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Flutes are Fabulous!


Flutastic Flutes!

Feel the fantastic, flowing, fluttering sounds of the fabulous flute and hear the fluent music of favorite flute players at this lens! Whether you prefer classical, jazz, or other styles of music, flute can play them all beautifully. It is one of the oldest and most familiar instruments in the world.

Those of you who know me well, know that I truly love the sounds of all instruments, but, flute is the instrument in which I majored in college and therefore love dearly! Whether you play or just enjoy listening to their pretty sound, come learn more about flutes. (I know I learned more while researching for this page!!)

Flute Information on the Internet - Find out about the flute over the web.

  • Dr. John's Flute Clinic
    ~ There is quite a bit of information here about all aspects of the flute for you to sort through. I've listed the main categories below, but many more subdivisions are found on the site also. ~ Music Business Resources ~ information on buying a flut
  • Profile of the Flute from About.com
    Short, concise, basic information about the flute ~ types, history, classical and jazz players. Related Flute Resources: Types of Flutes, Parts of the Flute, Assembling Your Flute, Cleaning Your Flute, Flute Care Tips, Flute Method Books for Beginner
  • Flute.com
    "Flute.com is the flute enthusiasts ultimate resource for locating flute-related information on the Internet. Flute.com has the most comprehensive set of links available anywhere. Whether you are a professional, a classical or jazz flutist, a student
  • All About Flutes
    Read articles about buying a flute or piccolo, playing flute warm-ups, finding an instructor, and frequently asked flute questions.
  • Flute Acoustics
    Introduction to flute acoustics ~ Interesting stuff about flute sound production: air vibration, open pipes, holes, fingerings, frequencies, and so on. How do woodwind instruments work? ~ about sound, frequencies, woodwinds, air column, harmonic ser

International & Historical Flutes

Flute Organizations & Companies - Great Places to Learn More About the Flute!

  • The National Flute Association
    "The National Flute Association, a not for profit institution, is the largest flute organization in the world. It was founded to encourage a higher standard of artistic excellence for the flute, its performers, and its literature. Members include lea
  • The Flute Net
    "The Flute Network is a non-profit corporation serving flutists, flute teachers, and the people who love them (P.W.L.F.P.'s). We began as a print publication in 1983, and we continue today to circulate free of charge to over 6,300 different flutists
  • Larry Krantz Flute Pages
    Mr. Krantz has many pages of wonderful flute information!
  • Flute World
    Flute world contains instruments, music, recordings, accessories, and more!
  • Flutes Online
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  • Flute Focus
    All kinds of information and articles about the flute are found here.
  • Flutist Connect
    Flutist Connect is an online "Ning" group of flutists. Make connections while you share information, listen to music, watch videos, and discuss flute topics with other members.
  • Flute Profiles
    "Find Flutists and Flute Teachers Online ... Flute Profiles provides an easy way for professional flautists and flute teachers to promote themselves online. We also make it easy for people requiring their services to find them using our international

Flute Tips

Flute Instructional DVD's

Flute Care

Proper care of one's instrument is almost as important an aspect on flute sound production as the experience of the player and the quality of the instrument itself. Improper care may cause numerous problems in tone, pitch, intonation, and more.

Care of the instrument starts right from the case. Of course, the case should not be dropped or placed anywhere it could be bumped or damaged. When handling the pieces of your flute, always be cautious of the keys and springs which may be bent if grabbed too firmly. Slide the pieces together straight, in other words, do not put them together holding the two pieces in an angle as it will bend or scratch the metal. Some students have had the problem of the "foot" falling off because the joint section has been bent over time.

When you have completed your practicing for the day, thoroughly clean the instrument of all moisture, finger prints, saliva, and dust. If you are practicing for a long period of time, I would recommend cleaning it out as many times as needed. Brass instruments have a "spit valve" for elimination, but woodwind instruments tend to leak out the end or at the keys! Yuck! Wet insides of the instrument will cause the keys to stick, make funny sounds (which are not so funny when you are creating beautiful music), and destroy the pads. There are many ideas about how to clean moist pads, but I prefer to use the specially made thin papers made by flute manufacturers.

Using a clean soft cloth or handkerchief (flannel or cotton work well), thread the tip of the cloth through the cleaning / tuning rod loop. Wrap the cloth around the entire rod, especially the ends, to avoid scratching the inside. Gently push the rod through each piece of the flute (the foot, body, and headjoint). You may need to do this a few times to eliminate all moisture from the bore.

Use another soft clean cloth to gently rub the outside of the flute, the keys, around holes, inside and outside of joints, etcetera, until all wet spots and fingerprints are removed. Be careful not to bend keys or rub any of the any pads while you are cleaning. Rub firmer on the tone hole to remove saliva and debris. A dry Q-tip helps to clear out small areas between keys of dirt and dust. I like to also look to see if the springs are all in place, and that the screws are properly in place. If a screw is loose, please do not tighten it as hard as you can; it will prevent the keys from moving!

Correctly place the flute pieces in the case, checking that no sections are turned or not completely in their spot. Store your case in a safe location of moderate temperature. Damp or humid areas may damage the pads, and extreme cold or heat is not healthy for your flute, either.

Some cases have room to store a cloth inside. If yours does not have enough room, please do not try to cram it in because it could hurt your flute. Wet cloths and cleaners should not be stored in the case either because they will cause rotting of the pads and moldy areas. If your cleaning cloth is able to be thrown into the washing machine or washed by hand, I would suggest doing it frequently.

Taking a little extra time each day to maintain your flute will help it to play its best for a longer time. If you suspect anything is wrong with a key, pad, or spring, have your band director or private teacher take a look at it. They may be able to adjust it for you, or recommend a repair person for larger repairs and adjustments.

Many flute manufacturers have designed cleaning kits containing needed materials to maintain the highest quality. There are also a variety of cleaning cloths; some have polish on them, and others are just for cleaning. I use the polish ones sparingly as it can hurt the pads, and rub of the finish on some flutes.

More About Care and Cleaning

  • Flute Maintenance & Repair
    A terrific video series by Amanda Cribb! Tools & Supplies for Flute Maintenance Flute Parts How to Clean Flute Head Joint How to Clean Flute Bore How to Fix Bent Flute Keys How to Fix Flute Spring Problems How to Fix Flute Key Corks How t
  • Cleaning Your Flute
    Basic cleaning tips

Did you know?

During practice and performance times, moisture forms throughout the interior of the flute. If it is not dried completely, several problems may arise.

  • Mold ~ yes, mold! Lovely shades of green or black will appear inside and especially at the connection point of the head joint and body if cleaning has not occurred for even a short period of time. (Not that I have known any young students who have had this problem!) This mold, of course, is unsanitary, causes illness, smells bad, and makes it difficult to separate or put together the pieces of the flute. Yuck!
  • The key pads will wear down and deteriorate quickly when left wet after playing. The materials that they are made off may be easily damaged by rotting or ripping. When this happens, air may escape from under the keys when pressed causing problems with tone clarity and pitch.
  • Rust may also be an issue in some varieties of flutes on the joints, keys, and especially springs.

Flute Manufacturer Preference

Jazz Flute!

  • New Sounds for Flute
    How to make unique sounds on the flute - explanation of many jazz flute techniques - Changes of pitch and timbre, polyphony, air stream, tone development, and special fingerings.
  • Semantics of Music
    More "new sounds" for flute
  • Jazz Flute
    Articles, videos, and materials for everything jazz and flute!
  • Inspector Gadget Theme
    Enjoy this beatboxing flute player Greg Pattillo in this interesting video.
  • Sonata
    Hubert Laws Masterclass
  • Peter & the Wolf
    I love this unique way of playing this classic piece!
  • Jazz Flute Transcriptions
    Three solos originally performed by Harold McNair and transcribed by John Devitt. Downloadable MP3's available also.

What do you think?

What type of music do you like to hear the flute?

For those of you who play the instrument ...


The History of the Instrument


Music Written for Flute

Classical Flute Composer ~ F.D. Kuhlau ~ this page that I wrote contains information about this German composer known as "the Beethoven of the flute", videos to listen to and watch, and several links to sites that give free downloads of his music.

Flute Sheet Music

  • *Flute Tunes*
    Flute Tunes is a fun website to explore! A "tune of the day" is featured containing a free downloadable PDF of the music along with midi and MP3 recordings to listen to or play along with the accompaniment. Older posts are still available for free, a
  • Free Flute Music Online
    Jen Cluff has collected many wonderful sites where you may print out free sheet music for flute! Don't miss this page! :)
  • Mutopia Project
    42 flute scores from classical composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Faure, Handel, Minkus, Mozart, Quantz, and others. The link below is a sample of the music.
  • Sonata in a Minor for Solo Flute by C.P.E. Bach
    "Sheet music from www.MutopiaProject.org ~ Free to download, with the freedom to distribute, modify and perform."
  • Allegro For a Flute Clock by L. van Beethoven
    Free download for Flute Trio
  • Joachim Anderson
    Download all of Anderson's works for free including many solos and his famous etude book!
  • Flute Sheet Music Library
    Iowa Creative Music has free and low cost downloadable flute sheet music. The flute ones appear to be beginner through intermediate level. Great for students.
  • Eastman School of Music - Sibley Music Library
    This online free library has almost 300 flute scores for solo, duets, solo and piano, and various ensembles involving flute. Most of the music is old, of course, but I noticed several that were not in my basic flute library.
  • Phillippe Gaubert Flute Music Videos
    Beautiful flute music! ~ Gaubert Fantaisie Sheet Music (the second video which I am currently in love with)!
  • Scores Featuring the Flute from IMSLP
    Find over 1000 free pieces of downloadable flute music for solor, duet, flute with piano, flute ensembles, wind ensembles, flute with orchestra, and more fun stuff!
  • Jazz Flute Sheet Music
    2 free jazz compositions from David Jaggard.
  • Solo Flute Sheet Music
    This site has a few free PDF files for flutists: Vangelis' Chariots of Fire, Jules Massenet's Meditation from Thais, Edvard Grieg's Morning, J.S. Bach's Prelude in C from the Well Tempered Clavier, and a Cadenza to Mozart's G Major Concerto


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Here's a tip for flautists with foot joints that fall off. Take a small piece of regular paper, and gently put it in the foot joint where you screw into the body joint, and screw the two pieces together. It really works! I actually got my foot joint stuck on my flute this way, and my little brother had to fight to get it apart.

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Flutes always sound so pretty! Blessing this lens!

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Sound of flutes are really divine! Great lens.

divacratus 2 on December 17, 2009:

Sound of flutes are really divine! Great lens.

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