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Dbtech Digital Big Calendar Clock

Oversized Clocks


Large, Big, Oversized Clocks Work Great for the Visually Impaired

What do you get a person who is in their 80's and can hardly see? A DBTech Big Oversized Digital Calendar Clock with Day and Date display.

Last year when we were looking for the right gift for my father I kept coming up blank. I began praying and asking God to point me to the best gift for him, and one he could use all the time.

While searching the web I found this clock on Amazon. My Dad is now living with my brother. When he saw this he wasn't so keen on putting it on the wall. Then they noticed that it could also free stand on any flat service. Instead of mounting it on the wall, my Dad put it on his large screen television. It turned out to be his best gift he received, and everyone who sees it loves this clock.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for anyone, especially a senior or someone who is visually impaired, this is a gift they will enjoy and use daily.

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DB Tech Digital LED Calendar Clock with Day & Date

DBTech Big Oversized Digital LED Calendar Clocks

You won't have any trouble reading this digital clock that can be adjusted to three levels of brightness using the B switch on the back.

Works well for seniors or the visually impaired person. They will love this clock, because it can be seen from across the room and can be placed on the wall or a flat surface.

When shopping for a digit clock I found this product priced up to $180 elsewhere, but got the best price for this product on Amazon, and they have it in different led colors and sizes.

Dad likes his clock in front of the TV. It's bright and big.

Dad likes his clock in front of the TV. It's bright and big.

See how slim and flat this clock is.

See how slim and flat this clock is.

Why I Bought the DBTech Digital Calendar Clock

Buy here on Amazon

Buy here on Amazon

Why chose a DBTech Digital Clock?

I chose this particular clock for several reasons besides the fact that the numbers were big enough for my father to read. It has some features that swayed me toward this model.

If you are looking for a large clock that is easy to read, an LED digital clock is the way you should go. I went searching for a clock that had large numbers and lit up, but wanted one that didn't hurt the eyes. The blue or green lighted clocks seem to be better than the red. Besides, this clock has three settings for brightness, so you can select the best one for you. It is located on the back of the clock under "B".

Not only does it give the time, but it lets you know if it is AM or PM. It also displays a calendar showing the day and the date. This was such an important selling point for me. One of the things that many seniors get confused over is not knowing the day or date. Those of us that are active don't think about the day of the week and can pretty much keep track of days, but that's not so with the elderly. Having a clock that let's my dad know what day it is helps him plan his week and gives him some dignity.

Photo by Amazon

Buy here on Amazon

Buy here on Amazon

The Black Frame & Special Features

The clock itself has a black frame, so it goes with any décor and can be used practically anywhere. Since it isn't very wide, it won't take up much room.

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If you don't want to hang it on the wall it will stand upright on any table or nightstand. You will like that the AC adapter that is included in the package has a recessed outlet which allows the clock to hang flush and straight on the wall.

It does come with a warranty, so make sure to check out the information when you receive the clock.

Another really great feature that I liked and thought would help my father is that the clock is programed to reset even after you lose the electric, and also recognizes leap year.

Photo by Amazon

Select the LED Color That's Best for You

Select from a Blue LED Display

Select from a Blue LED Display

Select from a Blue LED Display

Green LED Display

Green LED Display

Green LED Display

Red LED display.

Red LED display.

Red LED display.

Select A Color

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Have you ever used a digital LED clock? - Tell us your experience with it.

Fay Favored (author) from USA on March 04, 2015:

peachpurple I image that these are available in many countries with different features. Thanks for telling me.

peachy from Home Sweet Home on March 04, 2015:

i have seen my friend got this digital clock with chinese calendar.

Sandy Mertens from Frozen Tundra on February 07, 2015:

Wow, that clock really stands out with the time.

WriterJanis2 on May 21, 2014:

I really like the display of this clock.

VspaBotanicals on May 06, 2014:

I love the large display!

Fay Favored (author) from USA on February 28, 2014:

@Sylvestermouse: I could use them in every room :)

Cynthia Sylvestermouse from United States on February 28, 2014:

These days, I need all of my displays to be larger so I can actually read them. These clocks are awesome!

Takkhis on January 25, 2014:

When I was in hostel I had one like this, not a big one though :)

Elaine Chen on October 08, 2013:

I am looking to buy one and place in my living room so I know what time and what date now

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