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Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2022

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In the year 2020, when the pandemic had a hit at a global level, almost every business faced a setback. Nobody in the world would have imagined that this pandemic will change the way everyone looked at digital marketing. Many people are gradually spending more time online rather than in the real world. As a result, many businesses took their business online and started their entire process of marketing digitally. In short, digital marketing became a trend itself and became a savior of many businesses in the times of COVID.

Moving on, we need to first understand the benefits of digital marketing.

Some of the most incredible digital marketing benefits are listed below -

Targets audience globally - Nowadays people prefer buying online. According to the stats provided by Statista, there were almost 260 million digital users in the U.S. This number is expected to rise by 2025 to approximately 300 million users. Remember, that we are only talking about the U.S. here. So, imagine the number of online users all over the world. So, if you take your business online then you will be able to target audiences globally.

Wider outreach - Everybody uses the internet today. As a result, the target audience can easily access your business and reach you through a website or any other portal. In addition to this with the advancement of technology, usage of the internet has become a piece of cake and everybody is shopping online. Henceforth it is becoming earlier for the business to attract a wider reach of customers.

Return on investment is high- All of us know what it costs to do marketing using traditional methods. Whether we talk about the advertisements on televisions or advertisements through a print medium, they are way expensive than digital marketing. Even after spending a good amount of money on traditional methods the return of investment still remains low. But that is not the case in digital marketing. Digital marketing helps to get higher rates of return of investments on various platforms than traditional methods.

Direct interaction with the target audience - All of us are familiar with the concept that marketing is all about connecting with the right audience at the right time. Indeed that is possible in the case of digital marketing. With the use of the right keywords and effective communication, businesses can reach their target audience in a short period of time.

Expansion of brand - Someone correctly quoted “if you are not digitally available in today’s world of technology, you are not available at all”. Therefore, building an online reputation of a brand should be the major concern for marketers. Reputation X claims that the purchase decision of 78% of consumers is dependent on the interactions of brands on social media. Digital marketing not only helps you to increase your visibility on online platforms but also helps a business to attract customers online.

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After discussing all the benefits of digital media marketing, one needs to understand there are several methods that you can use to increase the impact of digital media marketing strategies that a company is using.

However, as mentioned above, given the dynamic nature of digital marketing practices, companies need to be aware of the latest and rising trends in digital marketing. It can help companies increase their social presence, and keeping up with the trends has become a necessity of today’s business world.

Keeping the importance of trends in mind, beneath are the various trends that we can expect in the year 2022.

Technological advancement of email marketing - Email marketing is gaining popularity in recent years because it helps the business to directly reach the customer’s inbox and help a business connect to its potential customers at a personnel level. In reference to the facts provided by the Content Writing Jobs, every single dollar that is spent on email marketing, business gets an ROI of around 40$. Not only this but the usage of AMP (accelerated mobile pages) technology will help the user in a better and more personalized experience of the webpage on the email. These advancements in technologies show that email marketing will make its space more visible in the year 2022.

The growing rate of meme marketing - Meme marketing covers the major audience of youth who are also majorly involved in the sharing of memes in these years. Memes are gaining popularity at a greater level. That is the reason why every business wants to get more creative and invest more time and money in meme marketing because if the right thing is said at the right time with a pinch of sarcasm it can increase sales and will help to increase the visibility of a business.

The increasing popularity of Short videos - Reels on Instagram, Shorts on Youtube, and TikTok videos are the forms of short videos that gained major popularity in the year 2021 and will continue to cover a major form of digital marketing in the coming years. In support of this, Marketing Evolution also states that 82.8% of the viewers view digital video on various platforms at least once a month and almost 31% of the marketers use video messaging in the promotion of their brands. With the increasing trend of short videos, we can expect this as a major trend in the upcoming years.

Increase in the comfort level of hybrid events - People who were fond of parties and attending in-person events were majorly overwhelmed with the fact that due to COVID, their style of enjoying will change. But the results were the opposite and people slowly became comfortable at attending events in their flexible environment. So, the audience got divided into 2 parts: virtual and the audience. Keeping in mind, in order to fulfill their business objective the marketers started the availability of both to keep their audience happy and we can expect this trend of hybrid events to grow in the coming years.

Increase of investment in SEO - Search engine optimization was and will always remain a major pillar of digital marketing. According to the data provided by Hubspot, 64% of marketers energetically invest their time and money in Search engine optimization. That is the reason we can never ignore the fact that the growth of a business depends on a valauable strategy for building SEO. Keeping this increment in the value of SEO, it will still remain one of the top trends of 2022.

In conclusion, The best thing about digital marketing is that it is not only helping the big companies but is also side by side helping the small business to grow. As a matter of fact, change is the only constant thing in the world, and trends in digital marketing will keep on changing. It is a great thing that companies have started adopting digital platforms and this will remain growing in the future.

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