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The difference between a gibson les paul standard, gibson les paul standard plus and gibson les paul standard premium plus

In this section will be discussing the difference between the gibson les paul standard, standard plus and standard premium plus.

I had hundreds of customers especially the new Gibson buyers ask me questions about specs, weight, fretboard, hardware thinking that the difference between these 3 models is all that stuff, well.... it's not true!

I bought and sold many gibson les paul standards to know the difference between all the different models since they were first introduced, I will be writing about all the differences between all the models that were produced and specs that changed through the years but I won't be able to put everything in one lens, for now we will stick to these 3 models and what plus, premium plus and plaintop means

Gibson les paul standard

Gibson les paul standard

Gibson les paul standard VS standard plus VS standard premium plus

I decided to write this lens because I noticed that some of my customers on ebay did not really know the difference between a standard, a standard plus or a standard premium plus, many clients think it's the weight, others think it's better wood quality, others think some are even built in the custom shop, some did not understand the difference in price, so let's put this confusion to rest:

First off a Gibson les paul standard without the plus grade is a plaintop meaning no figuring, no flame, it's just a solid color with no flamed top, or quilted top or chevron flame meaning plain color, for example a black or a goldtop can never be a plus top or a premium plus top, however burst tops such as cherry sunburst, honeyburst, iced teaburst, lightburst, amberburst, cinammonburst, triburst etc can have either plain tops or plus tops or premium plus tops.

The les paul standard(plaintop) sell for $1400-$1650 depending on the condition, year, discontinuity etc

Gibson les paul standard plus:

The les paul standard plus have a top with an AA grade top, it's a figured top lightly flamed and on the checklist it usually says:LP6+, this does not mean the guitar has better wood or better specs, the grade is reference to the top and the top alone, these usually sell between $1650-$1999

Gibson les paul standard premium plus:

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The les paul standard premium have a top with an AAA grade top, it is highly figured with a flame that runs to the edge and very visible from every angle, these guitars are highly sought after and they can sell anywhere from $1800-$2600

Another thing to know when buying one of these is which one retains its value better, flame-tops usually retain their value better and on the top of the list the premium plus tops.

Thanks for visiting my lens and keep an eye on my lenses because I will be writing more valuable information about Gibson guitars!

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