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How to Change Facebook Username

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Change Facebook Username in a Profile or Page

Change Facebook Username in a Profile or Page

What is a Facebook username? It means that you can finally get rid of that default profile or page ID that is too cumbersome to remember! When you create an account or page on Facebook, you are given a default ID that looks similar to a serial number.

For profiles, the default ID should look like this:


For pages, the default page ID should look like this:


Here’s the good news! You don’t have to stick to using that default ID forever! You just need to know how to correctly change your profile or page username. Just note that you may not be allowed to change your username immediately after creating an account or creating a page. You may need to wait for a while until Facebook enables your access to this feature.

On the other hand, if you’ve already been using Facebook for so many years and still haven’t gotten the hang of customizing your username, then it’s about time!

Here's How You Can Change Your Facebook Username!

  • On a web browser, log in to your Facebook account. This means you’ll need to open Facebook on your PC or laptop not the app.
  • Once you are logged in, just go to facebook.com/username or manually navigate through it by going to Menu > Settings & Privacy > Settings and select the General tab.
  • Under General Account Settings, select Username and enter your desired custom username on the username field. Note that your username should include your authentic name and must be at least 5 characters long. Another thing to keep in mind is that a username can only contain alphanumeric characters and periods. It should not include any special characters. Facebook will also notify you whether a username is available or if it is already taken.
  • Once you’ve entered your desired username, click Save Changes.
  • That’s it! If you go back to your profile or timeline, your default profile ID should now display your new Facebook username. You can check it by looking at your browser’s address bar.

Changing the Username of Your Facebook Page

  • When it comes to changing your Facebook page username, you have to keep in mind that you must be an admin of that page. If you are an admin already, simply go to your page and on the left panel, select Edit Page Info. Note that the page menu should appear on the left side of the new Facebook interface.
  • Under Edit Page Info, click on the blank field for username and type in the username that you desire. Typically, it should be similar to your actual page name. Avoid including numbers or any other unnecessary characters.
  • Once done, simply click outside the username field. If the username is available, Facebook will display a green check mark. Otherwise, it will show a red alert icon and will ask you to enter a username that is not yet taken.
  • If you are successful at choosing an available username, just click outside the username field again and Facebook will automatically save your changes.
  • If the option to change Facebook page username doesn’t work via Edit Page Info, try going back to your page’s homepage. If you still haven’t gotten a custom username for your page, it will show the option “Create @Username” right next to your page’s profile photo. Just click on it and enter the page username you desire on the field provided. Once done, just click outside of the username field and if it shows a green icon, simply click “Create Username” to confirm.
  • If you are successful, your new page username should now be displayed right next to your page profile photo.

With a custom Facebook page username, you can simplify the way people find you on Facebook. Furthermore, people can easily send a message to your page by simply searching for your page username on Messenger.

By being able to change your Facebook username, you are also building your social media presence. So don’t miss the chance to take full advantage of this feature as soon as you are able to do so!

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