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Blogging Tips and Ideas


Best Ideas and Tips On Blogging

Blogging is a wonderful tool to share ideas and your passions. Bloggers write about almost anything and everything. You name it and there is a blog about it.

Bloggers write about the things they are passionate about from a personal perspective. They connect directly with their readers who often reply in the comments section of the posting. It is that interaction with the reader that creates a successful blog.

Just writing for enjoyment sounds perfectly fine, but most bloggers actually write for profit. That means, ultimately they want to lead you to make a choice about a product or service that they hope you will decide to purchase. And for me, that is perfectly ok. I have found some wonderful products and services that way.

So if you are considering blogging about something you are passionate about, or already have a blog, why not monetize your blog? Done correctly, blogging can be a very profitable part-time or full-time job.

So what makes a good blog versus a bad one? What makes a blog be profitable or not? Now that's the question.

Blogs In Plain English

Power Blog Facts

  1. Over 12 million American adults currently maintain a blog.That means that more than likely those who create a blog also read blogs
  2. Over 57 million Americans read blogs. This is your market as a blogger!
  3. 1.7 million American adults list making money as one of the reasons they blog. And why not?
  4. 89% of companies surveyed say they think blogs will be more important in the next five years.
  5. 9% of internet users say they have created blogs
  6. 6% of the entire US adult population has created a blog .
  7. Over 120 thousand blogs are created every day .
  8. There are over 1.4 million new blog posts every day .
  9. 22 of the 100 most popular websites in the world are blogs
  10. 120,000 new blogs are created every day .
  11. 37% of blog readers began reading blogs in 2005 or 2006 .
  12. 51% of blog readers shop online . This is something that should be inbedded in your mind !
  13. Blog readers average 23 hours online each week
  14. To be a real force on the net, you need to focus your blog towards what's hot rather than what's not. Delivering high demand information and good contanbt

If you sell products on your blog, you should have an affiliate discloser in at least one prominent location on your blog. If you are an Amazon associate, they provide a discloser that must be used on youir blog.

Things To Consider About Your Blog

While it is true that you do not have to be a talented writer to blog, you do have to be time dedicated and organized. Here are a few things to consider about creating your blog:

  • CONTENT-It can never be stressed enough that content is still king no matter what your blog is about! You cannot capture your audience for any length of time without content. That means that you need to capture your audience and keep them coming back for more. You need to focus on the needs of your audience, not just blabber on and on, just to express your own thoughts,
  • DEDICATION- You need to set a timetable for your blog and stick to it. If you only sometimes blog here and there, you will lose your audience after the first couple of visits.
  • TIME Think about the time that you are going to dedicate to your blog! How often that you publish it will depend on the time that you need to get it done. Doing a daily blog would be very challenging for most of us. Weekly might be something that would be more easily accomplished. Decide how much time that you are able to commit to your blog, then schedule it into your planner
  • PURPOSE What is the purpose of your blog? Is it a newsletter or just a journal of your thoughts collected together? Is it a sales page or informational in nature? No matter what you have decided to write about, let your readers know it's the purpose at the top of your blog. Have it written in a formal statement or in an introduction paragraph. Your readers will appreciate this. It will show a high level of professionalism.
  • FORMAT AND DESIGN Your format and design should reflect both your subject matter as well as the nature of what you are writing about. Business blogs should use a professional format with fonts that are easy to read. Light pastels and neutral colors will tell your readers that you are a business person.
  • Watch your grammar and spelling. There is nothing worse than seeing a blog written badly.

So How Do You Start A Blog?

As you get started on your blogging journey, there are a few preliminary things to consider before you get started.

Understand that you do not have to be a prolific writer. Having a successful blog is more about the passion for your subject. You are in essence, sharing your passion with your readers. You are sharing your story in your own true authentic voice and in your own way.

What Is The Topic Of Your Blog?

  1. Life Experiences are about things or experiences that have altered or changed your life. Sharing those experiences may help someone going through the same thing.
  2. A Personal Blog is a collection of random thoughts, opinions, and knowledge.
  3. Hobbies and passions often make successful blogs. Crafts, cooking, sports, cars are all popular blogs

Your blog needs to be specific as to what you will be writing about

Name Your Blog

Of course, you need to have a name for your blog. Your blog name is also known as your domain name. Make sure at least one or more words in your name needs to refer to your topic. Your visitors need to understand exactly what your blog is about.

If you are planning a personal blog, it is wise to use your own name or some variation of it.

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Once you have your name. you need to choose a domain extension. The most popular extension is the .com. But .net and .org work just as well too. There are no spaces in your domain name. All the words run together.

Get Your Blog Online

The process of getting your blog online does not need to be tedious nor do you need to have a great amount of technical ability to set up your blog.

First, you need to consider a web host. This is a program and blog platform where your blog is on the internet. The software attached to your blog is where you will find templates and other tools to assist you to set up and maintaining your blog.

Some will register your domain for free when you sign up for their program. Some programs like Blogger are free to use. But you need to register your domain name elsewhere and then work it into the Blogger program.

Investigate different hosting platforms. Decide if you want to pay for a program or go free. Once you have decided which platform to use, register yourself. Most programs will guide you or have people who can help you get set up.

Setting Up Your Content

Besides your posts (blogging content) your blog should also contain some static pages. These are pages that never change.

Some static pages you should include are:

  • About Me-This is a page where you give some biographical information about yourself as well as a mission statement for your blog. Talk about what makes you passionate, what or how you want to help your readers, and what your experience is.
  • Contact Me-This is a page that gives your readers a place to see that you are a real person. It gives them an opportunity to reach you if they have any questions or ideas to share. You can add your physical address, email, phone number, and social contacts.
  • Disclaimer Page-If you are planning to add any programs, such as affiliate programs or other monetizing programs, you must describe the ways you intend to do this. This is an absolute must-have page that should not be overlooked, as per FTC guidelines. For example, if you are discussing and endorsing a product, and stand to profit by linking to the product, this relationship must be disclosed.
  • Privacy Policy-If you collect any data from your visitors, you must explain how you are collecting the data and what you plan on doing. You also need to share who you are planning to share this information with.
  • Terms Of Service-If your blog is also running a store or selling services, it is a good idea to have a Terms of Service page to lessen your potential liability.

These required static pages are typically linked to in the footer menu of a blog. They should, at the very least, be visible and accessible from the home page. These are general guidelines. You should inquire and implement whatever state and federal requirements your blog may need. Consult a lawyer or the appropriate agency if you have any questions.

Creating Content For Your Blog

The day-to-day posts or content that you create are called dynamic content. Your posts should appear on a regular basis. You can post daily, semi-weekly, weekly, or monthly. Whatever and however you decide to do it, stick to your schedule, This will help you get more regular visitors and build your brand.

There are different kinds of posts that you can use on your blog, Varying the type of posts that you use keeps your blog fresh and interesting.

  1. The How-To blog is always popular with your readers. This is often called a tutorial. It usually is a project, a recipe, or something that gives information to complete something. It would also include supplies, instructions, and tips.
  2. News Post-This could be posted on something that is considered new worthy that relates to your main topic. You could also include your opinion on the news.
  3. Review-This could be your view on a product, a website, or something that relates to your main topic. If you have been given a product to review or money is being given to you for the review, you should disclose that information.
  4. A personal post-Here is where you would discuss your personal experiences, ideas, and thoughts. This is a good idea from time to time. It makes you as a blogger become more real and relatable to your readers.

The first part of your post is the title. This creates interest and defines what the post is about.

You want your post to have substance-the more information, the better. Keep your paragraphs small with spaces in between them. Use lists, images, and quotes to break up some of the content. Use headings and subheadings to help your visitors find what they need and want. Taking these steps will ensure that your readers will stay longer and will come back often.

Ask a question at the end of your post. Ask the reader to reply in the comments section. This will encourage the reader to actively become part of your community. Because you asked their opinion, they will want to come back again.

Make sure that your content is original and in your own words. There are consequences when you copy other people's works

Use original or stock photos. Use your own pictures when possible. There are locations where you can find free stock photos. You can also purchase photos as well. Follow all the rules and requirements for using photos so that there are no future problems.

The best thing that you can do as a blogger is to write as if you were speaking directly to a person.

How Does A Blog Enhance A Website?

When people stared collecting information, and interesting links, they started to create what was called weblogs. Blogs became the more permanent version of the weblog

In actuality , it is a chronological publication of personal thoughts and web links

Used correctly, a blog will offer a lot of promotion for your website or your affiliate program if used correctly. But like any other promotion effort, you must be committed to getting the job done. That means that you must finish what you start. You will become either an expert and drive more traffic to your destination, or you will be inconsistent and drive them away.

A blog is like a conversation. Don't be chatty, but be personal let your subscribers see the inner you and you will have a wealth of new cnnections and hopefully gain some revenue.

Give lots of information, resources and ideas....but refresh and update trhat information frequently and you will build a solid audience


What You Need To Do As A Blogger

  • Write reviews of other blogs that are relevant to your subject or niche. Tell about other blogs that are great and then notify them that they were featured. You will get more traffic o your site!
  • Do you Yell Or Sell?- Are you giving lots of information that will draw your readers, or are you yelling the sell. I promise that the latter will actually help you close sales.
  • Always respond to your readers. If they email you-make sure to email them back...respond to their comments. Taking the time to make relationships builds trust, which builds sales
  • Make it easy to subscribe to your blog. Your blog subscribers will return and recommend your blog if you make it easy to sign up
  • Add videos to your blog. It adds a personal touch to add videos to your blog. It makes it more interesting. It attracts more attention and gets you more feedback.
  • Forum marketing is a tool that is used by some of the best bloggers. Find forums in your niche and post interesting information. Answer questions and become active. Many blogs will allow you to use a signature where you can include your blog link. Others will actually have a place in the comments to add your website or blog address. You may get lots of useful traffic from spending some time in other forums.
  • Comment on other blogs. Find other blogs in your niche and add useful comments. get in front of other bloggers and their audiences.
  • Social media marketing. Join relevant groups in your niche and join in the conversation.

Power Blogger Tip Make sure to host your blog on your own domain, rather than a free serviceYou will get more traffic and make more profits

What A Blogger Should Not Do - Guide To More Effective Blogging

  • Write your enties or posts just to please readers.Content is still important and you will gian nothing and in the end , please no one
  • Post entries just for the sake of posting, to get paid, or make a sale.It's still qulaity over quantity. Besides people and serach engines will see through this trick
  • Ignore checking facts and information to push into deadlines. You will lose credibility and that is something you will work hard to reagin
  • Create a conflict.You will lose readers.Negativity will never draw people to you
  • Don't Over advertise. There is nothing wrong with posting tasteful ads on your blog, but over advertising will cause you to lose subscribers and will lower your rank.

Link from your blog's home page to your website once your blog's PR (page rank) maturesYou can maximize the impact of the high impact of your blog to the home page

SEO For Blogs

Some might argue that SEO is no longer viable, but common practices for SEO are still important in your overall placement in the search engine placements. Remember, the higher the placement, the more traffic. The more traffic, the more likely chance for sales.

Your keyword usage is the key to getting that high placement for your blog posting. You keyword should appear in the title, any subtitles, in the first sentence of your posting or content. It should also be attached to any photograph in a name or alt text.

Linking to other blog posting within the content will also help you rank on a higher level.

Keyword Placement Tips

Keywords placement is an important part of every blog post that you publish. Getting the right keywords and placing them in the right location will make or break your blog. Before writing another post, you might want to consider going back to your posts and redoing the keywords just to see if your posts will get more traffic. So where should you place your keywords, anyway. Here are a few ideas:

  • In The Blog Title-at least one word should be in the blog title. For example, one of my websites is about scrapbooking. So, it's called Anyone Can Scrapbook.
  • In The Page Title-You need to use the one thing that your page is about in the page title. For example, if I was going to write about the basics of art journaling, I might use the title, Art Journaling Basics. Keep your titles short and to the point. People want to find things fast. Remember, these titles appear in your page listings.
  • In The URL-Find the right title for your blog and make sure to include words that tell exactly what your blog is about.
  • In The Tags-Make sure to be specific about the tags that you use for your blog posting. It will make a difference in your placement in the search engines.
  • In The Featured Images-Always use the keywords of your page somewhere in the alt tags or titles on your pictures.
  • In The First Sentence Of The First Paragraph-Be specific about what your article or blog is about. Use the keywords in the very first sentence of your blog.
  • Within The Text itself, But Naturally- Don't make your article overstuffed with your keywords. The search engines will place you a lot farther down, unless you use them in a very natural way.

Make sure to link blog posts to other relevant posts on your site.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2006 Linda F Correa

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