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How to Cancel a Google Play Refund Request

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Google Gadgets

Google Gadgets

Google Play has made it easy for Android users to purchase and enjoy digital content such as apps, movies, and books. Even those who use the iPhone or watch movies and read books on their computer can buy on Google Play, except for apps.

There are several reasons why Google Play is one of the users' favorite digital content stores:

  • It has an extensive catalog of apps, movies, and books;
  • It allows you to access your purchases with the same Google Account you already use for Gmail and other services;
  • It supports several payment methods;
  • It enables you to get refunds in some circumstances.

The ability to ask for refunds gives users the most peace of mind. In fact, it may happen to buy the wrong app or find that your purchase doesn't work as expected.

Google does not process all refund requests, and several limitations ensure that users don't abuse this option. That's why you should always think twice before purchasing a digital item if you believe you won't want to keep access to it forever.

How to Ask for a Refund on Google Play Store

One good thing about Google Play is that it not only gives its users the ability to ask for refunds but is also easy to do. Below are the steps to ask for a refund:

  1. Open your Google Play orders history;
  2. Click on "Request a refund";
  3. Select the reason why you are asking for a refund and submit your request;
  4. Wait for a decision from Google.

Google usually approves refunds because of a mistake, an unauthorized charge, or some issues encountered when accessing the item, provided that you report them in a reasonable time.

Canceling Google Play Refund Requests

It is common to change your mind about a past Google Play purchase, but what about regretting having asked for a refund? In a moment of indecision, you may ask for a refund, then think back that maybe the content you bought was not that bad. Or maybe, you bought an app or movie you liked, and then you thought later you have to save money, then perhaps you thought again that a small purchase sometimes wouldn't affect your finances.

There are various reasons why you may change your mind about a Google Play purchase multiple times. Asking for a refund, then changing your mind again is more common than you may believe.

Me at Google Android Statue Garden, Mountain View (CA)

Me at Google Android Statue Garden, Mountain View (CA)

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How to Cancel a Refund Request on Google Play

There is currently no official way to cancel a submitted refund request. The good news, however, is that there are alternative procedures you can follow, depending on the situation.

Case 1: Your Refund Request Has Already Been Approved

In this situation, Google has already reviewed your request and decided to refund your money. Your refund is instantly credited if you originally purchased the content with Google Play Balance. Otherwise, it may take a few days for your money to be credited to your debit card, credit card, or PayPal account.

While you wait for your money to be credited back, you can re-purchase the refunded item with no limitations. Choose the app, movie, or book you want to buy and proceed with ordering it: it will be like the first time you purchase it.

Case 2: Google Has Denied Your Refund Request

In this situation, Google has already reviewed your request and established you are not eligible for a refund. This is the best situation if you change your mind and want to keep your purchased stuff. After Google's denial, nothing more will happen, and you will retain access to the content. Moreover, you won't face any consequences for the denied refund request.

Case 3: Google Is Still Reviewing Your Refund Request

If you change your mind about your refund request, but Google is still reviewing it, you can still access your content but may lose it anytime soon as Google approves your refund request.

If this is the case, there are some facts to consider:

  • Google is generally fast at processing refund requests: you may get a final response in no more than 24-48 hours;
  • If Google denies your refund request, nothing will happen, so there will be nothing to worry about;
  • You'll lose access to digital content if Google accepts your refund request. Still, you will be able to re-buy it quickly, so there's nothing to worry also in this situation.

An alternative solution while waiting for a decision from Google is to reach their technical support and ask if they can cancel the refund request in advance without waiting for a decision. However, remember that this solution may not work, as there is no official way to cancel a refund request.


As we can see, there are no official procedures to cancel a refund request. Still, there is nothing to worry about in case you change your mind. You will always be able to purchase any refunded content again, and denied requests will result in nothing happening.

Of course, it is always better to avoid this unpleasant situation by:

  • Thinking twice before buying something;
  • Thinking if you want to buy an app, movie, or book and keep it forever or not. If you wish to watch a movie, you can rent it without purchasing it for a lower price, while many apps also offer premium features for a monthly or yearly subscription;
  • Set a weekly or monthly budget for your Google Play purchases so that you can enjoy buying your favorite stuff without risking overspending.

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