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Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors With AARP Discount


Best AARP Cell Phone for Senior Family Members

There are a constantly increasing number of senior citizens who demand compatible phone plans and high-tech gadgets. A recently researched result found that two out of four people who are 65 years and up owns a mobile phone. Before making decision the perfect plan for the senior people, you have to know the special needs, whether it for calls, texts, or internet services. The essential factors that have to consider for the cellphone plan are affordability and quality coverage. To consider about that most of all network carrier are offer AARP cell phone plans for seniors citizen.

The 5 Best AARP Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

There are many mobile service providers for elders. For example, with great features and cell phone plans, T-Mobile has made compatible cell phones for the elders that are essential in this modern age. You have to maintain your monthly internet at the most speed for the high internet consumer who is streaming video using apps like Spotify and YouTube. You might be planning to purchase the appropriate plan for a senior citizen or an elderly person. Here is the 5 best AARP cell phone plan for seniors described in the following:

T-Mobile ONE Plan

In the last portion of 2017, the T-Mobile One Plan was launched to cover day-to-day requirements, especially for older people. ONE Plan costs for $35 per line per month. If you need only one plan, you have to pay $50 per line. The plan works excellent with all types of phones, whether it is a smartphone or flip phone. Customers who use this plan ensures to enjoy unlimited texts, calls and data use.

People who like to travel regularly are perfect for ONE plan because its coverage system is comprehensive without incurring any extra costs. The ONE Plan is ideal for seniors. Seniors who use the latest smartphones in streaming videos, YouTubing, surfing and social media, is a specialty for them. They can also make unlimited texts and calls to more than 200 countries in all networks. Couples can have two lines at a price of $50 per month in place of registering the lines individually saving monthly cost.


  • Unlimited calls and texts to all networks
  • Wide coverage
  • Perfect for travelers
  • No hidden charge
  • Very reliable
  • Discount on family plans
  • Compatible with an extensive selection of phones


  • A little bit expensive
  • Limited to one service provider

AT&T Senior Nation Plan

AT&T Senior Nation Plan offers unlimited calls to other AT&T users. With 500 minutes nights and weekends talk time, the plan provides 200 minutes to other networks. To enjoy these facilities, you need to purchase an individual data plan. You will have to subscribe to More & Unlimited plan for $40 per month per line to access unlimited mobile hotspot plans on talk, text and data.

The AT&T Senior Nation Plan is suitable for both flip phones and smartphones. The main plan prices for $29.99 per line per month. The AARP members can get 15% for wireless accessories and 10% for qualified plans. The More and Unlimited Plan is ideal for heavy data users.


  • The plan is very affordable
  • Work with both smartphones and flip phones
  • Covers a wide range of areas
  • Has extra Unlimited and More plan ideal for unlimited data & bulk texts use
  • Discount offers for AARP members
  • Progressive plans for night and weekend calls


  • Has no data and text plan in the basic package
  • Suitable for simple phones

Verizon Senior Phone Plan

Verizon Senior Phone plan is dedicated to older people, especially those who desire unlimited texts, calls and data plans. This will cost $40 per month per line. The plan works well with an extensive range of individual devices, cell unlimited, inexpensive international plans and data Plans of Verizon Wireless hotspot. The Senior Phone plan works in a comprehensive choice of several Verizon devices like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and more.

There is a plan named Go Unlimited 55+ plan where older people can save a little more on their daily data usage. With unlimited data usage, the plan can also stream videos of DVD-quality covering a wide area, including Canada and Mexico.


  • Come with Go Unlimited 55+ plans
  • Unlimited calls, texts and data for shared & single device plans
  • International roaming and coverage with no extra cost
  • Suitable with extensive selections of smartphones and flip phones and other phones
  • Discounts are given to military and veterans families


  • Separate monthly internet plan
  • Breaking of contracts can attract outrageous penalties

Consumer Cellular Phone Plan

Consumer Cellular phone plan is designed with a view to give seniors the requirements of minimum usage on cell phone services. Compared to others' plans, the Consumer Cellular proved to be the cheapest plan offering 250 minutes at $15 per month or unlimited talk time at $20. The plan provides an individual which ranges from $5 to $40 per month.

Because of its flexibility, you can simply change the Consumer Cellular Phone plan for which way you want it. The plan is so flexible and affordable that not only senior people but also everyone can use it perfectly.


  • Very affordable
  • Involving no contracts
  • Data plans can be so low that $5 per month
  • You can choose among T-Mobile and AT&T
  • Suitable with an extensive selection of phones
  • Allow use of a maximum of two flip phones for simple cells
  • AARP members have monthly discounts


  • Included no data plan
  • No extra cost and texting plan for unlimited talk

Republic Wireless Phone Plan

The Republic Wireless Phone plan is ideal for both of the senior and every user. Providing reliable and fast cellular service at a remarkably lower price, it incorporates wireless internet and 4G LTE services. Including smartphones and flip phones, the plan is compatible with almost all types of phones. For unlimited talk time and texts, the plan prices for $15 per month and you have to pay $5 a GB to subscribe for internet services per month.

Using wireless, the plan permits you to make free calls to a number of United States from any place in the world. The Plan works perfectly for the people who are looking a pocket-friendly package for calling and texting.


  • Involved no contracts
  • No complicated contracts
  • Affordable monthly subscription charges along with no hidden fees
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Fast and reliable
  • Suitable with a wide range of smartphones
  • Can use worldwide
  • No hidden charges


  • Included no internet bundles
  • Can't work with iOS phone users

Bottom Line

It is tricky to choose the right phone for the seniors, as many phones are available in the market. It will be easy to take the right choice of plan if the senior people accurately know what suits their everyday phone uses. Packages like the AT&T Senior Nation Plan offers senior adults the best plan, which covers nearly all the critical features.