to learn the process of formatting Nokia 5233 mobile phone. I have tried to explain it as simple as possible. I hope this guide will help you.

By formatting or resetting your phone you shall get freedom from myriads of problems. It will help you to be freed from your phone’s getting slower, frequent hanging and also from application crashing.

The Symbian operating system maintains a system log which is the most vulnerable thing to the overall system stability over time. Every Nokia Symbian becomes painfully slow after several months of operation. The solution of this problem is formatting. If you know Nokia 5233 format code then you can do it quiet easily.

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How to Format?

You can format your Nokia 5233 by entering certain codes. Open the dialer on your phone. Dial this code by pressing *#7370#.

The phone will ask for the PIN number. Put the default number 12345. After that the formatting will began. Wait for some time. The phone will restart after a while and voila! You have a fresh mobile as good as the new.

What is the Nokia 5233 Format Code?

The format code is the code by dialing which code you can hard reset your 5233. The format code for this phone is *#7370#.

Another Option

What will happen if your phone becomes corrupt? It its condition becomes so bad that you cannot access the dial pad, then what will you do?

As for instance, if you have tried to install a downloaded game from some file sharing site on one fine morning. Yes, the app was installed fine. Now when you tried to play the game your device hanged up. You opened the battery and restarted the mobile again. But, my God! Now your phone seems seriously damaged. You can’t see anything on the screen accept some colored ghosts. Now what will you do?

A Video Guide for Formatting 5233

The Manual Hard Reset

You shall have only one choice that is to manually hard reset your phone. How to do it?

1) To do it switch off your phone first. If it does not respond then open the battery.

2) Now press and hold three buttons at the same time. The buttons are Green Call Button, Red Call End Button and the Camera Button.

3) While holding these three buttons you shall have to switch your phone on. It seems tough? Keeping three buttons pressed and then pressing and holding the power button is a tricky job. Whoever, has planned this idea must have four or five hands or not very much brain matter in his skull!

4) Wait until the Nokia shake hand screen comes. After that you can leave the buttons alone.

5) Your phone will be reset soon.

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6) Now the options of date, time settings etc will be arrived.


Do you have those beautiful pictures of your girlfriend on your phone? If it is in the phone memory then do not waste any time. Copy it to the memory card as soon as possible before formatting your Nokia 5233. It is because formatting or hard resetting will erase everything in the phone memory or C drive.

Backup your valuable data from phone before the hard reset. Your contacts and phone messages will be all deleted. You can backup these in your PC via Ovi Suit. Your data settings are also be deleted. The Notes and Calendar items will also share the same fate.

All the application settings will be erased and all the apps will be uninstalled. You can make a backup of the whole C drive if you do not want to install all those apps one by one after the formatting.


Bro glory ke chansa on July 30, 2020:

How can i flash my phone nokia 5235 model.? Pleas help me

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i have lost my ph lock code.

nainesh patel on March 16, 2015:

Tnx...for usefull inflormation.

.but my cemera not working......

rocknald on February 12, 2015:

Hard reset worked really fine !!! thank you

Oyewole Folarin from Lagos on July 30, 2014:

One problem solved. I was actually looking for way to get this done. in fact I stumbled on the right hub. Thanks for this information.

Sandeep on June 14, 2014:

Thenkas for nokia 5233 for meting

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