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How to Find a Niche Market

Writer and blogger who enjoys the challenge to find niche markets.


How to Find Niche Markets

Creating niche websites is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online. The hardest part can be how to find hot niche markets.

Niche markets and products can be an effective internet marketing strategy if you are looking for something you can put some work into up front and it will continue to work for you in the long run.

As the internet grows at light speed, common niches can be tough due to high competition. Rather than focus on those, you might aim to find a smaller more specific niche with high interest.

The idea of niche websites is based on finding good keywords, and building small sites around those keywords. These sites have good quality content to attract our friend Google who will happily send you traffic to your site. Once your niche site is up, you can monetize in a number of ways.

What is Niche Affiliate Marketing?

Once you find a niche, you can partner with affiliates who supply products related to that niche and place them on your website. Whenever a visitor buys through a link on one of your pages, you'll be paid.

In most cases the payouts for niche affiliate marketing are small, usually a small percentage of the sale. Yet these can add up if you get a lot of traffic and offer many products related to your niche that are in demand. You want to write really good descriptions for each product describing benefits and features, pros and cons.

Most companies now have an affiliate program. Amazon is by far the biggest. Some are easier to sign up for than others, meaning some require an application and a wait time for approval while others approve immediately. The applications always ask for your website, so it helps to have one that is established before applying.

Niche affiliate marketing is a viable business when done with integrity. It is best to only recommend products you own and have personal experience with. When writing reviews about the product, be honest about pros AND cons and avoid using overpromotional language.

How do I Find Niche Markets?

Here are some fun ways to search for hot niche markets.

This is where you will have to dig a little deeper to find a good niche and some keywords that will work for your mini sites.

  • Notice what topics are trending on social media, and also browse Yahoo, Google and Bing for hot topics. What are people talking about? Keep brainstormed lists, then search those terms in a keyword research tool. Sometimes you find that even if the topic is hot, the competition for that term is so high that it may not be worth if for you.
  • Go to website directories like Amazon and eBay and look at the categories they have. Look for popular book titles and best selling products. Collect brainstorm lists of niche topics.
  • You know that line of books for dummies? As in 'Dog Training for Dummies' or 'Internet Marketing for Dummies''ve seen them, those black and yellow book covers. Well here's the thing, there are now hundreds of titles for 'dummies' and they've already done the market research on those titles. All are hot niche topics, so those titles might be a good place to find a niche, especially new ones.

Look around you for current topics of interest to people and continue to brainstorm niche ideas. Then put a few of the basic words you find in one of the keyword research tools to see what words or phrases pop up.

Characteristics of a Good Niche

How do I know I found a good niche?

This can be the most complicated part of the niche finding process. You want to find a good mix of enough daily searches and not too much competition.

It will also depend what kind of site you are going to build using this keyword. The bigger the site the more competitive the term can be, but if you're building a micro niche site (one or two pages), a Squidoo lens, or something small you want to keep the competition to a very low level so you will be able to get it ranking in the search engines.

  • Focus on keywords with a large number of searches. If no one is searching, you will be wasting time.
  • Look for topics with low competition from other web pages. High competition will make it tough to get traffic.
  • Be Patient. The treasure hunt of niche keyword research just takes practice. Use a touch of ingenuity and and a dash of creative thinking to find them. Try to think of really specific topics instead or more general. It's much easier to find a specific product keyword with minimal competition than it is to find a keyword that is about a general topic.
  • Continue doing keyword research because the demand for keywords can change over time. I've created webpages based on a high demand keyword that worked very well for awhile, then traffic began to drop off. Likely the demand was still the same, but others were building sites based on the same keyword and so the supply of sites for that keyword grew dramatically.

Find Niche Markets with Keyword Research

The best way to find profitable niches is to use a keyword research tool. These tools allow you to look up a word or phrase and quickly get the scoop about whether it might be a valuable niche.

For example you will learn about: search volume, competition level, commercial intent - all the variables you need to know about any given niche. It's all in one place and on ONE screen. Keyword research tools make it quick and easy to find out if a niche might be viable and worth your time to pursue. You can then choose to use that keyword or phrase and move on with action.

The developers at Jaaxi have made it really easy by using a color coded system for competition. Keyword are color coded for strength of competition. Enter any keyword or phrase that appears viable for you, and the system will show you a green, yellow or red box. Green means you're good to go. If it's yellow or red , that indicates tough competition and so it might be very tough to rank for that keyword in Google.


Do Keyword Research to Find Niche Markets

There are many tools for keyword research and most have an option for use at no charge, even if that option is limited. The free option will usually allow only a few searches per day. Upgrades will allow more searches and more advanced tools. Below are a few free keyword research tools, my three favorites:

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  • Wordtracker
  • SEMrush

Also try using Google Trends which isn't exactly a keyword tool but can be used for as many searches as you like.

Why I Prefer Jaaxi for Keyword Research to Find Niche Markets

My very favorite tool to find hot niche markets ==> Jaaxi

While you can use the free keyword research tools, you may eventually find that keyword research is just too critical to SEO and getting traffic to short cut this practice. Jaaxi allows me to do what used to be a very time consuming and complicated task with such ease that it is even FUN!