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E-Reader Reviews: Kindle Paperwhite, Nook Glowlight, and Kobo Glo


Thinking of buying an e reader?

Here we will compare and review Kindle, Kobo and Nook e readers. If answer to above question is yes,then you are going to make an investment and it would be wise to spend a couple of minutes to decide which one is best for you.I love using e readers for reading novels, newspapers and other stuff. The e readers are very handy as compared to the bulky books.

As everyone has different requirements, likes and budgets so we will try to answer which e reader would be best for you and where to get that e reader at the best price in the end. Will it kindle or nook or kobo?

Here is the e reader that I use

For me this is the best pic among all the e readers, I have been using this e reader for over a year and I absolutely love using it,

You can have a look at the above link( it opens in a new window). I am quite satisfied with it as it suits my needs and budget. As everyone has different needs and budget so it is best that you choose the thing that suits your needs. We have made comparison of all the above mentioned e readers. So let us see which one could be the best for you, lets go!

E readers vs Tablets

Wait yet before we pounce in the comparison discussion,here i want to point that mostly people are not clear about the difference between an e reader and a tablet. It is important to clearify which thing you require or you will land up with something inappropriate. Lets see:
E reader:

They offer e-ink technology monochrome display which is ideal for reading for long periods without getting any eye strain.They offer battery life up to many weeks.They are not good to surf web.They do not allow video playback.They are light and portable enough (8 ounces or less).They are cheaper than tablets.


They offer back-lit lcd colour display with battery life only few hours.They cannot be used for reading for long time and doing so may cause eye strain.They are ideal enough to surf web.They offer good video playback.They are less portable and are heavier.They are costlier as compared to any standard e reader.

Now it is appropriate to start our comparison between the various e readers available in the market. Don't forget to see the poll at the end and do participate in it to tell the world what you like the most.

Style,Design and Size

The standard kindle wins over others as it is the lightest but the kindle keyboard on the contrary is the heaviest.There are no physical page turn buttons rather just swipe.They offer easy reach tap zones and single handed use.Alike others kindles also have soft touch back.The standard kindle is the smallest but the kindle keyboard is the largest but surprisingly it is the thinnest.

Not only there are well placed page turn buttons but there is also page swipe feature(users can set whether top or bottom button will advance the pages).There is also hardware home button just under the screen but this is not necessary.The nooks also have soft touch back but with a little curve added makes device holding more comfortable.The nook simple touch is the thickest.

Kobo Glo:
Their weight is just equal to others.Just like kindle there are no physical buttons rather just swipe for navigation.They also have soft touch back.

Conclusion:The choice of design differs from person to person but we find nook's design better as it offers more comfort. The kobo is equivalent to kindle.The weight difference does not matter much because its very less(only in a few ounces)

Kindle paperwhite

Kindle paperwhite

Nook glowlight

Nook glowlight

Kobo glo

Kobo glo


E Ink display,frontlight and Batterylife

They have 6 inches display but there are a few models over 6 inches.The basic technology is same as the others.The kindles are the brightest.They have a whiter background as compared to the text.The text appears darker and more like print.The battery life is 8 weeks for both kindle keyboard and kindle paper white but kindle has 4 weeks backup.The charging time is as follows 3 hrs(Kindle),4 hrs (Kindle Paper white),4.5 hrs (Kindle Keyboard)

Same basic technology 6 inches e-paper display.The nook is the dimmest.Their brightness is adjustable like others.The battery life offered is 4 weeks for Nook Glow light but 8 weeks for Nook Simple.The charging time is 3.5 hours for all nooks.

Kobo Glo:
The Kindle Paper white and Kobo Glo both have the highest resolution.The kobo is the brightest but has a blue background.The brightness is also adjustable.The battery life is 4 weeks and the charging time is 4 hours.

Conclusion:With the lights off the Kindle Paper white is definitely better,The kobo glo is just hanging in the mid way here.Reading with the lights on then the nook glow light is better.The kindle paper white,the kindle keyboard and the nook simple touch are above all because of their long two months battery life. The standard kindle wins the race if you compare charging time(gets recharged fully in three hours)


Reading experience,notes and Storage

The overall experience is same as others but it has a better font choice.It has a built in dictionary.The kindle x-ray feature goes beyond limits by giving in depth info regarding settings,characters and history related to the title.Thus it's a valuable resource for the students.You can create notes and add highlights in the books.You can sync notes across other devices and apps.You can also export notes and highlights in form of a text file.The kindle keyboard offers a memory space of 4 Gb and the rest kindles have 2 Gb.

There are more font choice,text size and line/margin spacing options.They also have a built in dictionary.The notes you make can be used by the desktop app or the web reader but you will not be allowed to export them or see them on all other apps.They offer a storage space of 2 Gb along with Micro SD support.

Kobo Glo:
Same basic experience.It also offer a built in dictionary.Just like others you can make notes and also highlight texts.The storage space is 2 Gb with micro sd support.


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The e-books don't consume much memory space so above numbering should suffice most. The purchases done online are stored in the cloud this means you can delete books from the device without losing the purchases online.Overall the kindle has better contrast and print like look. The kobo is more bluish but it is better than nook.The nook has least brightness thus its hard to read in the dark.

Contents & Connectivity

Amazon has a larger catalog of modern books because amazon has been in the e-book market longer than anyone other.They have 2,00,000 Kindle exclusive e-books with many from the famous authors who publish directly via amazon.There are not many choices to buy e-books for the kindle from other stores or free book sites.The bought books are stored in the cloud.Just keep the local copies of the books.You can also lend a book to a friend once for 14 days.Amazon also has kindle lending library which is currently available only to amazon prime subscribers.Thus via this service borrow books and read without buying.You can also read e-books loaned from the public libraries.Getting the loaded books onto the device is simpler on kindle unlike the nook.The books can easily be downloaded wirelessly via whisper sync service(an AT&T 3G powered connection).There is wifi and 3g in kindle paperwhite but only wifi in the standard kindle.The 3g web service is unlimited thus download anywhere and anytime.

Nook series:
Nooks are based on the e-Pub file format thus making it possible to download e-books from many other stores(including Google Books,Kobo and Sony store).The purchased books are stored in the cloud and are accessible to all devices and applications linked to your account.You can also keep local copies of the books and you never have to worry about space issues.You can also lend a book to a friend.You can also read e-books loaned from the public libraries.The users have to download the e-book to their computers and then transfer it using third party software unlike kindles.You can download books using wifi only because nook does not offer 3G.

Kobo Glo:
The kobo store offers over 3.5 million e-books.The purchased books are stored in the cloud and are accessible to all devices and applications linked to your account.You can keep local copies of the books and you never have to worry about space issues.Here is the catch that you cannot lend books on kobo.You can download books using wifi only because kobo also does not offer 3G just like nook.

Conclusion:Overall the Kindle offers simple & convenience but is costlier.The kindle swipes away the crown with the everywhere 3G access and its large e-book store.You have to be a bit more tech-savvy in case of nook if you require extra.Buying and lending e-books on the nook is just as easy as Kindle but kobo lacks this feature.


Pricing of Models

Kindle series:

You can buy it at stores for 150$ to 190$ without 3G and with 3G for 180$ to 220$ or you can also buy it online. The best place for buying is amazon because it is an amazon product. If you are planning to buy Kindle then you can avail $20 discount if you order it today as on 17th december, 2013 at below link

Kindle paperwhite 6"

The kindle offers ability to find,buy and download books from almost anywhere.It works even when there is no wifi around you (its awesome).Thus its a great help if you travel a lot.
The kindle comes with special offers version (i.e. with ads).The ads are visible on the screensaver/lock screen and on the home screen at the bottom.but they don't appear in the books.Buy $140 version which is without special offers if you don't want annoying ads.Similarly $20 rise in other models to get rid of ads.Amazon only provides a USB cord to charge the device.

Kobo Glo:

You can buy it from stores at 150$ to 170$. You can also buy it online and the best place for it is amazon. Kobo glo also comes without ads.You also get a power adapter just like nook.

Nook series:
Nook have no ads.The nook also comes with a power adapter for connecting the USB charging cord to an outlet unlike kindles. Nook is cheap because the company has dropped its prices. You can get it from stores at 80$ to 120$ or get it online at amazon at a cheaper price.

Conclusion:Overall the nook and standard kindle are the least expensive option but the kindle has better features and more models to choose from.The kobo is also a bit expensive but kindle proves to be a better choice in that price range.


After all this extensive review i think you might have made your opinion.
The nook has comfortable and good design.Its powered with wide access to many e-book stores and also it does not have any ads.It also offers easy back up.But i think the screen contrast could have been better and getting books from public libraries should have been simpler.
The kobo glo is kind of a middle way between all the above three.Though its a good e-reader but clearly it is swept over by the much better kindle.
With enough said about nook & Kobo we definitely find kindle being superior although its a few dollars costlier.It has better e-ink display.It features both 3G and wifi.It offers better notes and highlights features.All these better features coupled with a larger book store and easier library lending definitely make kindle an ultimate device.
Hope this review was helpful.Your suggestions,queries and criticism is most welcome.

Here's a Comparison of Kindle vs Kobo vs Nook

Lets see what others like

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© 2013 Mark Morgan


john on October 20, 2016:

Hi, I have a question about ereaders.I am looking at getting a kindle or a nook.Does barnes and noble seem to be doing very well in the ereader business next to amazon and the kindle and do both devices have about the same amount of books to choose from and buy or does one have a much larger store to choose from?


Mark Morgan (author) on April 18, 2014:

Hello Ian,

Its sorry to hear about your bad experience with the kindle products. Having tested the kindle products very well all of them lasted well above 2 years for me and my team. Actually it all depends on how a person uses the products. If you are not satisfied with the Kindle series then I would recommend you should try kobo.

I have also used ALURATEK LIBRE ereaders but if I compare it heads on with the Kindle, kobo or nook ereaders then it is quite behind in competition if we consider all the aspects.

If the life of the product is the main issue then I would recommend you should get an extended warranty or a protection plan. This will cost you around $25 to $30 for an extended 2 years warranty. If you consider buying a new ereader after 2 years then you will land up spending more as compared to buying an extended warranty.

Happy to Help!!

-Mark Morgan

Ian on April 17, 2014:

I've gone through Kindle with keyboard, Kindle with ads, and paperwhite. All 3 have died around the 18 month range. Living in Canada, only a 1 year warranty was offered and $50 (or more) charge if I wanted to send it in for repairs after the warranty had ended.

Our family uses readers heavily, but an Alturek Libre has lasted over 2 years with no glitches yet. If Nook/Kobo can beat the cheap build I've experience with Kindle I'm willing to switch for good.

JP on December 14, 2013:

Bought a brand new Kobo Glo for AU$68. At the same time, the Paperwhite was selling for $160-170. Throw in the fact that the Paperwhite has no native epub support and no micro SD card slot, and the choice was a no-brainer.

Martin johnson on December 09, 2013:

I must say that it is well written review. Hats off man, you really helped me out to decide. Finally I decided to buy Kindle and great discount by amazon on 9th december,2013

James brandon on November 29, 2013:

Great review, all the aspects very well discussed. I bought Kindle paperwhite 3G from amazon. Fast delivery, very good packing. I just loved it and it is a great product.

daisyjae from Canada on November 09, 2013:

This is a well thought out review with lots of information on it about the different devices. I have to say I love my Kobo though!! Its the best thing ever.

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